Which Canon Lens? Selection Introduction

Pictures are precious to our society. Capturing great images is exciting, sharing the results is super fun, and the results of the effort can last a lifetime.

Your kids and grandkids grow up fast. They will not likely be playing their sport at the same level for long. The look of family vacations is going to change, and the time you spend together as a family will also change. You will never be able to spend enough time with your kids and grandkids.

Photos of family life are invaluable. They will bring you joy for the rest of your life. Photograph the family with quality gear to preserve the memories.

Photos of the family are just the beginning of photo pursuits. Photographing together increases the family bond. Time spent with friends is time well used and worth remembering. Trips are costly, require significant effort to plan and go on, and the destinations deserve great quality photos that enable the trips to be re-experienced.

Are you into wildlife, landscape photography, or both? Are sports your thing? Air shows? Macros? Quality gear will reward your efforts in photographing these subjects.

Do you shoot professionally? The results you deliver from your professional shoot directly reflect on your value and will likely determine how much future work you will receive from that client and the ten other potential clients he/she tells about your work.

One of the essential first steps in getting great pictures is acquiring a Canon camera. All of the current Canon cameras deliver outstanding image quality – if they have the right lens mounted on them.

The light reaching the camera's sensor must first pass through the lens, and the lens will usually be the limiting factor in the image quality you achieve. Thus, it makes sense to invest in the best quality lenses you can afford.

There are a large number of Canon lenses available with a vast amount of Canon lens combinations possible. You are not alone if camera lens selection seems overwhelming, and we are here to help with that selection process. Let's start with some questions to consider.

  • How much is the right lens worth to you?
  • How valuable are the memories you are going to preserve?
  • How much money are you going to make using the lens professionally?
  • What are you going to lose if your lens does not perform up to expectations?
  • How much did you pay for that trip?
  • How long do you expect the lens to last?
  • How hard are you going to use the lens?
  • What weather conditions will you encounter when using the lens?
  • Do you need a zoom or prime lens?
  • What focal length range do you need?
  • What maximum aperture do you need to stop camera shake, freeze the action, or blur the background?

The site's Canon Lens Recommendations page has suggestions for many specific use categories, but the General-Purpose Lens Recommendations is a good starting point. Then read the respective Reviews to make your decision.

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