The Best Canon Mirrorless Camera Wildlife Lens for 2021

Wildlife Sample Picture

What is the ultimate Canon mirrorless camera wildlife lens?

  1. Canon RF 100-500mm F4.5-7.1 L IS USM Lens
  2. Adapt one of the Best Canon DSLR Wildlife Lenses

Do you own a Canon DSLR camera? Our Best Canon Wildlife Lens recommendations page has your recommendations.

The RF wildlife lens list is still rather short, but the options that can be adapted are excellent.

About Canon Wildlife Lenses

Wildlife comes in all shapes and sizes. Wildlife has a wide range of tolerance for human presence, and wildlife photographers have a wide range of get-close skills, patience, time, and motivation. Adding complication is wildlife images can be framed in a variety of ways ranging from tight headshots to wide environmental portraits. All this results in a wide range of focal lengths being useful for the pursuit of wildlife photography.

A kit of lenses in various focal lengths is the ideal option for wildlife photographers. Wildlife photographers opting for a one-lens kit usually need as much focal length as they can carry or afford because it is generally easier to get farther away from wildlife than it is to get closer. The farther away you can photograph your subject from, the more likely you will have time to get multiple natural shots of your wild subject before it departs. Longer focal lengths also make it easier to create a strong background blur that makes your subject stand out from the often distracting background. I don't recall ever a bird photographer or anyone photographing potentially dangerous game ever complain about having too much focal length, but be mindful that heat shimmer/haze/waves can be negatively impact long distance image quality. Sometimes getting closer is the better option.

The following examples were captured with a full-frame camera.

Telephoto Focal Length Range Example

Wildlife is most often active early and late in the day when light levels are at their lowest. Especially in low light conditions, it is great to have a wide aperture enabling motion-stopping shutter speeds at lower, less noisy ISO settings. Wildlife in fast motion (birds in flight, deer leaping, etc.) can make the best images, and the wide aperture can be useful in that regard even under direct sunlight. The wide aperture also increases the lens's background blur capability.

If your subject is not moving or is moving slowly, image stabilization can be a huge asset for low light wildlife photography. A tripod, monopod, or other support can alternatively or additionally be used.

Wildlife does not mind rain or snow, but some lenses (and cameras) do. A weather-sealed camera and lens kit rules for wildlife photography, and it is still a good practice to cover even sealed gear with a LensCoat camera rain cover or similar.

The best wildlife lenses are among the most expensive lens options available, and the ultimate wildlife lenses will differentiate your work, delivering professional-grade image quality and appearance.

The Best Canon Mirrorless Camera Wildlife Lenses

Canon RF 100-500mm F4.5-7.1 L IS USM Lens Buy  ► Rent  ►

1. Canon RF 100-500mm F4.5-7.1 L IS USM Lens

Ideal Focal Length Range for Landscape, Wildlife, and Sports Photography, High-Performing Lens with Pro-Grade Build and Image Quality, Image Stabilization

If I'm photographing wildlife or landscape, with few exceptions, the Canon RF 100-500mm F4.5-7.1 L IS USM Lens is either mounted or in my pack. This lens produces outstanding image quality at every setting. The combination of long focal lengths, long range of focal lengths, relatively compact design, fast and accurate AF, weather-sealed professional build quality, and image stabilization make this lens the perfect companion for many pursuits.


2. Adapt a lens from the Best Canon DSLR Wildlife Lens List

Huge Selection, World Class Options


Many additional lenses can be used for wildlife photography, but this list includes my top picks. Visit the Canon Lens Recommendations page for other recommendations.

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