Canon Mirrorless Camera Reviews

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Canon was not the first company to produce a full-frame mirrorless interchangeable lens camera (MILC), but when they entered this market, they delivered big. These small, full-featured cameras perform impressively, including from image quality and AF performance standpoints.
Especially advantaging the Canon EOS R series cameras is the RF lens mount that enabled improved lens designs. The RF lenses are incredible performers, always surpassing any Canon counterpart lenses with smaller size, increased features, or improved image quality. Or, up to all of those improvements.
Future-oriented photographers are wise to invest in full-frame Canon R series camera bodies. Fortunately, the R-series cameras have proven to be excellent values.
Canon has been in the APS-C (1.6x) mirrorless interchangeable lens camera format for a long time, and the Canon EOS M series has matured into a very impressive lineup. The latter has led to market-share-leading sales for EOS M cameras.
When you want to conveniently take your camera everywhere you, especially when traveling or for your daily commute, without sacrificing image quality, a Canon EOS M model likely has your name on it.

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