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As represented above, Canon offers a huge range of prime (fixed focal length) lenses. Options range from ultra-wide angle through super telephoto and from tilt-shift through macro. There is a lens for practically every need included here. There is something for the tiniest subjects through the largest. From the closest to the most-distant.

These Canon lenses, in general, offer wide apertures and excellent optics that deliver very impressive image quality. Image quality that will set your results apart from the competition. The best of these lenses are incredibly drool-inspiring.

Lacking in a prime lens vs. a zoom lens is, of course, a range of focal lengths contained in one lens. A lens change is needed for capturing a new perspective or a different subject framing.

The EF, TS-E and MP-E prime lenses are compatible with all Canon EOS DSLR camera models. The EF-S prime lenses are compatible only with APS-C/1.6x sensor format Canon EOS DSLRs including the Rebel/***D and the **D models and, via an adapter, the EOS M models.

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