Canon Mirrorless Camera Reviews

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Shown above is the complete list of current Canon EOS R-series mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras (MILC), all with in-depth hands-on reviews available. This list that includes some of the best performing cameras ever designed and my favorite cameras, the models anchoring my kit. The compact, full-featured R-series cameras are impressive performers, including from image quality and AF performance standpoints.
The list is presented in descending performance sequence, with the highest performing camera at the top and the least expensive models lower on the list.
"EOS" designates Canon's interchangeable lens camera brand and "R" designates the series, especially advantaged by the RF lens mount that enabled highly improved, incredible performing, next generation lens designs. These lenses always surpass any Canon DSLR counterpart lenses with smaller size, increased features, or improved image quality, and sometimes all of those improvements.
The number following the "R" also conveys meaning, leading to the order of the list. While certain camera features do not always fall in line with the model number sequencing, a lower number indicates a higher performance model.
There are a lot of cameras on this list, and reading all the detailed reviews would be time consuming. This site is all about helping you make the optimal purchase decisions, and optimizing your time is also our concern. The Canon camera recommendations page can assist your selection, and invite you to email us for a custom camera recommendation.

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