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Bryan Carnathan

Bryan Carnathan's Portfolio Site See Bryan Carnathan's Images on Flickr Connect with Bryan Carnathan on Facebook Follow Bryan Carnathan on Instagram Connect with Bryan Carnathan on LinkedIn Email Bryan Carnathan had been online for over five years when I finally got around to writing this "About Me" page. It took so long because, well, the site is not "About Me" - it's about you. I've had a lifelong love for people and for helping them. I find a great deal of fulfillment in doing so through this site.

The About Me page is actually the result of PDN (Photo District News) convincing me to get it done, so here we go:

At the age of 15, I was working all of the odd jobs I could find to save enough money to buy my first SLR camera - a Pentax ME Super SE with a Pentax 50mm kit lens (that should help you age me).

At that time, I was shooting a roll of film a week (a burden for my tiny budget) - the start of my photography pursuits. At some point soon after the SLR purchase, a Sigma telephoto zoom lens became part of my kit and brought the world of wildlife photography into reach. Following are some of these early wildlife photos.

Bryan Carnathan's Early Wildlife Photos

The ultimate career to me at this young age would have been as a wildlife photographer, but my financial needs directed me toward another passion (I have many) - technology. Since graduating from college with a BS in CS (Computer Science), I have worked in various disciplines, but primarily information services consulting and directing in the business world. Creating information systems that make lives and companies better is fulfilling, challenging, ever-changing and therefore, fun.

During much of this time, I was not pursuing my childhood photography passion. Digital cameras delivering reasonable image quality at reasonably affordable prices changed everything. Digital imaging married my interests in computers and technology with my idled love for photography. I saw the light and jumped back into the photography world in a big way with commercial photography added to the mix of business services I was providing. was originally created to sell stock photos online. However, people were more interested in the equipment I was using to take the pictures. At this same time, I was active in some online forums and I spent a lot of time answering gear-related questions for people. Thus, I changed the direction of the site to one based on equipment selection with teaching intermixed. The present site is a blend of my love for people - and for helping them, my love for technology including the Internet and a since-childhood passion for photography.

My technology and photography backgrounds, combined with over 10 years experience in critically analyzing cameras, lenses and other photography-related accessories uniquely qualify me to provide you with gear purchase advice. I am not sponsored by any manufacturers, allowing me to provide unbiased recommendations. Having or having used the best gear available allows me to create accurate reviews without losing sight of practicality.

Much of my current photography is in support of this site, though I take on some for-hire photography projects as time allows. Please visit my social site pages linked to above to see more of my photography in higher resolution.

You may also find my in-depth PetaPixel interview informative.

Bryan Carnathan Barefoot Waterskiing

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