Canon, Nikon, and Sony News for Jun 2011

 Thursday, June 30, 2011
Delkin press release:
Fastest 64GB Secure Digital UHS-I Card in the World Records up to 8 Hours of Streaming HD & 3D Video
Poway, CA. June 27th, 2011- Today Delkin Devices began shipping the fastest SDXC UHS-I memory card in the world. The new 64GB 633X rated card is designed for streaming HD and 3D video applications where speed and capacity are imperative and is the fourth capacity to be added to their recently introduced family of UHS-I memory cards.
"As camcorders are moving towards flash memory storage and away from tape, we're simultaneously seeing a strong trend in videographers utilizing HD video capabilities in DSLRs," explains Marketing Manager, Anna Lopez. "Standard SD memory cards are more than fast enough for typical applications but not nearly fast enough to keep up with the large amount of data that HD video requires, particularly when shooting a feature film or longer movie clip. Our new 64GB Elite633 card is able to record at speeds up to 45 megabytes per second and read at speeds up to 95 megabytes per second which eliminates any pause to the recording process that users experience with slower cards."
Elite633 SDHC and SDXC cards feature transfer speeds tripling previous Secure Digital Class 10 capabilities to accommodate the most sophisticated High Definition and 3D imaging enabled equipment on the market. Defined by the SD Association as enabling transfers up to 104 Megabytes per second, this Ultra High Speed Bus-Interface is quickly being integrated into applications like JPG & RAW burst-mode photography and real-time broadcast & streaming video.
Delkin's newest Elite633 card is capable of recording up to 8 hours of high definition video or capturing more than 17,000 photos in SDXC enabled cameras, camcorders and host devices. Because SDXC memory cards utilize an exFAT format they are not compatible with older non SDXC devices or operating systems. Advanced features like reliable Error Correction Code, Wear Leveling, and storage integrity in harsh conditions (like exposure to static, vibration, shock & UV light) remain. Like all Delkin memory cards, the company's US based technical support staff is available to offer free data recovery services and support for the lifetime of the product. Cards begin shipping direct from Delkin as of today to specialty photo and video retailers worldwide for a retail price of $539.99.
B&H carries Delkin memory cards.
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Post Date: 6/30/2011 10:42:45 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
Delkin press release:
What's on Your Sensor and How is it Affecting Your Images? Delkin's SensorScope System Boasts Upgrades and a Newly Issued Patent
Poway, CA. June 24th, 2011- Today Delkin announced new upgrades as well as a cleared patent (#7,805,070 B2) on their award winning SensorScope® DSLR Sensor Inspection Device and Cleaning System. The inspection tool, which has sold over 50,000 units since September of 2006, utilizes enhanced magnification and LED illumination to present a quick and clear view of a DSLR image sensor before every shoot.
"Particles of dust, lint and debris on a sensor show up as dark specs and lines in image and video capture," explains Marketing Manager, Anna Lopez. "These imperfections can be minor to extreme and can cost a photographer hours in post-production editing to remove. In the past a photographer would shoot a blue sky or white wall at F22, transfer the image to a computer and magnify it to find the areas of the sensor that needed to be cleaned; this process would be completed several times until a clean sensor was produced. The SensorScope enables quick and easy inspection with universal compatibility across DSLR brands and models, giving the photographer the ability to inspect and clean quickly and away from the studio."
Delkin's already comprehensive DSLR image cleaning system also received upgrades this month, with two new components added to the arsenal of cleaning tools that are designed to tackle various types of sensor debris. A recent partnership with respected manufacturer LensPen® resulted in a custom designed polishing and edging tool inspired by DSLR camera technicians. The SensorPen™ by LensPen® features a non-carbon triangular tip for cleaning the edges of the sensor and polishing the sensor surface, as well as a slide out soft DSLR body brush that safely removes dust and debris from the camera body.
"Lens Pen has a great reputation among photographers, videographers and camera technicians, and this final polishing and edging step really completes the sensor cleaning process," explains Marketing Manager, Anna Lopez. "Not only does it effectively remove small debris that can become lodged in hard to reach areas, the proprietary material on the tip of the pen reduces overall static on the sensor surface which helps to keep the sensor clean in the future."
A dual sided lint free cleaning cloth has also been added to the system, with a white microfiber side designed for sensitive exterior optics and a grey terry side for the removal of fingerprints and oils from the SensorScope and camera body.
The award winning system ships with the newly patented SensorScope inspection device, a dual speed SensorVac that removes loose and potentially abrasive particles, 24 double-sided SensorSafe Wands and a bottle of alcohol free SensorSolution that removes chemically adhered contaminants such as pollen, condensation and lubricant, a SensorPen, a SensorCloth, a battery pack to power the SensorVac in the field, and a user guide with step by step instructions for safe inspection and cleaning. Refill kits that include 15 SensorSafe Wands, a bottle of SensorSolution and a SensorPen can also be purchased, as well as the SensorScope Inspection Device a la carte. The upgraded SensorScope product family is now shipping to specialty photo and video retailers worldwide. SensorScope System is listed for USD$119.99, SensorScope Inspection Device for USD$79.99 and Refill Kits for USD$34.99.
B&H carries Delkin cleaning suppplies.
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Post Date: 6/30/2011 10:32:42 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
Here is the Phase One announcement:
Today we announce the availability of Camera Control - a new Capture Pilot option that lets photographers operate their cameras remotely via their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. This remote camera control frees photographers to shoot under scenarios that previously would have been difficult or impossible. Camera Control is the newest feature of Capture Pilot.
COPENHAGEN, June 30, 2011
Phase One, the world’s leader in open-platform based professional medium format camera systems and solutions, today announced the availability of Camera Control -- a new Capture Pilot option that lets photographers operate their cameras remotely via their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. This remote camera control frees photographers to shoot under scenarios that previously would have been difficult or impossible.
Camera Control is the newest feature of Capture PilotTM which allows photographers to use their iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch to wirelessly view, zoom and pan high resolution DSLR and medium format RAW, JPEG and TIFF images while they are shooting. The application’s rating and tagging features enable clients and colleagues in the studio or on remote locations to participate in the shoot and provide instant feedback.
Camera Control
Camera Control offers photographers an elegant, virtual camera display on their iOS device to remotely fire the camera and control the camera’s most important capture parameters, including ISO sensitivity, exposure mode, shutter speed, aperture, exposure compensation and others.
Camera control supports a wide range of pro and semi-pro Canon and Nikon DSLRs, and Phase One, Leaf and Mamiya medium format camera systems.
Availability and Pricing
Camera Control is available now as an in-app purchase for USD14.99 / EURO11.99. Capture Pilot™ is a free app available from the Apple store that works with Capture One Pro. More information is available here:
Capture Pilot with Camera Control requires version 6.2.1 or later of Capture One Pro, the raw conversion and image editing software that supports a wide range of pro and semi-pro camera models. Capture One comprises a full digital workflow to produce beautifully detailed and richly rendered images. For information about Capture One Pro, please see:
Category: Phase One News
Post Date: 6/30/2011 9:29:13 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
 Wednesday, June 29, 2011
DxO Labs has added 57 new lens / camera combinations to the DxO Optics Modules library, providing supports for Canon, Nikkor, Olympus, Sigma, Sony, and Tamron lenses, for numerous Canon, Fuji, Nikon, Olympus, and Sony cameras.
Visit this page to see the new combinations.
DxO Optics Pro is available at B&H.
Category: DxO News
Post Date: 6/29/2011 2:04:38 PM CT   Posted By: Bryan
B&H has posted an extensive Wedding Photography Guide:
NYC, NY (PRWEB) June 28, 2011
Wedding photography is more than snapping pictures at a party. From the time the contract is signed until the time you deliver the finished product, there is a regimented process that must be followed in order to guarantee the job is completed to the satisfaction of the client, not to mention your own sense of professional satisfaction.
To better understand the intricacies of the art and craft of taking wedding photographs successfully, B&H Photo Video Pro Audio is pleased to announce The B&H Wedding Photography Guide, a multi-chapter, illustrated guide that covers numerous touch points concerning the gear, the logistics and the frequently shifting variables that you will encounter while you photograph a wedding.
Written with the needs of newcomers, photo enthusiasts and professionals in mind, the B&H Wedding Photography Guide includes separate chapters on how to choose the best cameras, lenses and lighting systems for wedding photography based on performance, flexibility, transportability and other attributes that make them the tools of choice for the fast-paced demands of wedding photography.
The B&H Wedding Photography Guide also delves into the realities of preparing for and working through the multiple challenges of documenting the “Big Day,” beginning at the bride’s home, moving on to the chapel, the ceremony and straight on to the moment the newlyweds bid fare-thee-well to friends and family when the festivities wind down.
Other chapters include Preparing for the Wedding Shoot, Packing the Essentials for a Successful Wedding Shoot, The Wedding Photographer’s Guide to Outdoor Lighting, Photographing the Wedding Ceremony, Create Striking Wedding Portraits, Photographing the Reception, Tips for Backing Up, Sharing and Displaying Photos During the Reception, The Wedding Photographer’s Guide to Outdoor Lighting and other wedding-related articles and videos such as Preventing Unwanted Shadows and more. We’ve even included a separate chapter called Wedding Traditions from Around the World, which describes some of the unique customs and traditions you might encounter when photographing weddings.
If you should see a camera, lens, or other item that catches your eye, you’re only a click away from reading more about it, along with up-to-the-minute pricing for the item. So join us as we launch The B&H Wedding Photography Guide, an educational service of B&H Photo Video Pro Audio.
B&H Photo Video Pro Audio, world renowned for unsurpassed service and the best prices, has been serving professionals and serious enthusiasts alike for close to 40 years.
Visit the B&H Wedding Photography Guide
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Post Date: 6/29/2011 10:46:42 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
In a press release dated 5/28/2011 but actually available only since last night, Manfrotto announces four new 055 Center Ball Heads.
Manfrotto continues to use their own quick release system in these heads. I would love to see them to switch over to the far more compatible Arca-Swiss standard.
Category: Manfrotto News
Post Date: 6/29/2011 9:26:40 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
 Tuesday, June 28, 2011
Canon has posted EOS 50D DSLR Firmware Version 1.0.8
Firmware Version 1.0.8 incorporates the following improvements and fixes.
1. Improves the writing/reading speeds when using UDMA 7-compatible CF cards.
2. Fixes incorrect indications in the Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Arabic, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai and Turkish menu screens.
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Post Date: 6/28/2011 11:01:09 PM CT   Posted By: Bryan
Canon has released EOS Rebel T1i / 500D DSLR Firmware Version 1.1.1 (Thanks Adarsha).
Firmware Version 1.1.1 incorporates the following fixes.
1. Fixes incorrect indications in the Arabic and Portuguese menu screens.
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Post Date: 6/28/2011 9:32:36 PM CT   Posted By: Bryan
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Post Date: 6/28/2011 12:17:18 PM CT   Posted By: Bryan
Adobe has released Bridge CS5 4.0.5.
"This update provides a solution for Facebook album upload issue."
English: Windows | Macintosh
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Category: Adobe News
Post Date: 6/28/2011 4:53:40 PM CT   Posted By: Bryan
X-Rite has just made i1Profiler 1.1.1 calibration and profiling software available for download.
This download contains installers for: i1Profiler, ColorChecker Camera Calibrator, PANTONE Color Manager, and X-Rite Device Services.
Category: X Rite News
Post Date: 6/28/2011 12:11:12 PM CT   Posted By: Bryan
 Friday, June 24, 2011
Just announced: Tokina 10-17mm f/3.5-4.5 AT-X FX Fisheye Lens (press release).
Category: Tokina News
Post Date: 6/24/2011 6:29:24 PM CT   Posted By: Bryan
Canon Australia has announced the launch of the Canon EOS Professional Website.
"The Canon EOS Professional site will be a revelation to amateur and enthusiast photographers as well as a great resource for working professionals," said Cathy Hattersley, Brand Manager - EOS Professional, Canon Australia. "The content features the work, tips and gear used by the best in the business, so it’s both inspiring and informative – a window directly into the world of the working professional."
Posted to: Canon News
Category: Canon AU News
Post Date: 6/24/2011 12:15:14 PM CT   Posted By: Bryan
 Wednesday, June 22, 2011
ISO 12233 Chart Results for the Canon EOS Rebel T3 / 1100D DSLR have been added to the site.
This link presets the Canon EOS Rebel T3i / 600D as the comparison camera.
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Post Date: 6/22/2011 10:29:39 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
PhotoShelter has made a new guide, The Photographer's Guide to Selling like a Pro (16 page PDF), available for free email delivery.
Post Date: 6/22/2011 9:46:33 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
 Tuesday, June 21, 2011
X-rite has introduced the ColorMunki Display and i1Display Pro (X-rite product announcement).
Category: X Rite News
Post Date: 6/21/2011 11:28:19 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
I added a new article to the Photography Tips section: Counterfeit Camera Accessories Warning
You'll love the email I included.
Post Date: 6/21/2011 10:44:03 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
Apple has released Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5 and Compressor 4.
Category: Apple News
Post Date: 6/21/2011 9:30:09 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
 Monday, June 20, 2011
I added more sample pictures to the site. These are primarily macro images taken with a variety of lenses.
Post Date: 6/20/2011 8:51:08 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
Nikon Europe has announced the discontinuation of the D3 Buffer Memory Expansion service.
"Please be aware that the D3 Buffer Memory Expansion service introduced as a payable upgrade option to Nikon D3 owners on 30th July 2008, is now being discontinued. This upgrade option will end on 20th July 2011 and not be available after this date."
Update: Nikon USA has now announced discontinuance of the D3 Buffer Memory Expansion Service.
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Post Date: 6/20/2011 9:41:54 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
 Sunday, June 19, 2011
The Canon Online Store (exclusively) has just introduced the Canon EOS T3 in new colors - including Red, Brown, Black or Metallic Gray.
The rebate is also available on these models.
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Category: Canon USA News
Post Date: 6/19/2011 10:19:21 PM CT   Posted By: Bryan
 Friday, June 17, 2011
It is understandable why EOS bodies are not easy to find lately, but ... the Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III remains unavailable while all other EOS models come into stock occassionally.
I'm not looking to start a rumor, but ... if the 1Ds III was being imminently replaced, Canon might decide to put its limited resources into production of the replacement model.
I mentioned in my When is the Canon EOS 5D Mark III Going to be Announced? post that the Canon EOS-1Ds Mark IV is overdue based on the replacement schedule the prior 1Ds models followed.
The current lack of 1Ds III bodies along with the model age gives me cause to guess that a 1Ds IV could be announced in August (or perhaps September).
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Post Date: 6/17/2011 10:46:49 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
 Thursday, June 16, 2011
In a press release issued today, the United States Golf Association (USGA) has announced the implementation of a near real-time photo delivery system utilizing the Canon EOS-1D Mark IV and Canon WFT-E2 II A Wireless File Transmitter:
Fan Experience On U.S. Open Site Enhanced By New Technology
IBM-Powered PicStream on to Utilize Canon Wireless File Transmitters
June 16, 2011
Far Hills, N.J. – The United States Golf Association (USGA) will employ a new digital user experience for U.S. Open fans that will enable viewing of photographic images at near real-time speeds. PicStream, the IBM-powered photo console on, will feature images created and transmitted from the grounds of Congressional Country Club using Canon wireless file transmitters. It marks the first use of such technology on a major scale at a live sporting event.
“Canon’s wireless transmitters will enable our images to be edited, tagged and delivered to audiences faster than ever before,” said John Mummert, the USGA’s manager of creative services and senior staff photographer. “This is the new transmission standard in the world of sports photography.”
The USGA traditionally uses teams of veteran golf photographers to shoot for, news media and the USGA Museum. According to Mummert, volunteers had to run photographers’ compact flash cards to the USGA Media Center from far-flung locations on the course at previous championships. Images are captioned, processedand distributed to and the press from the Media Center. This system failed to deliver the transfer speeds that today’s audience demands, especially given the 100-plus acres that comprise a championship golf course.
“Fans want instant content, and we want to provide it,” Mummert said. “Canon stepped forward with the wireless transmitters, and IBM was able to integrate the technology into their PicStream application to enable near real-time publishing capability. These technologies should enhance the overall fan experience significantly.”
The Canon WFT-E2 II A Wireless File Transmitter chosen for the U.S. Open is a camera-powered compact unit that attaches to the side of the EOS-1D Mark IV camera. The WFT-E2 II A transmits camera images over a wireless local area network (LAN) at up to 492 feet (150 meters). Portable USB modems carried by the photographers will relay images to the USGA Media Center’s tent.
“This technology has been available for a while, but only recently has become something that we are able to use to our advantage,” Mummert noted. “We tested it repeatedly at Congressional Country Club and the transmitting times were exceptional.”
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Category: Canon USA News
Post Date: 6/16/2011 4:26:17 PM CT   Posted By: Bryan
PhotoShelter is offering a new guide entitled Starting a Photography Business 2011. The PDF guide, delivered via email, is free.
Post Date: 6/16/2011 2:59:18 PM CT   Posted By: Bryan
I added sample pictures to the Zeiss 100mm f/2.0 Makro-Planar T* ZE Lens Review.
Sorry for the delay - I wanted to have these up before my trip, but ... that didn't happen.
Posted to: Canon News
Post Date: 6/16/2011 1:22:39 PM CT   Posted By: Bryan
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