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What is the foundation of your life ?

Is it your family? Your friends? Your job? Is it your interest in photography, golf, football, racing, the Internet, shopping, movies, music, ... ? Is it your material possessions such as your investments, your house, your car, ... ? While some of these are quite important, all of these including your life could be taken from you — instantly. Then what remains?!

Only a personal relationship with Jesus Christ will have eternal value. Without this relationship, there is a void in your life. You will continually seek but never find fulfillment in things with only earthly value. The earthly result of a personal relationship with Christ will be an indescribable joy and peace — a rock solid, void filling basis for life. The eternal result of choosing Christ is awesome beyond human understanding.

Opting out of this relationship will have dreadful consequences. Think of the worst experience any human has ever had. I can't begin to relate to many of them. The best day in Hell will be a far, far worse experience than the one you were recalling. We don't like to talk about this place, but unfortunately for many, Hell is a very real place. And this is our eternal destination without Christ.

Looking at it another way... Compare the width of an atom with the distance to the sun — a tremendous difference. This difference is miniscule compared to the difference between our earthly lifetime and eternity. We are going to spend eternity in Heaven or Hell. And we have a choice. Heaven is as spectacularly awesome as Hell is spectacularly awful. The only way to get to heaven is through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. You can have this assurance, this hope. And it doesn't cost money. In fact, you can not even earn it.

You now have a decision to make. No decision is a "NO" decision. Choose "YES". Gain an indescribable joy and peace, experience an incredible love, fill that unsatisfied void in your life, spend eternity in Heaven. Why would anyone not choose this!?

Choose YES!

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