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 Wednesday, October 9, 2019

From Adobe:

The U.S. Government’s recent Executive Order regarding Venezuela prohibits almost all transactions and services between U.S. companies and entities and individuals in Venezuela. In order to remain complaint, Adobe will be deactivating all accounts in Venezuela, with the exception of Behance, on October 29, 2019. Customers who purchased directly from Adobe will be refunded by the end of the month for any paid, but unused services. We are working with our partners on the same. We regret the difficulties this causes our customers. We will share more details about how our operations and customer activities might be impacted, as they become available.

How long will the Executive Order be in effect?

Executive Order 13884 was issued with no expiration date – the decision to rescind it rests solely with the U.S. Government. We will continue to monitor developments closely and will make every effort to restore services to Venezuela as soon as it is legally permissible to do so.

Where can I find more information on Executive Order 13884?

You can find further information here.

You’ve charged me, when will I get my refund?

If you purchased directly from Adobe, we will refund you by the end of the month for any paid, but unused services. We are working with our partners on the same.

For more information, check out this Adobe Support page.

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Post Date: 10/9/2019 5:14:36 AM CT   Posted By: Sean

From Canon UK:

United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, 9 October 2019 – Canon Inc. today celebrates a significant camera-manufacturing milestone, as production of Canon’s EOS-series silver halide (film) and digital interchangeable-lens cameras surpassed 100 million units on 20 September 2019. An EOS R mirrorless camera (released in October 2018) was the 100 millionth EOS-series camera produced.

Boasting an attractive product line-up that caters to a variety of genres, skillsets and requirements and an extensive range of over 70 EF and EF-S lenses, Canon strives to expand the boundaries of imaging expression. The EOS series has supported many users, from entry-level through to professionals over its long history, and enabled Canon to maintain the No. 1 share of the global interchangeable-lens digital camera market for 16 consecutive years from 2003 to 2018. In March 1987, the EOS series began with the EOS 650, a next-generation AF single-lens reflex (SLR) camera featuring the world’s first fully electronic lens mount. Production of the EOS series began in what was then Canon’s Fukushima plant and now takes place at a variety of locations - including Taiwan, Miyazaki, Nagasaki and the lynchpin Oita Canon – where production is now carried out under stringent product quality management. Following the release of the EOS 650, Canon went on to develop innovative products and technologies that put speed, comfort and image quality at the forefront - such as the high-end EOS-1 released in 1989 and the EOS 500, which was released in 1993 - expanding the EOS series to cater to many users, from amateur to professional.

In the early 2000s, as the pace of digital SLRs (DSLR) adoption picked up, Canon sought to create even more appealing products. The EOS series’ core concept was expanded to include “high image quality,” achieved through proprietary, cutting-edge technology such as Canon-developed CMOS sensors and DIGIC image processors. The EOS 300D - a compact, lightweight DSLR with an affordable price - contributed to the wider adoption of interchangeable-lens digital cameras, for consumers. Both the EOS 5D series and 1D series expanded digital EOS to professionals – specifically, the EOS 5D Mark II introduced DSLRs as valid means for movie capture and independent filmmaking. Whilst the establishment of the Cinema EOS System of professional digital cinematography products in 2011 extended Canon’s video technology to the B2B sphere entering the video production industry.

Canon will continue to explore new approaches, building on the success of the EOS cameras and the original EF mount, which gave photographers and filmmakers versatility when shooting - such as the 2018 launch of the EOS R System, which employs the new RF Mount. Expanding imaging areas - from still photo to the realm of video - the EOS Series across bodies and EF lenses supports a wide range of users, from entry-level through to professionals. Speed, comfort and high-image quality will all continue to be at the core concept of the EOS series, further strengthening the EOS System towards expanding the culture of photographic and video imaging.

B&H carries Canon EOS cameras.

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 Tuesday, October 8, 2019

MTF test results have been added to the Sigma 35mm f/1.2 DG DN Art Lens page.

Create comparisons keeping in mind that only max aperture openings are being shown.

The Sigma 35mm f/1.2 DG DN Art Lens is in stock at B&H | Adorama | Amazon USA | WEX

Rent the Sigma 35mm f/1.2 DG DN Art Lens from Lensrentals.

Post Date: 10/8/2019 10:55:25 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan

B&H will be closed for one day this week but much more impacting will be their closure during the following two weeks. Plan ahead — place your orders ASAP!

SuperStore & Offices

B&H will be closed Tue Oct 8 through Wed Oct 9. We will reopen at 9am Thu Oct 10.

Online Orders

Checkout will be unavailable from 6:15pm ET Tue Oct 8 until 7:45pm Wed Oct 9.


Any orders placed after 6:15pm ET Mon Oct 7 will be processed after we reopen on Thu Oct 10.

Buy Online – Pickup in Store

Store Pickup orders placed before 7:30pm Mon-Thu will be available for pickup within 30 minutes until 8pm, same day. Orders placed after 8pm will be available the next day at 8am, Mon-Fri (Sun at 10am).

Place your B&H now. We are grateful for your support of this site by using our links to place your order (for anything)!

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 Monday, October 7, 2019

From the B&H YouTube Channel:

New York Yankees Shortstop Didi Gregorius wants to prove that not all baseball players are created equal. The Bronx Bomber talks to B&H about his love for all things creative, from photography to digital illustration and how there is so much more to him that just being a baseball player.

B&H carries Sony cameras and lenses.

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From the Sports Shooter Academy YouTube Channel:

Workshop instructor Keith Birmingham conducts a hands-on class on rigging backboard and post remote cameras for capturing a unique angle for covering basketball. Thanks to PocketWizard for providing loaner gear for SSA participants to use during the workshop. The Sports Shooter Academy workshops are sponsored by Nikon Professional Services. Video shot with a Nikon Z and Nikkor lenses. Video produced by Myung J. Chun for Sports Shooter Inc.

B&H carries magic arms.

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 Friday, October 4, 2019

Please visit the Photography Workshops page for the latest openings.

It's time to check off another line item on your bucket list. With pleasure I invite you to join me in remote coastal Katmai National Park for 7 nights in mid-September, 2020 to photograph brown bears chasing salmon.

Arrangements have been made with a highly-respected, long-term (over 2 decades) coastal Katmai NP boat operator to host our group. After a 1-hour floatplane flight from Kodiak, AK, we will set down on a remote coastal Katmai NP bay where we will be met by a skiff and shuttled to the "Ursus", the original "Time Bandit" boat from the TV show Deadliest Catch, our home for the week. This is a solid ship that I've had the privilege of staying on and the Katmai NP bays we will be visiting are incredible (Geographic and Kukak Bays for example). While we will be boat-based (extremely convenient in this location), the skiff will transport us to the shores of the salmon streams where we will get up close and personal with the bears while photographing them. The amount of time allocated for this trip means that the ship can move from bay to bay, targeting the best salmon runs and providing variety in our images.

The Ursus

The September timeframe is ideal for bears looking good with new coats and a huge size, up roughly 40% from August. The lighting is softer at this time of the year with a low angle ideal that is ideal for photography. Also, the number of dark hours is adequate for a decent night of sleep while still taking advantage of the ideal lighting hours. Humpback/pink, chum/keta/dog, and sometimes sockeye/silver salmon, a bear favorite, run at this time of the year. There are no promises that we will see wolves, but this time of the year holds an increased chance of this encounter.

Float Plane

Plan on hanging out with a small group that shares your passion for wildlife photography in a spectacularly scenic location. Note that this is not Katmai NP's popular Brooks Falls where there is often a waiting line to get onto the observation deck.

When and Where

Thu, September 17 to Thu, September 24, 2020 in remote coastal Katmai National Park, Alaska.


Hopefully you, along with up-to-7 other participants. Sign up with your friends!


The cost for the 7-night Kodiak-to-Kodiak trip is $7,695 per person plus crew tips. Meals are included. Email me at to sign up or ask questions!

Shaking Brown Bear, Katmai National Park, Alaska

What are We Photographing?

Our primary photo subject will be brown bears. Wildlife, by definition, is "wild" and that means it is unpredictable and there can be no guarantees. That said, coastal Katmai National Park is an extremely reliable location to photograph brown bears and, as mentioned, the bears should be chasing salmon in the small streams at this time of the year.

In addition to brown bear, we could see other animals including sea otters, whales, and potentially even wolves. We will be opportunistic and take advantage of any interesting subjects that we encounter – and discovering those moments are part of the excitement. In addition to the immersive wildlife photography experience, there will certainly be opportunity for some landscape photography. The views from the boat are awesome.

Brown Bears and Epic Katmai National Park Landscape


While the implied definitions of these terms vary, I see "workshops" typically laid out with a planned schedule and "tours" typically designed to put you in front of subjects at the right time. I'm calling this trip a "tour" because the primary goal is for you to get great images and we will be opportunistic in that regard, making a firm schedule difficult to implement. That said, we will spend a lot of time together and I will teach (including as we are actively photographing), answer questions (please bring many), critique images, assist in editing, etc. throughout our time together. Thus, the educational element will also be a primary part of our time together – an "Instructional Photo Tour".

In the field, we will photograph side-by-side. You taking great images home will be a primary goal, but you capturing those images yourself is important and I can best describe what you should do if I am doing it myself at the same time. This also provides the participant opportunity to watch how it is done. Your constant feedback and questions during the IPT are important and will enable me to provide you with the best experience possible.

An "expedition" is another type of immersive photography experience and this event involves multiple daily mini-expeditions. Certain is that we will have an adventure.

Physical Requirements

This will be an only modestly strenuous trip, with much of the strain dependent on the size and weight of the gear you are carrying. Sometimes the hike from the skiff to the bears will be short and sometimes we might eventually end up as far as (roughly) a mile up the streams. Thus, one needs to be in reasonable physical condition.

What is Included

From Kodiak and back to Kodiak, all food and lodging (on the boat) is provided. In the boat's current configuration, lodging is two bunks per room and two rooms per bathroom.

What is Not Included

Transportation to/from Kodiak and any lodging prior to or post trip. Note that flights to Kodiak are typically out of Anchorage.

Tips for the crew are not included.

Brown Bears Fighting, Katmai National Park, AK


The schedule may vary, but a typical day looks like this: We will wake up in the morning, eat breakfast, slip into waders (hip waders provided, bringing your own chest waders is a better option), board the skiff with our gear, and, along with a bear guide, will head for the streams holding both salmon and bears. Typically, we come back to the boat for lunch and go back out for another round of photography later in the day. Staying out all day is an option we can request.

Cancellation Policy

Please note: travel insurance is very strongly recommended for this trip. While the operator has had "only three trip cancellations in the past twenty-two years due to weather (guests didn't schedule buffer days)", they "cannot accept liability for costs incurred due to weather or other forces of nature." They are "a small company, servicing relatively few clients each season, and the nature of [their] trip presents some variables over which [they] have no control." Safety comes first. If conditions are not safe, they don't fly. Allowing some flexibility in travel (buffer days) is highly recommended in this part of Alaska.

This trip will fall under the operator's booking guidelines as follows:

To reserve your space, a 50% deposit (not refundable unless your reserved space can be rebooked) of trip price within 10 days of verbal confirmation of your desired dates. Final payment is required 90 days prior to trip departure date. Reservations made within 90 days of trip departure dates require full payment. Credit card payments are welcome. Cancellation fees are in effect. Anyone requiring a different payment plan can ask about the Custom Pay Plan.

Let's Do This! Sign Up Now!

Email me at to sign up or ask questions!

Camera Gear Needed

Aside from a great attitude and a strong interest in wildlife photography, you are going to need some gear and while most cameras with a telephoto lens will work fine, mid-upper-grade gear should be considered for best results from this event.

There will be times when a fast frame rate is beneficial (bears chasing salmon for example), but I will likely opt for higher resolution cameras that typically do not have the fastest-available frame rates. A DSLR camera or a late-model MILC (Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera) should be in your bag.

A telephoto lens or lenses will be needed with a full-frame equivalent of at least 400mm (250mm on an APS-C) suggested and having longer focal lengths available will be appreciated at times (full frame 600mm equivalent is ideal and a 1.4x may even be appreciated behind this lens). Wide apertures are often an advantage, especially on dark days, and the wide aperture's ability to blur the background can be useful. Any telephoto lens can work, but there may be times when an f/4 or wider aperture is preferred. This is a great event to break out your big lenses for and it is also a great time to try a new one, perhaps via renting.

My current plan is to take a pair of high-resolution cameras such as the Canon EOS 5Ds R along with a 600mm lens such as the Canon EF 600mm f/4L IS III USM Lens (probably along with a Black Rapid shoulder strap to carry it with) and a telephoto zoom lens such as the Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM Lens for my primary wildlife kit. In this location, I plan to carry both setups in a MindShift Gear FirstLight 40L.

We will sit together in a line on small folding stools while photographing streamside and a strong tripod with a gimbal head is ideal. I'll leave my backpack on the ground/sand beside me (on a garbage bag to keep it clean) with the second camera and lens ready to grab when the bears get too close for the big lens (expect them to get very close at times).

Bring some basic landscape photography gear.

Bring adequate memory card capacity, enough batteries to last at least a day and enough chargers to restore that capability overnight. Bringing a laptop is highly recommended, enabling review of your images throughout the time we have together. Bring an external hard drive (or multiple of them) for an additional level of backup. Bring a flashlight.

Consider what failure of any piece of gear means for your experience and consider bringing a backup for items identified as critical.

As always, feel free to ask us for gear advice.

Weather / Clothing

The weather in Katmai in late September is typically very nice, though cool and sometimes even cold (mostly mornings and late evenings). Dressing in layers is the best plan. Rain protection may be required at times, including rain covers for camera gear while in the field.

The wildlife we are pursuing is acclimated to humans and does not seem to care what we are wearing. Thus, camo clothing is not necessary. Just in case you were wondering, bears think salmon taste much better than people.

Sign Up or Ask Questions!

Contact me at

Huge Brown Bear, Katmai National Park, Alaska

Post Date: 10/4/2019 11:47:23 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan

I've just returned from an awesome 17-day trip to Colorado, hanging with some great people, and taking (more than) a few pictures. As I began unpacking, I thought I'd keep track of what I removed and share with you what was in my backpacks for this trip.

While leading photography workshops was my primary purpose for being in Colorado, I can instruct best when I am shooting myself. Those, I needed gear appropriate for what we were photographing — wildlife and landscape. As this site is also a higher priority than my personal photography, I needed to do field testing of as much new gear as possible at the same time.

Flying meant my gear was limited to what would fit in my max-airline-dimensions checked bag, a carry-on, and a personal item. My photo trip packing strategy is to put the items with the most value (both financially and for the shoot) and the items most sensitive to damage in my carry-on and personal item camera backpacks that go with me onto the plane. Unless my checked bag is under the 50 lb weight limit (it seldom is and the bag I checked for this trip registered exactly 50.0 lbs on the scale), I'm also interested in putting the densest (think metal) items in my carry-on and personal item packs (I've not yet had these bags weighed for domestic USA flights).

The MindShift Gear FirstLight 40L and MindShift Gear BackLight 18L are my current favorite camera backpacks for travel. The larger pack goes on my back with the waist belt tightened enough for the weight to be supported on my waist — not my shoulders. The smaller pack goes on in reverse direction — a front pack — with the waist belt clipped around the front of the case (to get it out of the way). Here is the list of what is (or was) in the two backpacks along with some interspersed reasoning:

Camera gear in the checked bag included:

  • Really Right Stuff TVC-24L Mk2 Carbon Fiber Tripod. As already mentioned, the larger lenses were supported on a monopod most of the time, leaving the tripod needs to landscape purposes and this model was perfect for that use — light and solid.
  • Really Right Stuff MC-34 Carbon Fiber Monopod
  • 3 LensCoat camera rain covers
  • 4 battery chargers — 2 for each camera brand. These mission-critical items were in my carry-on on the flight out, but they had reduced value to me on the return flight (they could easily be replaced). Being relatively light, I put them in my checked bag and moved heavier items to the backpacks. I needed to remove enough weight from the checked bag for the Sony a7R IV box to be packed home. Yes, having the original box helps with resale value — it is psychologically important to some and therefore monetarily important to me.
  • BlackRapid Breathe Sport Camera Strap (I opt for the "Left" model for big lenses) with a Really Right Stuff B2-FABN Screw-Knob Clamp.

Note that all of the links in this post lead to reviews on this site or the product pages of our affiliate retailers. Hopefully you have found this information at least entertaining and watching me carry the gear through the airport is probably even more so.

Post Date: 10/4/2019 9:46:31 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
 Thursday, October 3, 2019

My favorite print company, AdoramaPix, is now Printique.

Check out the 15% savings offer currently available on the Printique home page.

From Printique:

Introducing Printique!

We are excited to announce our new name, Printique! For over 20 years, we have been proud to serve you with industry-leading quality print products as AdoramaPix. We couldn't have come this far without your support. It's time we focus on the future and our new name reflects our commitment to excellence, quality and above all, customer satisfaction. Our new name is just the beginning. It comes with a brand new website solely focused on what we do best...printing. We remain the same great artisans with the same great passion for print, but with a fresh new digital experience and an expanding product line. We are continuing our dedication to innovation and being leaders in the photo printing industry. If you have stored photos and projects in your AdoramaPix account, they are available in your new Printique account. Use the same username and password to log in. You can access your account as if nothing has changed. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call customer service: 888-216-6400. We are here for you.

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Image quality test results have been added to the Sony a7R IV page.

This camera's 61 MP resolution is quite impressive. Here is the Sony a7R IV vs. III comparison.

Canon's highest resolution imaging sensor is in the EOS 5Ds/5Ds R. Here is the Sony a7R IV vs. Canon EOS 5Ds R comparison.

Nikon's highest resolution imaging sensor is in the D850 and Z 7. Here is the Sony a7R IV vs. Nikon Z 7 comparison. Note that different lenses were used in this comparison test.

Higher pixel density on the imaging sensor means that the softening effects of diffraction start becoming noticeable at the pixel level — not in equal output sizes — at wider apertures than with lower resolution imaging sensors. Here is an f/11 vs. f/8 comparison.

The Sony a7R IV is in stock at B&H | Adorama | Amazon USA | WEX

Rent the Sony a7R IV from Lensrentals.

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Post Date: 10/3/2019 11:58:59 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan

From Sony:

Sony Electronics Introduces the Alpha 9 II with Enhanced Connectivity and Workflow for Professional Sports Photographers and Photojournalists

New Alpha 9 II Combines Alpha 9’s Unrivaled Speed with New Functionality to Match the Needs of Professionals

SAN DIEGO — October 3, 2019 — Sony Electronics today announced Alpha 9 II (model ILCE-9M2). The latest model from Sony’s acclaimed line-up of a (Alpha) full-frame interchangeable lens cameras, the new model has been created to support working professionals in the fields of sports photography and photojournalism.

The new Alpha 9 II builds on the impressive legacy of the original Alpha 9, maintaining groundbreaking speed performance, including blackout-free continuous shooting at up to 20 frames per second with Auto Focus and Auto Exposure tracking at 60 calculations per second.

Updates include significantly enhanced connectivity and file delivery, continuous shooting at up to 10 fps with mechanical shutter, and evolved AF performance with newly optimized algorithms, re-designed build to enhance durability and operability.

“The voice of our customers is absolutely critical to Sony – we are always listening,” said Neal Manowitz, deputy president for Imaging Products and Solutions Americas at Sony Electronics. “The Alpha 9 II is the direct result of our work with agency, sports and news photographers since the launch of the original Alpha 9. We have added connectivity and network capabilities that drastically improve the professional workflow, while also making enhancements to design, interface and processing power that complete the user experience. Complemented by our extremely versatile E-mount system – with 55 native lenses introduced at this point including super-telephoto 600mm and 400mm G Master™ series lenses – this new camera is a tool unlike any other for professionals, whether in the field or on the field.”

Raising the Bar for Built-in Connectivity in the Professional’s Workflow

The Alpha 9 II includes a built-in 1000BASE-T Ethernet terminal, enabling gigabit communication for high-speed, stable data transfer operations. Additionally, File Transfer over SSL or TLS encryption (FTPS) is supported for increased data security and PC remote (tether) shooting performance is improved, with decreased release time lag and reduced live view screen delay when using the ‘Remote Camera Tool’ desktop application. The speed of the camera’s built-in wireless LAN functionality has also been increased, adding a stable and fast 5 GHz (IEEE 802.11ac) band, in addition to the 2.4 GHz provided in the Alpha 9. IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac standards are all supported.

Designed to improve the speed of news agencies’ workflow, the Alpha 9 II features a new Voice Memo function that allows spoken information to be attached to images in the form of voice memos that can be replayed when the images are reviewed. The voice data can also be included with images sent to an editor, giving them important information needed for effective editing. Alternatively, a field photographer can also use the ‘Transfer & Tagging add-on’ “Imaging Edge™” application to transfer voice tags with the images to their mobile device and have the voice memos automatically converted to text and added to the JPEG images in the form of IPTC metadata. All of this can be done automatically or manually selected by the photographer.

By combining wireless voice/image transfer and automatic voice-to-text conversion with the ability to auto-transfer images with attached voice memos via FTP, it is possible to shoot and transfer the results to an FTP server without ever having to operate a smartphone. FTP settings within the app can also be sent to a camera via Bluetooth®, allowing for a faster workflow.

The Platinum Standard for Speed and Auto Focus Performance

The new Alpha 9 II shares the same acclaimed 35mm full-frame stacked 24.2 MP Exmor RS™ CMOS image sensor with integral memory as the original Alpha 9, giving it the same unmatched speed performance and outstanding image quality. The new model can shoot continuously and completely silently at 20 fps for up to 361 JPEG images or 239 compressed RAW images, with no viewfinder blackout allowing the photographer to follow the subject and action with no interruption to the EVF during picture taking. For times when mechanical shutter is preferred or required, the new Alpha 9 II has been improved to shoot at up to 10 fps, about 2x the speed of the Alpha 9.

The camera is able to function while continuously calculating Auto Focus and Auto Exposure at up to 60 times per second, with newly optimized AF algorithms that provide notably enhanced AF precision and performance, ensuring that even the most erratic subject motion that is associated with sports are captured with high precision. Also useful for sporting events, the camera now offers an anti-flicker shooting mode that automatically detects and adjusts for the presence of fluorescent or artificial lighting to maximize image quality.

The advanced focusing system in the new Alpha 9 II is far beyond the capabilities of any professional camera. Comprised of 693 focal-plane phase-detection AF points covering approximately 93% of the image area, as well as 425 contrast AF points, the Fast Hybrid Auto Focus system achieves extremely fast and accurate performance, ensuring all fast-moving subjects are accurately captured. Additional notable focusing capabilities include Real-time Eye AF with right eye / left eye selection, Real-time Eye AF for animal augmented with a new algorithm, Real-Time Eye AF for movie, Real-time Tracking, selectable focus frame color, Touch Pad focus point control while using the viewfinder and more. AF can also now continuously track even if continuous shooting is greater than F16, providing further accuracy for shots that require slower shutter speeds.

Refined Build and Operability

  • Upgraded BIONZ X™ image processing engine gains maximum benefit from the sensor’s fast readout speed; processor works with front-end LSI to enhance speed in AF/AE detection, image processing, face detection and accuracy, and more
  • Upgraded dust and moisture resistant design to meet the needs of professionals in even the most challenging outdoor conditions; stronger sealing provided at all body seams as well as the battery compartment cover and media slot
  • Latest developed image-processing algorithm reduces noise in the medium-to-high sensitivity range while improving subjective resolution and image quality
  • 5-axis optical in-body image stabilization system that provides a shutter speed advantage of 5.5 steps
  • Improved grip configuration for even greater comfort and sure hold; compatible with Sony VG-C4EM Vertical Grip
  • Improved button design and feel; increased diameter and feedback of the ‘AF-ON’ button; a refined multi-selector joystick design; an exposure compensation dial lock button; and a redesigned shape and new position for the rear dial
  • Redesigned shutter mechanism to suppress even the slightest movement that can cause image blur; tested for durability in excess of 500,000 shutter cycles
  • USB Type-C™ connector that supports fast USB 3.2 Gen 1 data transfer
  • Dual media slots that are both compatible with UHS-I and UHS-II SD cards, allowing higher overall capacity and faster read/write speeds
  • Digital audio interface has been added to the camera’s Multi Interface Shoe™ (MI Shoe), enabling the new ECM-B1M Shotgun Microphone or XLR-K3M XLR Adaptor Kit to be connected directly to the MI Shoe for cleaner, clearer audio recordings

Pricing and Availability

The new Alpha 9 II will be available in November 2019 priced at approximately $4,500 US and $6,000 CA. It will be sold at a variety of Sony's authorized dealers throughout North America.

Order the Sony a9 II

Orders for the Sony a9 II will be accepted beginning on Oct 3rd at 6:00 PM EDT. Support this site by ordering from one of these highly-trusted retailers:

B&H | Adorama | WEX

# # #

  1. Electronic shutter mode. Display updating will be slower at slow shutter speeds
  2. “Hi” continuous shooting mode. At of 1/125 sec. or higher. In AF-C mode the maximum continuous frame rate will depend on the shooting mode and lens used. A software update may be required for some lenses. Visit Sony’s support web page for lens compatibility information
  3. At shutter speeds of 1/125 sec. or higher. The number of AF calculations will depend on the lens used
  4. Version 2.0 or later required. For more information on the new application updates, please visit the ‘Remote Camera Tool’ website at
  5. Models sold in some countries/regions support IEEE 802.11b/g/n (2.4 GHz) wireless LAN only. 5 GHz communication may be restricted in some countries and regions>
  6. Version 1.1 or later required. Ver.1.1 will be released in October 2019. For more information on the new application updates, please visit the ‘Transfer & Tagging add-on’ website at
  7. Only available in regions where Google services are available. Voice Memo exceeding 50 seconds cannot be converted to text
  8. “IPTC Metadata” is standards of metadata included in digital images formulated by IPTC (International Press Telecommunications Council)
  9. Approximately, effective
  10. Silent shooting is possible when Shutter Type is set to "Electronic" and Audio signals is set to "Off"
  11. “Hi” continuous shooting mode, UHS-II memory card. Sony tests
  12. “Hi” continuous shooting mode, compressed RAW, UHS-II memory card. Sony tests
  13. Only 100 Hz and 120 Hz flicker is detected. Continuous shooting speed may decrease. Flicker-free shooting is not available during electronic shutter, BULB exposure, or movie recording
  14. Stills only
  15. This function does not track animal eyes
  16. “Tracking” in the menu
  17. When the camera [Aperture Drive in AF] is set to [Focus Priority], the aperture value can be set greater than F16. The continuous speed slows down.The compatible lenses are [SEL200600G][SEL35F18F][SEL400F28GM][SEL600F40GM]
  18. Not guaranteed to be 100% dust and moisture proof
  19. CIPA standards. Pitch/yaw shake only. Planar T* FE 50mm F1.4 ZA lens. Long exposure NR off
  20. Sony internal tests with electronic front curtain shutter

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Post Date: 10/3/2019 10:38:33 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan

From the Phlearn YouTube Channel:

Today we show you how to create a beautiful double exposure effect in only a few minutes! Learn how to use Levels to change a light background into a pure white background and then blend two images together using the magic of Blending Modes.

B&H carries Adobe Photography Plan subscriptions.

Post Date: 10/3/2019 6:19:36 AM CT   Posted By: Sean

From the Adorama youTube Channel:

Join Daniel Norton OnSet as he creates an image with the look of end of day sunlight using studio lighting and some knowledge of how the “real sun” works. One trick to creating light that feels natural is to study and understand existing light. Then when the time comes that you must make it, you will be ready to create your own sun or moon as the case may be.

Products Used

Post Date: 10/3/2019 5:18:15 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Wednesday, October 2, 2019

The GoPro HERO8 Black and MAX 360 action cameras are available for preorder at the following retailers:

GoPro HERO8 BlackB&H | Adorama | Amazon US

GOPro MAX 360 - B&H | Adorama | Amazon US

GoPro HERO8 Black Highlights

  • Up to UHD 4K Video, Slow Motion
  • HyperSmooth 2.0 Video Stabilization
  • TimeWarp 2.0 Stabilized Time-Lapse Video
  • SuperPhoto 12MP Stills with HDR Support
  • Waterproof to 33' without a Housing
  • Direct Live Streaming to Facebook Live
  • Night-Lapse Video, Live-Burst Stills
  • Intuitive, Smartphone-Like Touchscreen
  • Face, Smile & Scene Detection
  • 15-Command Multi-Language Voice Control

GoPro MAX 360 Highlights

  • Supports 4992 x 2496 360° Video
  • Photo Resolution up to 5760 x 2880
  • Wide 8.9mm Focal Length
  • HyperSmooth Digital Stabilization
  • PowerPano 360° Photo Mode
  • In-Camera Stitching & App Control
  • Rugged Body, Waterproof to 16'
  • Up to 14 Voice Commands
  • Includes Curved Adhesive Mount
  • Rechargeable 1600mAh Li-Ion Battery

Post Date: 10/2/2019 5:09:07 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Monday, September 30, 2019

From the Adobe Photoshop YouTube Channel:

Here’s a sneak peek into brand-new enhancements coming soon to Photoshop’s Content-Aware Fill. Find out how this Adobe Sensei-powered feature is becoming even more intelligent and more powerful.

B&H carries Adobe Photography Plan subscriptions.

Post Date: 9/30/2019 4:54:32 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Saturday, September 28, 2019

The 5DayDeal Complete Photography Bundle 2019 Givaway promotion is now live and runs until October 3, 2019 [noon Pacific Time]. Sign up to be notified of the 5DayDeal launch and you could win one of the prizes listed below:

(15) Luminar + Aurora HDR + Signature Looks from Max Rive ($187 each)
(5) Year Subscription to (Unlimited Storage) ($420 each)
(1) Beats Solo 3 Wireless Headphones ($349)
(1) Canon EOS Rebel T6 EF-S 18-55mm + EF 75-300mm Double Zoom Kit ($429)
(1) MacBook Pro [ Winner Will Be Drawn in December ] ($1,299)
(1) AirMagic License Per Giveaway Entrant ($39 Value Each) ($10,000+) - NOTE: Will not be distributed until October 22, 2019

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 Friday, September 27, 2019

From Westcott:

The FJ400 is the first portable 400Ws AC/DC strobe with less than 1 second recycle time at full power and 480+ full-power flashes per charge. The powerful FJ-X2m Universal Wireless Trigger is equipped with multi-brand technology that pairs with virtually any camera brand to maximize the FJ400’s full potential. With a large display and user-friendly menu, controlling TTL and HSS has never been easier.

Product Features

  • Universal Camera Brand Trigger
  • TTL, High Speed Sync, Freeze Sync, and More
  • Unrivaled Battery Performance
  • Consistent Color Temperature
  • Optimized for Light Modifiers

B&H carries the Westcott FJ400 and FJ-X2m Trigger.

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 Thursday, September 26, 2019

In this video, Adobe's Julieanne’ Kost demonstrates how to create realistic and highly customizable flames along any path in Photoshop.

B&H carries Adobe Photography Plan subscriptions.

Post Date: 9/26/2019 5:13:04 AM CT   Posted By: Sean

Canon UK has published the following firmware updates:

The firmware updates change the following:

  • Enhances eye detection Auto Focus (AF) for improved face and eye recognition at greater distances.
  • Improved Auto Focus (AF) performance helps the camera to focus on and track smaller subjects.
  • Reduces lag time between the actual Auto Focus (AF) and the AF frame display for images in the viewfinder or on the LCD.
  • Fixes a phenomenon in which Main dial icon may not appear when magnify/reduce button is pressed during the image playback.
  • Fixes PTP communication vulnerability.

Post Date: 9/26/2019 5:01:44 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Wednesday, September 25, 2019

From Lowpro:

Carry-on compatible and backcountry ready, Pro Trekker AW II collection delivers you and your digital imaging gear to your destination without missing a beat.

  • Lowepro’s Pro Trekker II Series lets you carry-on essential camera gear
  • MaxFit divider system fits the most gear in the smallest space
  • Delivers all-day comfort and rugged protection for backcountry destinations

Upper Saddle River, NJ – September 24, 2019 – With over 50 years creating protective gear-carrying solutions for professional and enthusiast image makers alike, Lowepro has unveiled the most reliable companion to keep photographic equipment packed, protected and ready for anything. Lowepro’s Pro Trekker AW II Series has been redesigned and upgraded to deliver greater performance, more utility and convenient versatility. This full collection meets a photographer's every travel need. From the wayfaring adventure professional to the enthusiast who is serious about his or her hobby, Pro Trekker delivers protection, ease and comfort to photographers and videographers worldwide.

The Lowepro design team worked with long-time ambassador Chris McLennan, to develop this line that ranges from a performance BP 350 backpack for medium-sized pro mirrorless kits to the largest backcountry BP 550 model designed to split into two carry-on ready components. "I have used the Trekker bags for 30 years. The design provides my camera gear with the ultimate protection and makes carrying even the heaviest loads easy - and they are airline carry-on compliant. The ultimate camera backpack in even the most extreme environments." says McLennan. Lowepro Trekker products have been Chris’ go-to bags for more than 30 years. Chris has been a significant contributor to this latest collection of Pro Trekker designs.

The redesigned Pro Trekker II Collection solves the photographer's biggest travel challenges.

  • Modular 2-piece carry-on design for Backpack 550
  • Backpack to a roller conversion on Roller RLX 450 model
  • Stowable Harness on Backpack 350 and Backpack 450 models for easy handling
  • AW Cover, Durable Materials, Zippers enhancing protection from the elements

A complete collection to plan and maximize your kit and get you to your backcountry destination. The Lowepro Pro Trekker II full collection is available now at authorized Lowepro dealers.

B&H has the following available for preorder:

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From Canon UK:

United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Wednesday 25 September 2019 – Canon Europe announces the highly anticipated successor to the hugely popular EOS M100 - the Canon EOS M200. Upgrades to this mirrorless camera include the latest Canon DIGIC 8 processor, improved autofocus and the addition of 4K movie. Complete with a guided user interface, boundless creative functions and vertical movie shooting, it has never been easier to step up from a smartphone and start sharing stand-out images and video with the world.

Capture sharp and striking images effortlessly

Superior storytelling is made effortless with the Canon EOS M200. Its guided user interface is perfect for first-time camera users, with useful on-screen guidance as well as hints and tips on how to get the best results. The camera’s APS-C sized 24.1 megapixel sensor is larger than that of a typical smartphone, producing highly detailed images that look sharp and striking, even when cropped or enlarged for sharing on social media.

The camera features Dual Pixel CMOS AF - a Canon-developed technology that delivers professional-looking movies and images, by keeping moving subjects in sharp focus with a pleasing background blur – perfect for capturing pin-sharp memories at a party, festival or concert with low-light AF sensitivity down to EV-4. The addition of Eye Detection AF also makes capturing the natural expressions of friends and family simple, by automatically maintaining focus on a subject’s eyes.

The introduction of Canon’s latest processor, DIGIC 8, delivers new functionality as well as great quality. With a maximum ISO speed of 100-25600 (extending to ISO 51200 equivalent), DIGIC 8 guards against image blur and reduces image noise when shooting in darker locations, such as a bar or music venue.

DIGIC 8 also adds a new dimension to storytelling, powering 4K movie for the highest level of movie clarity. The Canon EOS M200 takes the storytelling potential one step further with a 4K time-lapse feature and the ability to take 4K stills from 4K movies, perfect for capturing memories in detail.

The LCD touchscreen on the Canon EOS M200 flips 180 degrees, helping elevate selfies beyond what is achievable with a smartphone. The camera’s Self Portrait mode also allows settings such as background blur and brightness to be easily adjusted in real time. A first on an EOS camera, the movie record button is displayed on the touchscreen when in Movie Mode, ideally positioned for easy operation when recording a vlog with the screen tilted 180 degrees. Movies can even be recorded and played back on mobile in a vertical orientation so they are optimised for sharing on social media after they are captured.

Unlock your creativity:

The Canon EOS M200 features an array of settings and tools empowering those stepping up from a smartphone to capture memories in artistic and imaginative ways. It includes Canon’s Creative Assist feature, a suite of effects, filters and colour adjustment tools to apply to photographs when composing an image or after it has been taken. It is also possible to add effects to the photos taken, just like a photo app, with a range of creative filters including Grainy black & white, Fish-eye and Soft Focus.

Compatibility with the affordable and creative range of EF-M lenses expands the potential of the Canon EOS M200 even further. A variety of image expressions are made possible with wide-angle, telephoto and macro lenses EF-M lenses and the entire EOS lens range can be accessed with an EF-EOS M Mount Adapter.

Share special moments anywhere, anytime

Once content has been captured, customised and is ready to be shared with the world, the Canon EOS M200 connects seamlessly with smart devices¹ via Bluetooth² and Wi-Fi using the free Canon Camera Connect app for iOS and Android. From here, images and videos can be downloaded, reviewed and shared manually. Images can also be automatically sent to a smart device as they are taken. As long as the camera is in Bluetooth range, a constant connection to a smart device can be maintained, even when the camera is switched off.

The Canon Camera Connect app also facilitates shooting remotely with a smartphone or tablet, perfect for capturing group shots or a hands-free selfie.

Stylish and compact for everyday use:

The Canon EOS M200 is a compact and lightweight camera that can be conveniently carried anywhere. Weighing just 299g (including battery and memory card), it is perfect for daily use as it takes up limited bag space. It is also sleek and stylish in appearance, available in black or white with a high-quality crosshatch leather pattern. The Canon EOS M200’s appearance can even be customised with a range of colourful face jackets to complement a variety of outfits.

Incredibly simple, simply incredible, the Canon EOS M200 will be available from Canon’s online store and official Canon retailers from October 2019.

Pricing and availability:

The Canon EOS M200 will be available from October 2019 with an RSP of £499.99 / €569.99.

Preorders: Adorama

Post Date: 9/25/2019 5:12:37 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Adobe recently released an updated for its Camera RAW plug-in with support for the following cameras:

Latest cameras added in September 2019

  • Fujifilm X-A7
  • Panasonic LUMIX DC-S1H
  • Sony A7R IV (ILCE-7RM4)
  • Sony RX100 VII (DSC-RX100M7)

B&H carries Adobe Photography Plan subscriptions.

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From Sony:

Sony has released a new firmware update for its a9 full-frame mirrorless camera (model ILCE-9), delivering key functions such as Real-Time Eye AF for animals[i], Interval Shooting and compatibility with RMT-P1BT[ii].

The version 6.00 update enables Sony’s AI driven Real-Time Eye AF technology to now detect both animals and human subjects, with an option to select either animal or human Eye AF mode depending on the shooting situation. Time-lapse videos can also be created through use of the Interval Shooting function.

In addition to the new functionality, the update improves the overall stability of the camera and makes it more user-friendly, allowing photographers to assign ‘My Menu’ to appear when first selecting the menu button. It is now also possible to select the Focus Frame Colour allowing users to choose between red, grey or the standard green.

Lastly, the upgrade allows operation with the wireless remote commander RMT-P1BT providing a solution to remote shooting.

The Version 6.00 firmware upgrade is downloadable for free on the Sony Support site[iii].

Download: Sony a9 Firmware v.6.00

B&H carries the Sony a9.

[i] It is not possible to simultaneously detect human and animal eyes.Eye detection may not be possible depending on the environment, animal type or the movement of the animal.

[ii]Sold separately. Please update Remote Camera Tool to the latest version if you use Remote Camera Tool after this update.

[iii]Ver. 6.00 download for Windows. Ver.6.00 download for Mac.

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 Friday, September 20, 2019

From the B&H YouTube Channel:

Sometimes despite your best efforts, you just aren't able to capture audio at the quality you would like. Whether it's background noise, unwanted dialogue sounds, inconsistent audio levels, or you just want to improve the overall quality of your video, this video will show you how to fix your audio in post.

Post Date: 9/20/2019 5:29:48 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Thursday, September 19, 2019

From the Profoto YouTube Channel:

The Profoto C1 product range are the studio lights for smartphones that deliver great light in your images, anytime and anywhere. Connect it to the Profoto camera app and you hold the secret of professional-looking images. All you have to do is press the button.

B&H carries the Profoto C1 and C1 Plus.

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 Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Image quality test results have been added to the Tamron 17-28mm f/2.8 Di III RXD Lens page.

Warning: You are going to want this lens.

Act fast: The Tamron 17-28mm f/2.8 Di III RXD Lens is in stock at Amazon USA.

Preorder this lens at B&H | Adorama | WEX

Rent the Tamron 17-28mm f/2.8 Di III RXD Lens from Lensrentals.

Reminder: share these results with your friends!

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Post Date: 9/17/2019 5:28:14 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan

From DJI:

What’s New

  • Added video recording, autofocus, and focus pull support for Sony A9 and A6400 cameras with supported E-mount lenses using a Multi-Camera Control Cable (Micro-USB). To use autofocus on the Sony A9 and A6400, press halfway down on the camera control button of the gimbal
  • Added photo capture, video recording, autofocus, and focus pull support for Canon EOS RP cameras with supported RF mount lenses using a Multi-Camera Control Cable (Type-C). To use autofocus on the Canon EOS RP, press halfway down on the camera control button of the gimbal.
  • Added photo capture, video recording, autofocus, and focus pull support for Canon M50 cameras with supported EF-M mount lenses using a Multi-Camera Control Cable (Micro-USB). To use autofocus on the Canon M50, press halfway down on the camera control button on the gimbal.
  • Added photo capture, video recording, autofocus, and focus pull support for Canon EOS 6D and EOS 80D cameras with supported EF mount lenses using a Multi-Camera Control Cable (Mini USB). To use autofocus on the Canon EOS 6D and EOS 80D, press halfway down on the camera control button of the gimbal.
  • Added photo capture, video recording, autofocus, and focus pull support for Panasonic G9 cameras with supported Macro 4/3 mount lenses using a Multi-Camera Control Cable (Micro USB). To use autofocus on the Panasonic G9, press halfway down on the camera control button of the gimbal.
  • Added photo capture, autofocus, video recording, and focus pull support for Panasonic S1 cameras with supported L mount lenses using a Multi-Camera Control Cable (Type-C). To use autofocus on the Panasonic S1, press halfway down on the camera control button of the gimbal.
  • Added photo capture and autofocus for Fujifilm XT2 cameras using a Multi-Camera Control Cable (Micro USB). To use autofocus on the Fujifilm XT2, press halfway down on the camera control button of the gimbal.
  • Added photo capture and autofocus for Fujifilm XT3 camera using a Multi-Camera Control Cable (Type-C). To use autofocus on the Fujifilm XT3, press halfway down on the camera control button of the gimbal.
  • Added support for Ronin 2 Remote Controller. The DJI Pro Wireless Receiver and Ronin-MX/S CAN Cable are required to use the Ronin 2 Remote Controller with Ronin-S. Note that the mode switch feature is not currently available (requires Ronin 2 Remote Controller firmware v1.4.0.30 and DJI Pro Wireless Receiver firmware v1.2.0.10).
  • Optimized autofocus for Sony cameras. When the camera is in AF mode, press halfway on the camera control button to focus and release to stop focus.
  • Optimized focus for Canon, Sony, Nikon, and Panasonic cameras. The focus speed can be set from 1 to 100, replacing the previous settings of Slow, Medium, and Fast (requires DJI Ronin v1.2.2 app or later).
  • When using Canon, Nikon, and Fujifilm cameras, press the Ronin-S power button twice to disable the USB connection so that playback can be viewed and camera parameters can be set. Press twiceagain to enable the USB connection.
  • When using a Nikon D850, press the power button twice to enable camera view instead of pressing the trigger twice.
  • Fixed issue: when recording video on a Nikon Z6 camera, footage could not be displayed on an HDMI monitor.


  • Make sure that the DJI Ronin App is the latest version when updating the firmware.
  • Make sure Ronin-S is powered off and update the firmware through the DJI Pro Assistant for Ronin by connecting the USB-C port on Ronin-S to your computer. Do not disconnect the gimbal from the computer while updating.
  • After the update is complete, unplug the USB-C cable from Ronin-S and proceed to power on the gimbal.
  • If Ronin-S has a camera attached and is turned on while updating the firmware, make sure to protect the camera and lens as the motors will shut off during the update.
  • If the firmware update fails, restart the Ronin-S and retry.

B&H carries the DJI Ronin-S.

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 Monday, September 16, 2019

From PocketWizard:

The E Release is an easy and inexpensive upgrade that dramatically extends the range, enhances reliability, and expands the features of your existing PocketWizard radios. Currently available for the PocketWizard Plus III and Plus IV*.

*FCC units only

Extends Your Range

Trigger your flash(es) and/or remote camera(s) from remarkable distances. Our testing in Long Range Mode achieved distances measured in miles.

Expands Your Features

Double your available Channels

  • 32 Quad Zone Channels
  • 80 Long Range Quad Zone Channels.

Enhanced Reliability

Our radio frequency is less crowded than others and works great in "noisy" environments. We've made it even more reliable with the E Release. We don't want you to miss a single shot.

The E Release Firmware License costs $9.99. An upgrade must be purchased for each radio and will be assigned to the radio's serial number upon installation. Once assigned, it is non-transferable.

Currently all PocketWizard radios are being shipped with the Legacy firmware. If you purchased a new PocketWizard Plus III or Plus IV at an authorized PocketWizard dealer in the US or Canada after September 1, 2019, you may be eligible for a free update to the E Release. The updgrade will not be preinstalled. When you connect the radio to the Utility program to update it, the Utility should recognize the serial number and allow you to upgrade at no charge.

PocketWizard E Release Firmware Update

B&H carries the PocketWizard Plus III and Plus IV Transceivers.

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 Friday, September 13, 2019

From Manfrotto:

The forward-thinking collection for passionate photographers who are always ready to capture the action

Upper Saddle River, NJ – September 12, 2019 - Manfrotto, world leader in the photography, imaging equipment and accessories industry, has rolled out Advanced2, the new photographic bag collection that unites enhanced modern design with comfortable functionality. Passionate urban explorers who experience the world through their lens can now choose between the Advanced2 collection’s 6 backpacks, 5 shoulder bags and 3 holster bags to carry all the equipment they need.

Advanced2 is the new, revamped version of the globally successful Advanced collection, and like its predecessor is designed for today’s busiest advanced amateur photographers with urban lifestyles. They’re always on the move and ready to capture the perfect shots. Advanced2 bags are reliable and functional, helping you to never miss a moment and create inspiring images on your commute, between your photographic projects. Manfrotto’s new lineup caters to your everyday needs, according to individual preference, always ensuring maximum functionality and comfort. The new bags accommodate the most popular camera forms, from the latest DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, to drones and handheld camera gimbals. The larger bags are the perfect match for Befree Advanced travel tripods. The more compact solutions are perfect for JOBY GorillaPods.

The Advanced2 backpack range includes the Compact, Active, Gear, Fast, Hybrid, and Travel models, which offer a complete choice of configurations for a varying personal preferences. The range features advanced protection systems to keep photo gear safe, and is designed to maximize comfort with sternum straps and padded back panels. The collection is a combination of specially selected premium coated materials, sophisticated urban style, durability and enviable functionality, not to mention new tripod holders, smart storage systems for photography gear, laptops, tablets, and personal items. The bags are water repellent and have a special rain cover for the worst weather conditions.

The Advanced2 Compact backpack is great for traveling light with a mirrorless, and one or two extra lenses, and 13” laptop/tablet, personal gear, and compact tripod. Easy top access to photo gear, bottom access to personal items. The Advanced2 Active backpack is great for traveling light with a mirrorless, and one or two extra lenses, a 14” laptop, and has a bottom compartment to keep photo kit safely organized, a top compartment for other items, with a tripod attachment and water bottle pocket on the outside. The Advanced2 Gear backpack offers a full access front compartment for a full frame CSC, three extra lenses, foldable drone, handheld gimbal, as well as a 15” laptop and tablet. Personal items are kept in the front expandable zippered pocket and a full-size travel tripod attaches on the outside.

The Advanced2 Fast backpack holds a Pro DSLR, four extra lenses and flash, in a full-access photography gear compartment you can reach from 3 sides, which opens completely for rapid gear changes. Personal items are kept at the top and on the side, there is a special sleeve for a 15” laptop and tablet, and an attachment for a travel tripod on the front.

The Advanced2 Travel backpack holds a DSLR, four extra lenses, or full frame mirrorless with two additional lenses and a foldable drone, 15” laptop and tablet – safely organized in two quick-access side compartments, with other items at the top. The side compartments open fully, and for effortless use on the go, slip the straps off your shoulders, rotate the pack to one side to access gear. There is a dedicated pocket for a gimbal or tripod, and a travel tripod attaches to the front of the pack.

The Advanced2 Hybrid backpack is a new form factor in the Advanced2 collection, created to maximize versatility, to cater the different needs of amateur photographers. It is designed to easily transform from backpack to shoulder bag to top handle carry bag. This model has a removable camera protection unit, and dedicated pockets to organize personal gear. The Advanced2 Messenger organizes and protects gear and offers a handy quick access feature, and a chest stabilizer strap for easy carrying comfort.

If you’re looking for smaller bags, check out the Advanced2 Shoulder Bags in 4 sizes and 3 Holster bags to cater to a wide array of personal needs.

All models in the Advanced2 collection are made of high-quality materials which are durable and lightweight. The detailing and aesthetic impact perfectly embody Manfrotto carrying solutions’ urban style. All models are available at select authorized Manfrotto Dealers.

B&H carries the Manfrotto Advanced2 series of bags.

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 Thursday, September 12, 2019

From Manfrotto:

Boundless creative freedom for travel-ready professionals and macro photographers on-the-go

  • The Befree GT XPRO is the first Manfrotto travel tripod with built-in 90° column for enhanced creative versatility
  • Completes the Befree range of high-performance travel tripods
  • Lightweight, sturdy aluminum and carbon fiber versions in an impressive compact size

Upper Saddle River, NJ – September 10, 2019 - Manfrotto, world leader in the photography, imaging equipment and accessories industry, introduces the Befree GT XPRO Travel Tripod Kit. Dedicated to professional travel photographers who are always ready to set off on challenging creative adventures, this new addition to the Befree family enables photographers to unleash their creativity. By combining the sturdiness and reliability of the Befree GT series with the versatility of Manfrotto's celebrated 90° column, this compact professional tripod is unique to the market. The new Befree GT XPRO is a premium travel tripod kit, 100% engineered, designed and manufactured in Italy. This groundbreaking support solution, with its premium quality materials, precision machining and meticulous design, completes the Manfrotto Befree range, further solidifying its position as the premier reference for travel photography support solutions. The Befree GT XPRO comes in the same folded compact size as the successful Befree GT family, measuring only 16.9 inches. It is the first Manfrotto travel tripod developed for on-the-go photographers who shoot macro or low-angle shots and need more versatility. The new Befree GT XPRO travel tripod comes in both aluminum and carbon fiber versions and features intuitive and ergonomic design. This is the first travel tripod to feature both Manfrotto’s innovative 180° foldable legs and its iconic built-in 90° column mechanism, housed in the tripod’s top casting. The 90° column is stored out of the photographer’s way until it is time to create epic visuals with a challenging overhead macro shot or a low-to-the-ground capture. Photographers can keep their new Befree GT XPRO safe and travel-ready in the supplied Befree bag.

When it’s time to capture the decisive moment, setting up the Befree GT XPRO is a breeze. Simply twist the legs to securely set it up with the intuitive M-lock system and choose one of the three independent tripod’s ergonomic side-pull selectors. This lightweight tripod provides impeccable performance and impressive stability to assist photographers in capturing their best shots in a solution weighing only 3.88 pounds in carbon fiber or 4.41 pounds in aluminum. The Befree GT XPRO features the Manfrotto 496 Center Ball Head with independent panoramic and friction knobs for smooth movement and remarkable locking power to support an impressive 22.05 pounds of photography gear, including DSLRs or CSCs with zoom lenses. The included 200PL-PRO rubberized plate increases camera grip and makes it fully compatible with Manfrotto's RC2 and Arca-type head attachments. In addition to the new Befree GT XPRO, Manfrotto introduces the Top Lock Traveler Quick Release Adaptor. The new Top Lock Traveler Quick Release Adaptor is the first Arca-Swiss adaptor on the market that is fully compatible with the Befree tripod kit range as well as Manfrotto's 494, 496, and 498 ball heads. Specifically, the MSQ6T is compatible with the MH490-BH, MH494-BHUS, MH496-BHUS, 494RC2 and 498RC2 ball head. Adaptor is compatible with all Arca-type camera plates and L-brackets as well as Manfrotto's 200PL-PRO.

The new Befree GT XPRO Travel Tripod Kit and Top Lock Traveler Quick Release Adaptor are the natural choice for professionals with wanderlust whose creativity knows no bounds.

B&H carries the Manfrotto Befree GT XPRO Travel Tripod.

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Post Date: 9/12/2019 5:24:20 AM CT   Posted By: Sean

Yesterday, Profoto released a short teaser video for its newest product which features the bold statement, "Soon, the world of photography will change forever..."

As September 18 rolls around, we'll see if their lofty statement holds any merit.

Post Date: 9/12/2019 5:17:24 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Wednesday, September 11, 2019

With a forward head tilt and relaxed ears, this bedded whitetail buck looks cute and cuddly, presenting an image perhaps ready for a child's storybook. But, make no mistake, this is a huge ball of muscle ready to violently fight anything it thinks poses a threat to its interests (that right-side G4 tine required significant force to break off). This buck knows exactly what the doe bedded nearby behind it is doing and if another buck moves in or the doe moves away, this big bad boy will be up in a flash.

Very positive was that this bedded buck provided a wide range of poses for us, including head rested solidly on the ground, a large yawn, and ears perked in attention.

I'm not often a fan of a downward camera angle when photographing wildlife and in this case, getting down to the buck's eye level using a fully-retracted monopod made complete sense. This low/level angle provides a more distant background that can be strongly blurred with a 600mm f/4 lens, allowing the subject to clearly stand out against an even very distracting background. With the subject being stationary, the distance and alignment could be selected and varied. In this case, the leaves on the ground provide a solid base for the image. The large tree trunk on the left and the small tree trunk on the right provide a frame for the subject.

Wildlife photography is a great source of stories and this situation brought back a memory from the year before. I was in Shenandoah National Park photographing a different bedded buck from a reasonable distance when it suddenly bolted straight toward me. I jumped behind a tree just as it went past a short distance away. Fortunately, it was not racing after me but instead after a doe. I just happened to be in its path.

The shot of adrenaline took a little time to wear off, but the memory is a fun one.

Want to photograph these awesome animals and create some stories this fall? Sign up for the "Whitetail Buck in Rut and Much More", Shenandoah National Park instructional photo tour.

Sun, November 10 to Wed, November 13, 2019 and/or Wed, November 13 - Sat, November 16, 2019

Contact me to sign up!

A larger version of this image is available on Flickr.

Post Date: 9/11/2019 9:06:42 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan

From the Phlearn YouTube Channel:

Today we show you how to use the powerful features of a Wacom Tablet for a beautiful and subtle dodge and burn effect! Learn the benefits of using a pressure-sensitive tablet, how to create a custom brush to take advantage of those benefits, and how to use that custom brush to softly enhance the highlights and shadows in an image. Best of all, you can download our Wacom Tablet custom brush for free! NOTE: This is not an ad! We've been Wacom Tablet users for years and they're a big part of our editing workflow here at PHLEARN. We genuinely feel that they can help take your Photoshop skills to the next level (and you can still create beautiful, professional images with a mouse.)

Download Sample Image & Custom Brush

Post Date: 9/11/2019 5:38:15 AM CT   Posted By: Sean

From Sigma:

2019.09.11 - SIGMA Corporation (CEO: Kazuto Yamaki) is pleased to announce the launch of a new Art Prime PL mount lens that supports Cooke Optics’ /i Technology communication protocol in a latest addition to the SIGMA CINE LENS family for filmmaking in the FF High Speed Prime Line.

Optimized for large-format camera systems and 8K shooting, the FF High Speed Prime Line lenses deliver stunning image quality in compact construction. A new addition to this prime lens lineup comes with electronic contacts that supports Cooke’s /i Technology communication protocol for Art Prime PL mount lenses.

By using an /i Technology-compatible cine lens with a cine camera that supports the same protocol, users can see and record lens metadata such as focus distance, focal length, and aperture. This helps streamline compositing in the post production process. This is particularly suitable for the latest forms of filmmaking, such as VFX, that call for detailed shooting data.

Prototypes of this /i Technology-compatible FF High Speed Prime lens were used for shooting “Top Gun: Maverick”, scheduled to be released in 2020, showing that the new lens is already in commercial applications.

For SIGMA customers who has already purchased a SIGMA PL mount lens, a new service to turn their lenses /i Technology-compatible is under consideration.

A production version of this new product will be on display at IBC 2019, scheduled to take place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from September 13 to 17, 2019.

Launch: From the end of 2019
Price: TBD
* /i is a registered trademark of Cooke Optics Limited used with permission.

Common specifications

  • PL mount (Cooke /i Technology compatible)
  • Image circle diameter: FF 43.3mm
  • Illumination circle diameter: over 46.3mm
  • Focus ring: Marked in feet / meters
  • Number of diaphragm blades: 9 (circular aperture)
  • Luminous option for focus ring / iris ring markings

Posted to: Sony News   Categories: Sigma News, Sigma Announcements
Post Date: 9/11/2019 5:13:14 AM CT   Posted By: Sean

Not long ago, the headline above would have seemed ideal for use on April 1st. Today, however, it's real news. [Sean]

From Sigma:

2019.09.11 - The SIGMA Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of “FF Classic Prime Line” as a new series in the SIGMA CINE LENS.

FF High Speed Prime Line has been offering the highest resolving power in its class, that is compatible with 8K shooting with large format sensors, while achieving outstanding compact design. Based on this product line, the FF Classic Prime Line incorporates more non-coated optical elements to achieve unrivaled expression. It retains the high resolution capability that SIGMA CINE LENS is well known for, and offers a unique combination of low contrast and artistic flare/ghost in the image. As with all other lenses from the FF High Speed Prime Line, it creates beautiful bokeh effects to improve creativity.

FF Classic Prime Line has implemented newly developed coatings on the glass elements and offers consistent T value across the lineup (14mm and 135mm at T3.2 and the rest of the lenses at T2.5). This will greatly contribute to the effective workflow in postproduction. Furthermore, it is compatible with the communication protocol of Cooke “/i Technology”, thus an ideal tool for shooting and editing with the latest technology, such as VFX. A special coating is implemented on the front and rear elements so that the lens durability is ensured as with all other cine lenses from SIGMA.

“Classic Art Prime” is a new solution from SIGMA that is required for the most advanced technology for classical expression. The “look” that FF Classic Prime Line can offer will enable cinematographers to explore new possibilities in movie creation.

From September 13th to 17th, SIGMA is going to display this new product at the IBC 2019 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Post Date: 9/11/2019 5:01:22 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Tuesday, September 10, 2019

I'll not likely ever repeat a shot similar to this one captured on a fall evening in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Photographing multiple animals (vs. a single animal) significantly increases the compositional challenge and especially with a 600mm lens in use, having all of the animals in the plane of sharp focus, especially at f/4, is a big challenge. At this moment, these three subjects aligned themselves nicely for me at this moment. The number 3 is meaningful to this discussion in that an odd (vs. even) number of animals often works best compositionally (note that it also works well in landscape photography and in landscaping).

When multiple animals are in the frame, interaction between those animals usually increases the image's appeal. If you look carefully at this photo, you will see a quite humorous interaction occurring. The bull is licking the cow who is showing us her shocked face. The cow's yearling is looking intently at the behavior, seemingly very interested in what is happening. The yearling facing the opposite direction somewhat completes a circle (while a portion of the circle of life plays out). Icing on the cake is that the head shadows of the cow and yearling are showing facing each other on the side of the bull.

There are two openings remaining for the September elk in rut photo tour, one for each week. The time is rapidly running out, but it's not too late for you to join a small group of passionate wildlife photographers pursuing these awesome animals and the beauty of RMNP. Photographers at all skill levels are invited to join!

"Bull Elk in Rut and Much More", Rocky Mountain National Park

  • 1 Opening: Sun, September 15 to Sat, September 21, 2019
  • 1 Opening: Sun, September 22 to Sat, September 28, 2019
  • Sign Up for September 2020
Contact me to sign up!

Photographers at all skill levels are also invited to join me for these tours:

Fall Landscape in Acadia National Park Instructional Photography Tour

Tue, Oct 15 through Sun, Oct 20, 2019

"Whitetail Buck in Rut and Much More", Shenandoah National Park

Sun, November 10 to Wed, November 13, 2019 and/or Wed, November 13 - Sat, November 16, 2019

Contact me to sign up!

A larger version of this image is available on Flickr.

Post Date: 9/10/2019 8:00:00 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
 Monday, September 9, 2019

If you photograph outdoors, there are few better places to be in the fall than Acadia National Park. Consider joining a small group of enthusiastic photographers in this bucket-list-grade location from Tue, Oct 15 through Sun, Oct 20, 2019. Sign up ASAP – only two spots remain open.

Here are the details: Fall Landscape in Acadia National Park Instructional Photography Tour

Contact me now to sign up!

Posted to: Canon News, Nikon News, Sony News   
Post Date: 9/9/2019 12:06:55 PM CT   Posted By: Bryan

Just posted: Tamron 17-35mm f/2.8-4 Di OSD Lens Review.

This is a compact, lightweight ultra-wide-angle lens with image quality the exceeds its price.

The Tamron 17-35mm f/2.8-4 Di OSD Lens is in stock at B&H | Adorama | Amazon USA | WEX

Rent the Tamron 17-35mm f/2.8-4 Di OSD Lens from Lensrentals.

Post Date: 9/9/2019 7:32:32 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
 Saturday, September 7, 2019

Think Tank Photo is having a StreetWalker Backpack Sale. Save 15% through Sept. 30th, 2019 (or while supplies last).

I have a couple of these backpacks and use them frequently. They are often the right choice for the job.

Don't forget that you'll get a free gift and free shipping when using our links for your purchase ($50.00 minimum purchase required).

Post Date: 9/7/2019 10:10:27 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
 Friday, September 6, 2019

From the Adorama YouTube Channel:

Learn a fast and easy way to create interesting art with just some incense and a camera. In this episode, Mark Wallace walks through all the steps for creating smoke photos. Once you know the basics you can expand your editing and create something that is truly yours.

Amazon carries incense sticks.

Post Date: 9/6/2019 7:04:03 AM CT   Posted By: Sean

From Tamron:

SP 15-30mm F/2.8 Di VC USD for Canon

  • New firmware version makes the model compatible with Canon "EOS R/RP" and Canon "Mount Adapter EF-EOS R" for general operations

For details about the service, please contact your nearest Tamron dealer.

SP 85mm F/1.8 Di VC USD, 70-210mm F/4 Di VC USD, 100-400mm F/4.5-6.3 Di VC USD for Nikon

  • Enables general operations on Nikon Z7/Z6 with FTZ by the firmware updating. [NOTE] Nikon FTZ mount adapter is required to attach the lens to Nikon Z7/Z6.

A separately sold TAP-in Console is needed for the update.

Post Date: 9/6/2019 6:15:04 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Tuesday, September 3, 2019

MTF charts for the following lenses have been added to the MTF comparison tool:

Sony FE 24mm f/1.4 GM Lens

Sony FE 35mm f/1.8 Lens

Tamron 35mm f/1.4 Di USD Lens

There are some very nice looking charts here.

Post Date: 9/3/2019 8:08:13 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
 Monday, September 2, 2019

Where there is smoke, there may be drifting! Kinetic friction expert Ryan Litteral leaves a plume of smoke behind his high-powered Formula Drift car while painting new lines on the street.

When shooting a fast-moving subject at a relatively long shutter speed (for panning blur), the sharp image rate is typically low. Increasing the number of keepers is the Canon EOS 90D's fast 10 fps continuous shooting speed, a highly-welcomed upgrade from the 80D.

In this example, I was evaluating the 90D AF system's ability to select the desired focus point using Auto AF point selection (all 45 AF points active) and ability to select the correct focus distance with a fast-moving subject. The results were very good with the AF point switching nicely while I attempted to track the car in the viewfinder.

A larger version of this image is available on Flickr.

Camera and Lens Settings
120mm  f/11.0  1/80s
ISO 100
5391 x 3594px
Post Date: 9/2/2019 9:05:38 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
 Saturday, August 31, 2019

Can the Canon EOS M6 Mark II with the optional EVF-DC2 electronic viewfinder be used to capture fast action moving from side-to-side? While the EVF has a slight display freeze when each image is captured, I was able to keep up with the drift cars while using this one.

Highly advantageous for capturing sports action is this camera's 14 fps continuous shooting rate and the latest version of Canon's Dual Pixel CMOS AF is also very high-performing, up to this task.

How does this little camera handle larger lenses such as the Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS III USM Lens used for this image? Canon's latest tiny M-series cameras are surprisingly easy to use with larger lenses such as this one and the Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM Lens I was using to photograph action on the track. As when using DSLR cameras, the left hand controls the lens and the right grips the camera. There is not as much grip real estate on the M models, but the design provided is adequate for this use.

A larger version of this image is available on Flickr.

Camera and Lens Settings
90mm  f/10.0  1/50s
ISO 100
6732 x 4488px
Post Date: 8/31/2019 10:48:36 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan

The rear tires on a Formula DRIFT (Formula D) car do not last very long and when there are only a few fast-moving cars participating in the action, short photo opportunities followed by long breaks become the schedule. The safe method of photographing this and similar subjects is to use a fast shutter speed, freezing the action for a sharp image. However, frozen action does not (usually) ideally convey motorsports action. Thus, I opted for shutter speeds long enough to result in a low success rate.

While I promptly deleted a lot of my images, I only needed a few images from this event and I wanted them to have a very strong panning blur. That plan worked.

Using a circular polarizer filter often brings substantial improvements to photos taken mid-day and a Breakthrough X4 CPL was used for this capture. To get a longer shutter speed under bright sunlight without going to an extremely narrow aperture (diffraction being the issue), a 2-stop neutral density filter was stacked behind the CPL to block additional light. Because the gear being introduced and evaluated at this event was unknown prior to arrival, I chose to take a set of large-sized filters along with a stack of step-up filter adapter rings to provide versatility and one was used for this image.

This is Dustin Miles turning right to go left and leaving tire on the track. The Canon EOS 90D with its fast 10-fps continuous shooting rate is a great choice for capturing fast action.

A larger version of this image is available on Flickr.

Post Date: 8/31/2019 9:53:49 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
 Friday, August 30, 2019

A Lamborghini Huracan AND a Kelly Moss Porsche 911 in the same garage? Those two cars are worth about as much as all of the camera lenses below the Conowingo Dam on a fall weekend. Yes, this is a dream garage and yes, there was drooling. With a 2.5-mile Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta just outside, my only question was "Where are the keys?!"

On this big day of test shooting, the Canon EOS 90D performed superbly, as its heritage leads us to expect. This is a superb general-purpose camera choice and while this particular scene did not challenge it, the subjects outside on the Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta track provided a greater challenge, one which the 90D also met.

A larger version of this image is available on Flickr.

Camera and Lens Settings
24mm  f/5.6  1/80s
ISO 800
6960 x 4640px
Post Date: 8/30/2019 12:24:50 PM CT   Posted By: Bryan

The background typically consumes a large portion of the image and what it looks like matters. When the background is a bright red Lamborghini Huracan, the background begins to vie with the subject for attention, at least for us car guys and gals.

In this scenario, I gave the M6 II's AF system full control, selecting servo AF mode with face and eye detection. With the camera very impressively handling the task of following the model's face and eyes, I could concentrate fully on composition and that was especially helpful when shooting in awkwardly low positions such as this one.

A larger version of this image is available on Flickr.

Camera and Lens Settings
24mm  f/4.0  1/125s
ISO 800
4539 x 6808px
Post Date: 8/30/2019 10:47:43 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan

From the Adorama YouTube Channel:

In this video Gavin will show how to combine low-cost LED bulbs and flash in a small home studio.

Normally when Gavin is shooting in his small home studio the lighting he uses is some kind of flash, it's really versatile and bright, but today he's actually going to do a shoot where he balance's flash and LED and combines different lighting types.

Post Date: 8/30/2019 6:15:00 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Thursday, August 29, 2019

From Rokinon

New AF 18mm F2.8 Full Frame Compact Lens for Sony E

Surprisingly Small but Super-Wide

(New York, New York) August 29, 2019 – ROKINON has announced its new AF 18mm F2.8 Full Frame Lens for Sony E mount that is optimized for portability, compactness, and ergonomic handling. It is ROKINON's fourth compact lens designed specially for Sony mirrorless cameras that is surprisingly capable for its size. At 5.12 oz in weight and 1.99" in length, it is the most compact, lightweight, and affordable super-wide angle full frame lens for Sony E mount.

The 18mm focal length provides a rectilinear 100.1° super wide angle view that is especially suitable for landscape, interior, architectural, and night sky applications. For Sony APS-C sensor cameras, the focal length is equivalent to 27mm with a 76.2° field of view.

Optically, the lens is made up of nine Ultra Multicoated elements in eight groups. Eight specialized lens elements (3 Aspherical, 2 High Refractive Index, and 3 Extra-low Dispersion elements) combine to minimize distortion and ensure high image sharpness, clarity, and contrast.

The internal focusing design of the ROKINON AF 18mm utilizes a STM (Stepless Motor) for quiet, smooth and precise autofocusing to 9.8". This also prevents both changes in length and front element rotation to enable easy use of 58mm polarizing and other filters that require precise positioning. This compact wide-angle optic is designed with a metal mount and glass strengthened composite material to reduce weight while increasing durability.

The ROKINON AF 18mm F2.8 Full Frame Compact Lens for Sony E is expected to be available in early October with a MSRP of $499.00. It will include a removable petal-shaped hood, lens caps, and a custom fitted case.

Order your Rokinon AF 18mm F2.8 Lens from B&H.

Posted to: Canon News, Nikon News, Sony News   Category: Rokinon News
Post Date: 8/29/2019 11:19:28 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
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