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 Friday, November 30, 2018
On the evening of January 20, North/South America, Greenland and Iceland will be treated to a total lunar eclipse – or blood moon – with the full moon at perigee (supermoon).
At this point, the full moon will appear about 14% larger and 30% brighter than when it is at its farthest distance from earth (full moon at apogee, a.k.a. micromoon). Between now and January, be on the lookout for good vantage points to capture the big event. Want more information and tips for photographing a lunar eclipse? B&H has you covered.
Here are the details for a couple of cities on the east coast and west coast (from
New York City, New York, USA
Duration:5 hours, 11 minutes, 33 seconds
Duration of totality:1 hour, 1 minute, 58 seconds
Penumbral begins:Jan 20, 2019 at 9:36:29 pm
Partial begins:Jan 20, 2019 at 10:33:54 pm
Full begins:Jan 20, 2019 at 11:41:17 pm
Maximum:Jan 21, 2019 at 12:12:14 am
Full ends:Jan 21, 2019 at 12:43:15 am
Partial ends:Jan 21, 2019 at 1:50:39 am
Penumbral ends:Jan 21, 2019 at 2:48:02 am

San Francisco, California, USA
Duration:5 hours, 11 minutes, 33 seconds
Duration of totality:1 hour, 1 minute, 58 seconds
Penumbral begins:Jan 20, 2019 at 6:36:29 pm
Partial begins:Jan 20, 2019 at 7:33:54 pm
Full begins:Jan 20, 2019 at 8:41:17 pm
Maximum:Jan 20, 2019 at 9:12:14 pm
Full ends:Jan 20, 2019 at 9:43:15 pm
Partial ends:Jan 20, 2019 at 10:50:39 pm
Penumbral ends:Jan 20, 2019 at 11:48:02 pm

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Post Date: 11/30/2018 8:22:30 AM CT   Posted By: Sean

From the PiXimperfect YouTube Channel:
Use The Power of 3D to Apply Amazing Contrast, Depth, and Dimension to Your Portraits in Photoshop! Learn how to make the images pop by generating three-dimensional bump maps.
In this tutorial, we have two examples to illustrate how to automatically add the highlights and shadows to just the right places very easily, and create intricate details to make the image come to life.
B&H carries Adobe Photography Plan subscriptions.
Post Date: 11/30/2018 6:28:17 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Thursday, November 29, 2018

From the Adorama YouTube Channel:
In this episode you will learn about producing your own sound effects which is also known as creating a Foley.
Post Date: 11/29/2018 9:34:30 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
Image quality (noise) test results have been added to the Nikon D850 page.
Here are some comparisons to get you started:
Nikon D850 compared to Nikon Z 7
Nikon D850 compared to Canon EOS 5Ds R
Nikon D850 compared to Sony a7R III
Note that these images were processed in their respective brand's RAW converter (Sony-blessed Capture One Express for Sony was used for the a7R III results). With a sharpness setting of one (our current Nikon and Canon standard), the Canon appears undersharpened.
Also note that I updated this tool to permit additional scenarios, including not-full-stop ISO settings for some cameras. The D850 (and Z 7) results have ISO 32 (extended) and ISO 64 included and (I'm sure you have been anxiously awaiting this) ISO 40000 results for the EOS R are now included. Please report any problems found.
Please share these results with your friends with Nikon-based kits!
The Nikon D850 is (finally) in stock at B&H | Amazon | Adorama | WEX (preorders).
Great deal: Save nearly $330 on the D850 in 10-condition at B&H used.
Rent the Nikon D850 from Lensrentals.
Post Date: 11/29/2018 8:40:57 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
Canon has released firmware updates for their ME20F-SH and ME200S-SH multi-purpose cameras. See below for details.
Canon ME20F-SH v. and ME200S-SH v.
Firmware incorporates the following enhancements:
  • Support for the color matrix function has been added.
  • Support for the color correction function has been added.
  • The following features are enabled for the CN-E18-80mm T4.4 L IS KAS S or CN-E70-200mm T4.4 L IS KAS S when “NU Protocol” is selected:
    • Focus position control
    • Zoom position control
*In some cases, the firmware of these lenses needs to be updated in order to enable these enhancements. Contact your Canon dealer for details.
For further information, please refer to the latest version of the unit’s Instruction Manual that is released with the firmware update.
B&H carries the Canon ME20F-SH and ME200S-SH multi-purpose cameras.
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Post Date: 11/29/2018 6:37:52 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
Sigma has released firmware update for its Mount Converter MC-11 EF-E and MC-11 SA-E that provides compatibility with the Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 DG OS HSM | Sports Lens.
From Sigma:
Mount Converter MC-11 Firmware v.1.20 (EF-E) & 1.14 (SA-E)*
  • It has become compatible with the SIGMA 70-200mm F2.8 DG OS HSM | Sports.
* Before updating the SIGMA MOUNT CONVERTER MC-11 firmware, please ensure SIGMA Optimization Pro has been updated to ver. 1.4.1 or later for Windows, and ver. 1.4.0 or later for Macintosh.
B&H carries the Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 DG OS HSM | Sports Lens.
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Post Date: 11/29/2018 5:46:39 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Wednesday, November 28, 2018
(New York, New York) November 28, 2018 - ROKINON has introduced its new Special Performance (SP) 35mm f/1.2 Full Frame Lens for Canon EF mount. Designed for professional and advanced amateur Canon users, it joins the ROKINON SP 14mm f/2.4, SP 50mm f/1.2 and SP 85mm f/1.2 lenses.
This premium quality prime lens yields extraordinary image quality for 50 megapixel photos and 8K (8192 x 4320) video productions. It features a moderate wide angle of view with Full Frame Canon DSLRs and works as a “normal” lens with APS-C sensor models. Delivering superb optical performance even wide open, the impressively bright f/1.2 aperture and nine blade diaphragm provide selective focus control, beautiful bokeh, and starburst effects. It is a perfect lens choice for capturing a broad range of subjects in vivid colors and exceptional high resolution images such as nightscapes, portraits, architecture and anything in difficult lighting conditions.
The optical design of the ROKINON SP 35mm F1.2 boasts 12 elements in 10 groups and incorporates Extra-Low Dispersion, Aspherical and High Refractive lens components to ensure impressive image quality. Constructed of high quality aluminum alloy with an ergonomically designed shape and focusing control/grip, it delivers a luxurious look, excellent durability and comfortable use Additional features include an intuitive, damped and precise manual focus control, Canon’s exposure control modes are enabled, EXIF info is registered, and a non-rotating filter mount.
The new ROKINON SP 35mm F1.2 Full Frame High Speed for Canon EF mount will be available from authorized ROKINON dealers in January 2019 with a MSRP of $999.00.
B&H carries Rokinon lenses.
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Post Date: 11/28/2018 4:06:09 PM CT   Posted By: Sean
From CyberLink:
Subscribers can access the latest features and unlimited premium add-ons with valuable yet affordable subscription plans
Taipei, Taiwan—November, 28th 2018 — CyberLink Corp. (5203.TW), the world’s leading consumer multimedia software company, today released PhotoDirector 365, the subscription version of CyberLink’s award-winning photo editing software, PhotoDirector. PhotoDirector 365 ensures subscribers always get the latest product and feature updates, as well as unlimited access to an ever-growing collection of premium add-ons, templates & unique AI Style Packs, offering the best photo editing and creation package available.
PhotoDirector 365 provides a comprehensive and robust photo editing solution with easy-to-use tools, streamlined workflow, and point-of-use tutorials. It incorporates a variety of PhotoDirector’s powerful editing tools like Layer Packs, HDR, Black & White and Split Tone Presets, Motion Still, Keystone Correction, and 360° photo editing. It comes with the latest advanced features in the recently released PhotoDirector 10 Ultra, including the support of AI Style Effects, Tethered Shooting and Soft Proofing. Subscribers will be able to turn their photos into works of art, and enhance their photography editing workflow.
PhotoDirector 365’s subscribers have unlimited access to a wide and growing collection of CyberLink’s premium add-ons. They include AI Style Effects for Oil Paintings, Mosaic Art, Pencil Sketches and Watercolors, Express Layer Template Packs for multi-layer projects, and background music to create slideshow videos. A number of new style packs are released every quarter, providing PhotoDirector 365 subscribers with hundreds of dollars’ worth of unique tools throughout the life of their subscription.
"Software subscription plans consistently offer users new unique tools to ensure they stay ahead of the creative curve. People are striving to discover new features and techniques that will push boundaries and stimulate their inspiration, and our subscription service does just that," said Dr. Jau Huang, CEO of CyberLink. “PhotoDirector 365 provides value, flexibility and all the tools, effects and plug-ins content creators need to bring their artistic visions to life.”
365 Subscription Benefits
  • Unlimited access to CyberLink professional effects, templates and style packs for photo editing
  • Unlimited access to CyberLink AI Style Packs for PhotoDirector
  • Exclusive sound effect and background music packs every month
  • Always up-to-date with the very latest version of PhotoDirector, features and supported formats
Versions & Pricing
  • PhotoDirector 10 Ultra: US$99.99
  • PhotoDirector 365 (Monthly Plan – 1 month): US$14.99
  • PhotoDirector 365 (Quarterly Plan – 3 months): US$29.99 (US$9.99/month)
  • PhotoDirector 365 (Annual Plan – 12 months): US$54.99 (US$4.58/month)
Product Availability
The above products are available in select retail outlets worldwide in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Japanese and Korean.
B&H carries CyberLink PhotoDirector 10.
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Post Date: 11/28/2018 8:56:35 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
Image quality (noise) test results have been added to the Nikon Z 6 page.
Here are some comparisons to get you started:
Nikon Z 6 compared to Nikon Z 7
Nikon Z 6 compared to Nikon Z 7 (both overexposed 2 stops)
Nikon Z 6 compared to Nikon Z 7 (both underexposed 3 stops)
Nikon Z 6 compared to Canon EOS R
Nikon Z 6 compared to Sony a7 III
Note that these images were processed in their respective brand's RAW converter (Sony-blessed Capture One Express for Sony was used for the a7 III results). With a sharpness setting of 1 (our current Nikon and Canon standard), the Canon appears under-sharpened. Note that I'm sharing ISO 50 results for this camera.
The Nikon Z 6 is in stock at B&H | Amazon | Adorama | WEX (preorders).
Rent the Nikon Z 6 from Lensrentals.
Post Date: 11/28/2018 7:52:29 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
 Tuesday, November 27, 2018
Image quality (noise) test results have been added to the Nikon Z 7 page.
Here are a couple of comparisons to get you started:
Nikon Z 7 compared to Canon EOS R
Nikon Z 7 compared to Sony a7R III
Note that these images were processed in their respective brand's RAW converter (Sony-blessed Capture One Express for Sony was used for the a7R III results). With a sharpness setting of one (our current Nikon and Canon standard), the Canon appears undersharpened.
The Nikon Z 7 is in stock at B&H | Amazon | Adorama | WEX (preorders).
Great deal: Save up to nearly $700 on the Z 7 at B&H used, including an "Open Box with full manufacturer warranty" option with $400 savings (I took this option to get the test camera).
Rent the Nikon Z 7 from Lensrentals.
Post Date: 11/27/2018 8:53:02 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan

From the Adorama YouTube Channel:
In Ep143 of Two Minute Tips, David Bergman shows you how to get reflections under your subject using clear sheets of acrylic.
Amazon carries clear plexiglass.
Post Date: 11/27/2018 6:32:17 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Monday, November 26, 2018
Just posted: ProMediaGear TR344/TR344L Pro-Stix Carbon Fiber Tripod Review.
If you appreciate high-precision USA CNC-machined photography accessories have not heard of ProMediaGear, add this name to your brand name short list. And with a 10% off Cyber Monday discount at B&H and Adorama, there's never been a better time to get a ProMediaGear tripod (sale ends tomorrow at midnight).
The ProMediaGear TR344/TR344L Pro-Stix Carbon Fiber Tripod is in stock at B&H | Amazon | Adorama.
Post Date: 11/26/2018 7:00:00 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
 Thursday, November 22, 2018
To Our Loyal Visitors,
Earlier this month – November 6, to be exact – we quietly celebrated the site's 15th birthday. Bryan sent me an email to let me know about the momentous occasion, but neither of us had the time to create a post to announce that the site can now get a learner's driving permit in 23 states.
Of course, being busy is a good thing.
With that in mind, as we prepare to enjoy Thanksgiving with our own families, we wanted to take this moment to convey our thankfulness for you and the friendship that so many of you have offered. We so much appreciate you stopping by the site all these years and for your support. We're extremely fortunate to be able to share our love of photography and photography gear with you and we hope to be here for you for many years to come.
Post Date: 11/22/2018 10:36:18 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
Tamron has added general Nikon Z 7 / FTZ Adapter support via firmware updates for the following lenses:
  • Tamron SP 15-30mm F/2.8 Di VC USD G2 for Nikon
  • Tamron SP 24-70mm F/2.8 Di VC USD G2 for Nikon
  • Tamron 18-400mm F/3.5-6.3 Di II VC HLD for Nikon
A Tamron TAP-in Console is required for the firmware updates.
From Nikon:
Changes from Firmware Version 1.00 to 1.01
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in uneven peripheral illumination in shots taken at short focal lengths with VR enabled.
Download: Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 180-400mm f/4E TC1.4 FL ED VR Firmware v.1.01
Post Date: 11/22/2018 7:09:04 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Wednesday, November 21, 2018
Nikon has added Z 6 compatibility to the newest versions of Camera Control Pro 2 and Wireless Transmitter Utility. Download links below.
Download Nikon Software Updates
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Post Date: 11/21/2018 9:15:30 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Tuesday, November 20, 2018
'Tis the season for adding much wanted gear to your photography kit as well as buying gifts for all your close family and friends. As you shop this holiday season, please remember that this site is supported by your purchases. Using our links to make your purchases doesn't cost you anything additional, but it brings vital support that we need to keep the site updated with fresh content including photography tips, lab tests and gear reviews. This site is here for you and it is up to you to keep us funded to continue working for you – your support is needed right now. Without it, we simply couldn't do what we do.
Just use one of the many retailer links on this site immediately prior to purchasing anything from that retailer (it doesn't have to be photography related) and in turn, we receive the support needed to serve you. Other options, including direct one-time and monthly donations are available on our support page.
If you see what looks like a deal at a local store, that deal is likely also available at one of the online retailers we work with. Shopping at one of our primary retailers will allow you to avoid driving in traffic and waiting in long shopping lines. Spend that extra time photographing or sharing ever-fleeting moments with your family. Better yet, do both, documenting your family togetherness time.
There have already been some great deals posted to the site over the last couple of days. Many Canon items are at their lowest price ever thanks to special holiday instant rebates, including higher-than-ever rebates on the 5D Mark IV and 6D Mark II with free battery grips. Not to be outdone, several popular Sony a-series cameras are also at their lowest price ever. This week (including Cyber Monday) is typically your best opportunity to save big on photography gear. Be sure to take advantage of the savings before the best deals are gone.
Along with purchasing items to use personally over the holidays or to gift to someone else, this is a good time to consider renting something fun for recording the holidays. Renting from is another win-win for you and TDP.
We are grateful for your support!
Post Date: 11/20/2018 12:22:07 PM CT   Posted By: Bryan
From Adorama:
If you want quality, selection and value, you’ll love Adorama Rewards. Points add up fast and you can redeem toward your Adorama purchases.
Join For Free
Open a free Adorama account and you’re automatically enrolled in Adorama Rewards. If you already have an account, you’re already a member.
Earn Points
Earn 1 point for every $1 in purchases.*
Redeem Rewards
Simply shop our vast inventory and redeem your Reward points at checkout.
*You must be logged into your Adorama Account at the time of purchase to earn Adorama Reward Points. Earning points on qualifying purchases is limited to 30,000 per year from the date of your first point accumulation from purchases. See terms and conditions for complete program rules and details.
Get more details on the Rewards Program here.
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Post Date: 11/20/2018 9:40:11 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
From Nikon:
November 20, 2018 – Tokyo – Nikon Corporation (Nikon) is pleased to announce that the total production of NIKKOR lenses for Nikon interchangeable lens cameras has reached 110 million* as of October, 2018.
By providing NIKKOR F lenses for SLR cameras, produced since 1959, as well as NIKKOR Z lenses for mirrorless cameras, newly introduced in 2018, Nikon continues to further enrich the NIKKOR lens lineup.
Nikon will continue to lead imaging culture by providing products that stimulate the creative intent of photographers around the world, while responding to the latest advances in imaging technologies.
* Total number of interchangeable lenses for SLR and mirrorless cameras produced by Nikon.
B&H carries Nikon Nikkor lenses.
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Post Date: 11/20/2018 7:11:30 AM CT   Posted By: Sean

From the Daniel Norton Photographer YouTube Channel:
It’s not always convenient or even possible to place your camera on a tripod when creating time-lapse shots. In this short video I show you how to build a small rig that will allow you to hang your camera from a drop ceiling, keeping it out of the way of the situation you are recording.
Pro Tip- get yourself a few 1/4 20 nuts to use as spacers so you don’t need to screw the tripod head tight to the scissors clamp each time.
Gear Links
Ceiling Scissor Clamp - B&H | Adorama | Amazon
Tripod Bushing (1/4 to 3/8 adapter) – B&H | Adorama | Amazon
Post Date: 11/20/2018 7:09:00 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Monday, November 19, 2018
From Polaroid:
Multiple lighting effects and optimum output power offer endless creative possibilities
Edison, NJ – November 19, 2018 – The new Polaroid RGB LED Camera and Camcorder Light offers photographers and videographers a professional, portable LED light system with powerful output for 99.00 USD. With a wide array of settings to create different moods, atmospheres, color backgrounds and special lighting effects, the easy-to-use light allows photographers to control and fine-tune the light source focus to capture the perfect shot every time. The free companion app allows users to fully control all aspects of the light, including color, brightness and saturation, for a fast and efficient workflow.
Experiment with Numerous Lighting Options
Equipped with 320 professional-grade LED lamps, the Polaroid RGB LED camera and camcorder light provides 99 levels of cool white, warm white and RGB light to create the right ambience for your photo or video shoot. For further customization, you can adjust hue and saturation, brightness level and the exact color temperature you want to achieve in the 3200K-5600K range. With so many lighting options from just one device, the Polaroid RGB LED camera and camcorder light makes experimenting like a pro easy.
Maximum Control Gives Way to Endless Lighting Combinations
Created with a flexible and versatile design, the Polaroid RGB LED camera and camcorder light can be used unmounted, mounted to your camera or tripod, or stacked with additional lights. With endless lighting adjustments, controlling the appropriate levels is effortless with the option to select your preferences manually or from your smart device via Bluetooth with the free downloadable app. With the Polaroid RGB LED camera and camcorder light, you can change the whole look of your shoot directly from your phone!
What’s Included:
  • Polaroid RGB LED camera and camcorder light
  • Battery
  • Battery charger/adapter
  • Swivel head mounting adapter
  • Diffusing filter
  • Carrying case
  • Downloadable app
Technical Specifications:
  • LEDs: 144 3200K LEDs, 144 5600K LEDs, 32 RGB LEDs
  • Color temperature: 3200K-5600K
  • Average lifespan: 50,000 hours
  • Lumens: 2304 lm
  • CRI: 95+
  • Output power: 20W
  • Dimensions: 9.96” x 3.4” x 2.36” (25.3 x 8.7 x 6cm)
  • Weight: 13.6 oz. (387g) without battery
Amazon carries the Polaroid RGB LED Camera and Camcorder Light.
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Post Date: 11/19/2018 10:31:28 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Friday, November 16, 2018
by Sean Setters
I've often heard the phrase, "The best camera is the one you have available when you need to take a picture." And of course, there's a lot of truth in that statement. When time is of the essence, and your ILC (Interchangeable Lens Camera) is not at hand, by default, the smartphone in your pocket is the best available tool to complete the task.
Since mid-September when Olivia Jane was born, my wife has snapped hundreds of pictures of our baby with her iPhone (an Apple iPhone 8, to be exact). And while many of those smartphone shots have been posted to social media, none of them have been deemed worthy of printing and physical display.
Of course, my wife isn't a photographer. But when my wife handed me her iPhone to capture Olivia Jane wearing a cute Halloween costume hat, I didn't feel much like a photographer either. The iPhone 8's 28mm full frame equivalent focal length did little to isolate the subject and the perspective wasn't very flattering for a close portrait. The lag shutter lag also proved to complicate the process of capturing fleeting expressions. My daughter would make a cute face and I'd quickly try to take the picture, but alas, I always seemed to miss it.
After several attempts to create a decent photo, I remembered that my Canon EOS 5D Mark III and a backpack full of prime lenses was one room away in the dining room. The Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art was already mounted to the camera, and I figured it would work well in this particular situation. With the camera set to aperture priority mode at f/1.4, ISO 1600 and +1/3 exposure compensation, I framed the scene and snapped a few pictures (the resulting shutter speed was 1/320 sec.). After a quick check of the LCD, I felt vindicated for taking the time (about 30 seconds) to grab my "real" camera. But it wasn't until I really started looking at the images captured that I fully appreciated the difference that the right gear can make.
Here's the best image I captured with the iPhone (straight out of the camera, f/1.8, 1/15 sec, ISO 50):
Olivia Jane Halloween 2018 iPhone 8 SOOC

Of course, the smartphone shouldn't bear the complete burden for this substandard photo. It isn't well framed or well exposed (with a little effort, I'm sure I could figure out how to apply exposure compensation with the camera app). Being used to the 3:2 aspect ratio of Canon DSLR cameras, I'm not really fond of the iPhone's 4:3 aspect ratio. However, I wanted to see how close I could make the smartphone image look like the ILC-captured shot in post processing. After more editing than I care to admit to, this was the result:
Olivia Jane Halloween 2018 iPhone 8 Edited

Ignoring the less interesting facial expression, it's not a bad result necessarily, but it's still not as good as the DSLR image which required far less editing (highlights +2/shadows+14/saturation -4 in Adobe Camera Raw).
When it comes down to it, shooting with a smartphone left me feeling handicapped and a little annoyed. I know I could learn to be a better smartphone photographer, but the sheer physics of a very small sensor combined with minimal options for adjusting field of view will always leave me wishing I had a better imaging solution in my hands. The iPhone 8's sensor is 3.5 x 4.8mm, which is tiny compared to a full-frame camera's 24 x 36mm sensor.
Canon Full Frame APS C iPhone 8 Camera Sensor Comparison

Even at ISO 50, there's a huge difference in the image quality when compared to the 5D III image at ISO 1600 (with no noise reduction).
Olivia Jane Halloween 2018 iPhone vs 5D III

Even though the Apple iPhone (in all its iterations) is probably the most popular portrait camera produced of all time, you likely have a much better tool or set of tools (such as an ILC with various lenses) at your disposal to document your memories. If so, make sure those items are as convient to access as your phone, ensuring that you make the most of the imaging opportunities that abound in everyday life.
I realize I'm preaching to the choir here. If you're a regular site visitor, you probably aren't relying on your smartphone for much of your imaging needs. But even so, do you always have your DSLR/mirrorless ILC at hand when your child does something cute (or monumental) or when you're driving home and the sunset in your rearview mirror is overwhelming captivating? I hope so. But if not, it might be time to pack a small bag with your "real" camera, a backup battery and 2-3 lenses to have available on a consistent basis. Of course, keeping up with a camera bag won't be nearly as convenient as carrying a smartphone, but... the quality of the images captured will almost certainly be worth the extra effort.
The Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 DG OS HSM | Sports Lens User's Manual is now available for download from Sigma.
The Canon mount version of this lens is scheduled to be released next month. However, official pricing is still unavailable.
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Post Date: 11/16/2018 8:14:56 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
From Tamron:
Dear users and potential purchasers of Tamron interchangeable lenses.
Thank you for using Tamron products and for your continuous support.
We would like to announce that new firmware versions are now available for the following three Tamron models. The new F/W versions make the three models compatible with Nikon Z7 and FTZ adapter for general operations(*1).
This is an update announcement of our October 4th compatibility notice with some of Tamron Di/Di II series for Nikon mount models not operating properly on Nikon Z7 and Nikon Mount Adapter FTZ.
(*1) Functions used on DSLR cameras
Applicable models
  • SP 70-200mm F/2.8 Di VC USD G2 (Model A025) for Nikon
  • SP 150-600mm F/5-6.3 Di VC USD G2 (Model A022) for Nikon
  • 17-35mm F/2.8-4 Di OSD (Model A037) for Nikon
The lens firmware can be updated with the separately sold TAP-in Console. If you do not have a TAP-in Console, please contact your nearest Tamron distributors.
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Post Date: 11/16/2018 6:23:12 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
From Nikon:
MELVILLE, NY – Today, Nikon Inc. announced the winner of the company’s fourth annual nationwide search for the “Top Spot for Fall Foliage”, naming Michigan as the best state for fall photography in the United States. Participants from all 50 states were more eager than ever to showcase their state’s beautiful autumn landscapes, but it was Michigan (#NikonFallMI) that narrowly claimed the title, giving the state its third consecutive victory.
“Now in its fourth year, this campaign continues to provide a platform for people to show their state pride through photography that displays the natural beauty of our country, while also highlighting the uniqueness of autumn in each individual state,” said Lisa Baxt, Associate General Manager of Communications, Nikon Inc.
Michigan once again earned this year’s title of Top Spot for Fall Foliage, with a plethora of stunning submissions that displayed the state’s knockout combination of vibrant foliage and numerous lakes. Michigan took the crown for the third time, with New York (#NikonFallNY) coming in second-place, and Colorado (#NikonFallCO) trailing close behind in third.
Nikon received thousands of submissions during the nationwide campaign, with entries accepted on the brand’s Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter. When posting on Instagram and Twitter, participants shared designated hashtags unique to each state – #NikonFall followed by the state’s abbreviation. Images submitted by photographers of all skill levels demonstrated the stunning variety of autumnal landscapes from coast to coast, and displayed this year’s gorgeous array of vivid forests, gleaming lakes, and spectacular foliage.
To view all of this year’s submissions on Instagram and Twitter, search the hashtag #NikonFall followed by the state’s abbreviation (e.g. #NikonFallMI, #NikonFallNY). On Facebook visit to view the fall foliage submissions. And if you’re interested in capturing some fantastic seasonal landscapes of your own, check out Nikon’s Learn and Explore website for useful tips and techniques.
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Post Date: 11/16/2018 6:09:42 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
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