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Here at, we are constantly evaluating new gear. In addition, we go to great effort to stay on top of the latest industry news. And with our "Making Your Images Amazing" goal, we do not hold back with photography tips and advice. We make all of this information available to you in a very timely manner.'s news feed is used by some of the biggest photography websites around. Following this site allows us to keep you up to date with little effort on you part.

Make checking our news page or feed part of your daily routine. Visiting the news page directly insures that you are seeing the absolute latest information available. This is the best option for following this site.

The site's RSS feed is another great option with automation potential via various software applications. This feed is updated from the same database that drives the new page with the timeliness of this information reaching you determined by your feed reader/application. Bryan's current news feed reader choice is Feedly.

The site's news feed is also routed to Facebook and Twitter. While we highly encourage you to follow the site from your favorite social network, the information you see may or may not be complete. Facebook, the be blunt, is terrible in this regard.'s email newsletter is sent on a varied schedule, but on average, an email goes out once per month. This email is meant for those not needing every bit of information for publish, but would still like to be kept up to date on the bigger news.

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