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 Monday, October 9, 2017
From Manfrotto UK:
Fast Setup. Perfect shot.
  • Smart traveller tripods for photographers who want to learn, experiment and travel free
  • Lightweight on your shoulders, stable on the ground.
  • Essential design ensures instant set up for an enjoyable shooting experience
Manfrotto, world leader in the photography, imaging equipment and accessories industry, presents Manfrotto Element Carbon. The Manfrotto Element Carbon tripods are the perfect fit for travel photographers who are just starting out and enthusiasts.
The two new Element Carbon traveller tripods are reliable, lightweight and easy to carry. Both feature a compact and sturdy carbon fibre construction that makes them strong but still very portable. The three leg-angle positions mean they are highly versatile so they are perfect for experimenting with all kinds of creative shots. The twist lock mechanism enables photographers to get into the right position fast, in a few, easy moves, while the aluminum ball head is designed to deliver the fast movement when framing and a firm lock for setting equipment up exactly as you need it. The ball head mounts an Arca-type quick release plate with a 1/4"-20 camera screw on top that ensures equipment is balanced even when using zoom lenses.
In addition, the Element Traveller Carbon Big Tripod features a detachable leg that, when removed and attached to the centre column, becomes a full size lightweight monopod.
The Element Carbon Tripods have a payload of 4kg on the small tripod, and 8kg on the big tripod and feature a branded Manfrotto bag, an additional set of spike feet (big tripod only) and an Allen key to fix and tighten your gear.
The Element Carbon Tripods are available from £174.95.
Wex Photographic has the Big Element Carbon Tripod in stock and the small version available for preorder.
Category: Manfrotto News
Post Date: 10/9/2017 11:40:16 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
Just posted: Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 DG OS HSM Art Lens Review.
Check out this much-anticipated lens!
The Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 DG OS HSM Art Lens is in stock (or available for order) at B&H | Amazon | Adorama | WEX.
Post Date: 10/9/2017 8:42:32 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
Through midnight tonight Eastern Time, B&H has the Thule Aspect DSLR Shoulder Bag (Large, Black) available for $29.95 with free shipping. Regularly $99.95.
Product Highlights
  • Holds DSLR or Mirrorless Camera and Lens
  • Dedicated Padded iPad Compartment
  • Front-Folding Lid Provides Quick Access
  • Zippered Lid Compartment for Small Items
  • Expandable Side Pockets for Tripod/Water
  • Top Grab Handle
  • Adjustable, Padded Shoulder Strap
  • Can Be Worn Comfortably Cross-Body
Post Date: 10/9/2017 5:10:40 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Friday, October 6, 2017
From Reikan:
Reikan has released FoCal 2.5, an update to its automated focus calibration software for Canon and Nikon DSLRs.
FoCal 2.5 adds support for Canon EOS 6D Mark II and Nikon's D7500 as well as a new Target Distance Tool to make the calibration process more seamless.
The 6D Mark II is now fully supported and like the recent Canon 80D this camera also works in Hands Free Mode, no user input required at all once the calibration has started.
Nikon's D7500 is now fully supported in FoCal 2.5. Along with most other recent cameras this works in User Assisted Mode, large amounts of automation and requires a small amount of user input at points during the calibration.
The new integrated Target Distance Tool means users no long need to find an online tool to provide a calibration, the information is easily at hand directly inside FoCal.
How do I get FoCal 2.5? Download FoCal 2.5 by logging in to the LMS at Once logged in, you will see a download link to the software.
FoCal 2.5 is available for Windows (Windows 7 and newer) and Mac (OS X 10.9 – 10.12) operating systems, for users who are still within their Included Updates Period today (5th October 2017). If your Included Updates Period has expired, you can purchase another 12 months by logging in to the LMS at
If you don’t own FoCal, you can purchase the software as a download or boxed product, as well as Focal Hard Targets from the store.
The installation package contains the software, target images and a reference manual (also available on the Documents Download page).
Categories: Reikan News, FoCal News
Post Date: 10/6/2017 10:55:10 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
Think Tank Photo has many discounted items available in its outlet center. See below for more information.
Think Tank Photo Outlet Center Deals
Artificial Intelligence 17 V3$64.75$25.75 $39.00 40%
Citywalker 10$129.75$29.75 $100.00 23%
Citywalker 30$164.75$44.75 $120.00 27%
FPB Session Backpack$149.75$30.00 $119.75 20%
Helipak For Dji Inspire$339.75$190.00 $149.75 56%
Lily Deanne Lucido$199.75$79.90 $119.85 40%
Lily Deanne Mezzo$249.75$99.90 $149.85 40%
Lily Deanne Tutto$299.75$119.90 $179.85 40%
Low Rider Strap$31.75$12.00 $19.75 38%
My 2nd Brain 11 (Mist Green)$84.75$49.75 $35.00 59%
My 2nd Brain 13 (Harbor Blue)$94.75$44.75 $50.00 47%
My 2nd Brain 13 (Mist Green)$94.75$44.75 $50.00 47%
My 2nd Brain 15 (Harbor Blue)$99.75$44.75 $55.00 45%
My 2nd Brain 15 (Mist Green)$99.75$44.75 $55.00 45%
My 2nd Brain Briefcase 13 (Harbor Blue)$129.75$54.75 $75.00 42%
My 2nd Brain Briefcase 13 (Mist Green)$129.75$54.75 $75.00 42%
My 2nd Brain 11 (Blue Slate)$84.75$49.75 $35.00 59%
My 2nd Brain Tablet (Harbor Blue)$74.75$44.75 $30.00 60%
My 2nd Brain Tablet (Mist Green)$74.75$44.75 $30.00 60%
Retrospective 10 (Sandstone)$165.75$33.15 $132.60 20%
Retrospective 20 (Sandstone)$174.75$34.95 $139.80 20%
Retrospective 30 (Sandstone)$194.75$38.95 $155.80 20%
Retrospective 5 (Sandstone)$144.75$28.95 $115.80 20%
Retrospective 6 (Sandstone)$154.75$30.95 $123.80 20%
Retrospective 7 (Sandstone)$162.75$32.55 $130.20 20%
Retrospective Laptop Case 13L$149.75$80.75 $69.00 54%
Retrospective Laptop Case 15L$159.75$84.75 $75.00 53%
Retrospective Leather 30$259.75$103.90 $155.85 40%
Retrospective Leather 5$199.75$79.90 $119.85 40%
Retrospective Leather 7$229.75$79.90 $149.85 35%
Retrospective Lens Changer 2$109.75$14.75 $95.00 13%
Video Rig 18$479.75$110.75 $369.00 23%
Video Rig 24$519.75$120.75 $399.00 23%
Video Transport 18$399.75$91.75 $308.00 23%
Video Transport 20$429.75$98.75 $331.00 23%
Video Workhorse 19$229.75$50.75 $179.00 22%
Video Workhorse 21$259.75$60.75 $199.00 23%
Video Workhorse 25$289.75$50.75$239.0018%
Post Date: 10/6/2017 10:01:04 AM CT   Posted By: Sean

From the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom YouTue Channel:
Boundary warp is key! In this week's Lightroom Coffee Break, Ben Warde explains two great things about stitching panoramas in Lightroom.
B&H carries Adobe Photography Plan subscriptions.
Post Date: 10/6/2017 7:33:32 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Thursday, October 5, 2017
Along with the formerly shared vignetting, flare and distortion test results along with specs and measurements, image quality test results from two different lenses (one tested on three cameras) have been added to the Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8 Di VC USD G2 Lens page.
I recently posted about not being satisfied with the results from the first lens we tested and I took those results down soon after assessing them. We have now tested a second lens (one with a notably-higher serial number) and, though the second lens (sample "1") performs modestly better, I think that you will find the two performing rather similarly overall. As the odds of getting two bad lenses with substantially different serial numbers that perform similarly are very low, I am going to share the results with you, at least until I'm convinced that they are not right.
More convincing is looking at this lens in comparisons where it competes reasonably well (perhaps the only issue was that my expectations were set too high). Here are some comparisons:
Tamron VC G2 vs. Canon L II
Tamron VC G2 vs. Sigma OS Art
Tamron VC G2 vs. Tamron VC
Tamron VC G2 vs. Tokina
There are far more relevant comparisons to be made, but hopefully the above will get you started.
The Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8 Di VC USD G2 Lens is in stock at B&H | Amazon | Adorama | WEX (preorder).
Deal of interest: B&H has a used Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM Lens in 9+ condition for $1,519.95.
Post Date: 10/5/2017 10:09:09 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
Macphun has released its first update for Aurora HDR 2018 which includes a few bug fixes.
Aurora HDR 2018 version 1.0.1 for MAC:
  • Presets tuned and reordered
  • Fixed issue with .dng files.
  • Added ability to move images between bracket groups in Batch processing.
Aurora HDR 2018 version 1.0.1 for Windows:
  • Improved localizations.
  • Improved Dodge & Burn filter
  • Presets tuned and reordered
  • Fixed crash on start
  • Added Color Denoise option for RAW files(can be selected in options on HDR Open window).
  • Added Lens Correction tool.
  • Added Transform tool.
  • Added info panel.
  • Fixed issues with Drag & Drop on open window.
  • Added collapse all filters option
  • Fixed issue with absent metadata after using Aurora HDR 2018 as plugin for Adobe Lightroom.
  • Fixed “yellow image" issues with .NEF brackets.
To get the update, simply open the standalone app and choose to install the update at the prompt.
Macphun carries Aurora HDR 2018.
Post Date: 10/5/2017 8:48:03 AM CT   Posted By: Sean

From the B&H YouTube Channel:
Hot off the release of the new Nikon D850, B&H got a chance to give four of our photographers some time with the camera. With an incredible new 45.7MP sensor, massively improved auto-focus, 4k video, and even post-friendly features such as focus stacking, we see just what the D850 is capable of.
B&H carries the Nikon D850.
Post Date: 10/5/2017 7:18:39 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Wednesday, October 4, 2017
From Photoshelter:
15 new photographers pull back the curtain & share how they got the shot
We partnered with Tether Tools for the third edition of How I Got The Shot. Inside, 15 new photographers breakdown how they arrived at their final vision — sharing work in commercial, fashion, portrait, time-lapse, headshot photography, and more.
Photographers like Scott Kelby, Clay Cook, and Vanessa Joy walk through:
  • Lighting setups
  • Post-processing workflows
  • Logistics and gear
  • BTS videos with step-by-step direction
You’ll learn that there is no one formula to ‘getting the shot’ – and that’s okay. Most importantly, you’ll walk away with tons of inspiration for your next project.
Get the Free Guide
Post Date: 10/4/2017 11:38:37 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
For a very limited time, Amazon has the Refurbished Apple iPad Air, 32GB / Black with Space Gray available for $239.99. Compare at $374.00 new.
Post Date: 10/4/2017 10:46:51 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
From Adobe:
Being creative with your photos has never been easier.
October 4, 2017 – The Elements team is excited to announce the release of Photoshop Elements 2018 & Premiere Elements 2018.
Before we get into what’s new for this release, we’d like to reassure you that you didn’t miss versions 16 and 17! Moving forward both apps will take on the upcoming year of their release in-lieu of a version number; hence, the transition from version 15 to Photoshop Elements 2018 and Premiere Elements 2018.
With that, let’s get to the good stuff.
Over the years, the Elements products have emphasized easy photo and video organization, editing, creation, and sharing by combining content intelligence with a user-friendly interface and modes for every level of user.
This release focuses on enhancing the experience even further for memory keepers with hassle free organization, automated editing and some fun new Guided Edits that walk you through how to edit and create. As you’ll see, there are a number of exciting new features and enhancements so being creative with your photos and videos has never been easier.
Here’s what’s new and enhanced:
Adobe Elements Organizer 2018
  • Auto-Curate – You no longer need to painfully look through a large batch of your photos to select the best ones. The Elements Organizer now automatically curates your photos based on quality, faces, subjects and more.
  • Totally reimagined slideshows – Slideshows are a popular and fun way to showcase and share your memories, and now you can turn your curated photos and video clips into stylish and dynamic slideshows with just one click. And of course you can add your own personal touch by choosing a different theme and music, or adding captions.
  • New Guided Edits – Guided Edits transform seemingly complex tasks into easy to follow step-by-step instructions that guide you to fantastic results. Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements now offer 67 Guided Edits, including eight brand new ones in this release.
  • Swap Backgrounds – Replace backgrounds in seconds by selecting the subject of a photo and placing it on a background that’s more interesting.
  • Create Double Exposures – Double exposures continue to grow in popularity, but are difficult and time consuming. No more with this new Guided Edit that brings one photo to life within another to create the surreal effect.
  • Add Artistic Overlay Effects – Embellish any photo with a shape overlay and one-click effects that make it a work of art. This Guided Edit is great for scrapbook pages and photo crafts.
  • Make Amazing Watercolors – With this Guided Edit, turn any photo into a beautiful, textured watercolor—and even finish it off with text.
  • Create fun bounce-back effects – Get step-by-step help making a segment of your video run forward and backward repetitively. Export your bounce-back effect as an animated GIF or short video clip that you can quickly share across social channels with your friends and family.
  • Freeze frames with motion titles – Another new Guided Edit that helps you create a freeze frame of your video and add an eye-catching motion title for pro-looking results.
  • Fix Action Cam Footage – Eliminate the wide angle fisheye effect of action cams with guidance on how to expertly trim, correct color, and fix lens distortions so it looks its best.
  • Create animated social posts – Create a short visual story to share on social media by embellishing a video clip with either static or animated text.
Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018
  • Automatic Selection – Making a perfect selection is always tough, so we’ve simplified the process. With the new Auto Selection, making precise photo selections has never been easier – simply click, drag and it’s done.
  • Open closed eyes like magic – This happens all the time. You take several group photos and in every one someone has their eyes closed. Well we’ve got a fix for that. Photoshop Elements can now automatically copy the open eyes from one photo and blend them into another to create the perfect shot.
Adobe Premiere Elements 2018
  • Candid Moments – Now you can automatically extract great photos from your raw video footage with ease, and never need to worry about missing that critical photo while shooting your videos.
  • Smart Trim – Automatically trim the bad scenes and keep the good ones based on the style of your video. Smart Trim finds and brings together the best scenes based on the style of your video, and you can even customize that automation.
These are just some of the new and enhanced features in Photoshop Elements 2018 and Premiere Elements 2018. We hope you’re as excited about this release as we are and look forward to your feedback.
– The Elements Team
B&H has Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 and Premiere Elements 2018 available for preorder.
Post Date: 10/4/2017 8:58:59 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
One or more of your camera's custom mode settings is your most-frequently-used mode, right? If not, you will probably find the Custom Shooting Modes and How Bryan Configures "C" Modes article useful.
If you've already read that page, I'll share the reason for my update:
Until recently, I reserved my camera's Custom Mode 3 for use in whatever unique situation I happen to be in. But, I've come to the conclusion that "Wildlife" is the pursuit that my Custom Mode 3 was most-frequently programmed for. In addition, after some experimenting while photographing elk in Rocky Mountain National Park last week, I determined that AF Case 4 (better accommodating erratically moving subjects) produced a better AI Servo AF experience for this type of photography than the case I most often used, Case 1 (optimized for general purpose needs). For the combination of those two reasons, I now reserve Custom Mode 3 for my most-frequently-used wildlife photography settings.
I should note that, because I am most often using a single AF point with the surrounding AF points in assist mode (not using the AF point auto switching feature), AF Case 6 should produce identical results to AF Case 4. And, AF Case 3, with an even slightly higher tracking sensitivity, stands to be another good AF Case option for wildlife photography.
If you are not using custom modes, and your camera has at least one of them available, consider learning to use this most-useful position on the mode dial.
More details here: Custom Shooting Modes and How Bryan Configures "C" Modes
Post Date: 10/4/2017 8:34:34 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
From Sigma:
The breakthrough year for Sigma Global Vision Art, Contemporary and Sport lenses on display; brand new lens addition to be unveiled; Sigma Pros light up stage with new presentations
Ronkonkoma, NY – October 4, 2017 – Sigma Corporation of America, a leading still photo and cinema lens, camera, flash and accessory manufacturer, will showcase its full line up of Sigma Global Vision lenses, including a brand-new addition to the line, at the upcoming PDN PhotoPlus Expo 2017 Expo held at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City from October 26-28, 2017 (booth 837). The company will also have on hand its breakthrough optics for the cinema market – the Sigma Cine high-speed Primes and Zooms – as well as the Foveon sensor-based sd Quattro and Quattro H cameras. “Sigma has had a landmark year with the introduction of seven new lenses across our Global Vision and Cine product lines,” states Mark Amir-Hamzeh, president of Sigma Corporation of America. “Our research and development team is dedicated to creating superior optics that meet the ever-growing requirements of today’s high resolution cameras, taking advantage of every possible design and element to capture the greatest picture detail for both still and moving images. We look forward to showcasing the culmination of what has been a remarkable year in optical advancements for Sigma at this year’s PPE event.” Sigma 2017 introductions include the award-winning 14mm F1.4 DG HSM Art, 24-70mm F2.8 DG OS HSM Art, 135mm F1.8 DG HSM Art, 100-400mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM Contemporary Sigma Global Vision lenses and the new Sigma Cine FF High Speed 14mm T2 and 135mm T2 prime lenses.
Sigma Special PPE Presentation – Sigma Pro Phenom Jen Rozenbaum
Sigma Pro Jen Rozenbaum will take the PPE stage on Wednesday, October 25, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM to deliver a PPE Master Class on “How to make every woman look amazing.” Jen will share with attendees her vast experience in boudoir photography, providing top tips and secret tricks - from wardrobe to posing - that flatter all women. Jen’s presentation will help attendees understand how to best dress and pose any woman of any size and shape as well as gain confidence behind the camera whether they are shooting boudoir, wedding or seniors!
Master Photographers Take the Sigma Stage
Showcasing the very best in photography craft, the expanded Sigma Pro family will headline the Sigma stage and offer attendees a behind the lens look at the techniques and technology that captured some of the year’s most outstanding photographs in the areas of aviation, editorial, glamour, landscapes, travel and weddings.
This year’s prestigious Sigma Pro PPE stage line-up includes outdoor sports and adventure travel photographer Liam Doran, aviation photo expert Jim Koepnick, renowned bird and travel photographer Roman Kurywczak, fearless woman photographer Jen Rozenbaum, and glamour and wedding photographer Jim Schmelzer.
For the Sigma Pro presentation schedule days and times, please visit: ?
Sigma Super Giveaways at PPE 2017
PPE 2017 attendees who visit Sigma at booth 837 will have a chance to enter and win a Sigma grand giveaway – a 24-70mm F2.8 Art – an MSRP value of $1299.00 USD!
Category: Sigma News
Post Date: 10/4/2017 7:13:00 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
From Nikon:
Changes from Version 1.2.9 to Version 1.2.10
  • Fixed an issue with the Map workspace that resulted in maps not displaying correctly.
Download: Nikon ViewNX-i 1.2.10
Post Date: 10/4/2017 5:46:23 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
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