Canon DSLR Camera Reviews

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Shown here is the list of current Canon EOS DSLR cameras.

The EOS DSLR lineup has been full of superb models, and they were my personal choice for over 15 years. However, the list of available models is dwindling, and you are looking at the end of the line.

Canon has not introduced a new DSLR camera (or lens) in years, and I expect no future models to be developed. In addition, many of the EF lenses have been discontinued.

I migrated to the higher-performing Canon EOS R-series mirrorless cameras. Especially with Canon's clear direction toward mirrorless interchangeable models, I strongly advise you to make the same transition.

Still, there are limited reasons to select a DSLR today. Primarily, the reasons are lower prices and a need to match an existing kit. Regarding the last reason, note that EOS DSLR lenses are easily adaptable to the R-series mirrorless cameras, where they perform even better, especially with improved AF precision, than on a DSLR.

EOS DSLRs are quality-built cameras that deliver outstanding image quality, are very easy to use (including easy-to-use menu systems) and can be relied upon to bring home the prized picture. The huge range of compatible lenses, flashes, and other accessories makes Canon a top choice of photographers ranging from mothers and fathers (and kids) up to the highest-paid professionals in the business.

Canon's support system (in the US at least) is second to none. If you have a serious repair need or simply need help using your camera, Canon is there for you.

There is not a bad camera model in the current lineup and frequently, multiple models will do the job well for you. Read the reviews to determine where your needs fall. I'm partial to Canon's full-frame models for the impressive image quality they deliver.

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