Canon and Sony Camera and Lens Comparisons

Camera and Lens Image Quality and Resolution
More Camera & Lens Info

As you probably discovered already, full reviews are available for most of the above-tested cameras and lenses. Be sure to read these prior to making your purchase/rental decision. Many will find the recommendations useful as well.

About the DSLR and Mirrorless Camera and Lens Tests

Testing a camera or lens requires precision setup and execution. Otherwise, the results are deceptive. Most photographers would rather shoot subjects other than test charts, especially with the complexity involved, but ... we want to see how well particular cameras and lenses perform. And more importantly, we find value in how the presentation of these results aids your photography gear decisions – and ultimately, your imagery. We shoot the charts so that you don't have to.

Lens Comparison Tools

Shooting over concrete, guided by lasers and using high-end camera stands, precision test charts, custom-fabricated test target holders and full-spectrum lighting, we capture repeatably-accurate test results to present to you here. With over 43,000 files cataloged in our lens test database, you can spend many days making various lens comparisons. Or, within a few minutes, determine which lens is best for your next shoot. Our Image Quality Comparison Tool featuring 100% crops of an enhanced ISO 12233 chart has proven invaluable to a huge number of photographers – don't miss this one. Want to see what a lens looks like? Extended? With hood? Want to compare it to the same view of another lens? There is a tool for that. The Lens Specifications and Measurements tool is designed to be your go-to reference for answers to lens spec-related questions and also includes direct comparison capabilities.

Camera Comparison Tools

The Camera Specifications Tool allows you to compare (side-by-side) well over 100 features and specifications from DSLR and mirrorless cameras introduced over the past few years. Like the current lens spec tool, this tool is designed to be your go-to reference for answers to spec-related questions. Want to see how one Canon camera visually compares to another? The view comparisons let you select which camera to show, allowing you to see the physical differences between the models.

Flash Comparison Tools

The Flash Specifications Tool is great for comparing the important aspects of accessory flashes. Use this tool to determine which flashes have the features you want/need. Use this tool to determine which flashes communicate with each other for off-camera lighting. Use this tool to share flash comparisons with others.

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