The Best Canon Lenses for 2020

Recommended Canon Lenses

The fastest and easiest way to improve your camera's image quality is to put a better lens in front of it.
With so many models to choose from, selecting the right Canon lens is not always easy. The many dozens of lenses in the current Canon lens lineup each fill a specific niche. Unless you spend a significant amount of time reading the reviews, you need some quick direction in finding the right lens or lenses for your particular needs.
Having used all of Canon's current lenses along with a significant number of third-party offerings from manufacturers including Sigma, Tamron, Samyang, Tokina, and Zeiss, I am uniquely qualified to guide your lens selection.

Canon Lens Selection Intro
Let's begin the lens selection process with some foundational information. As already mentioned, lens quality is paramount, and it will likely be the minimum factor for your final image quality. Next, understand that getting the right focal length range is crucial for adequately capturing your subjects — from framing (size of the subject in the frame), perspective (distance from the subject), and background inclusion standpoints. Having a lens that allows enough light into the camera, the size of the lens's aperture opening will also make a big difference when you try to stop action or blur the background. Increasing the aperture opening usually increases the size, weight, and cost of the lens — all critical factors. The best often cost the most, and lenses for various budgets are included in the recommendations.
The Most Commonly Needed Lenses
With that groundwork, we move forward to the specific Canon Lens recommendations. Nearly everyone needs at least one general-purpose lens, making the first option below an excellent starting point. Then add at least one lens from the telephoto zoom and wide-angle lens categories to round out a basic Canon lens kit.
Common Special Purpose Lenses
Frequently, photographers have a specific type of subject in mind for their cameras and lenses. Following is a list of typical photographic pursuits with the recommended lenses for capturing them. Those most-budget-constrained must check out the best-value options listed in the best bargain recommendations.
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