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 Thursday, July 13, 2017
B&H has the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR Camera with Canon Log available for preorder with free expedited shipping.
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Post Date: 7/13/2017 6:02:16 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
From Macphun:
Macphun debuts its first-ever software for the PC, heralding a new era of cross-platform solutions for photographers
San Diego, CA – July 13, 2017 — Macphun, the California-based developer known for delivering award-winning products for Mac, today launched the free public beta of its award-winning photo editor Luminar for Windows. To download the beta, please visit
Luminar is a powerful photo editor designed to tackle anyone’s photography needs, from correcting challenging image problems to artful stylizing. Users can choose between levels of image processing complexity based on their experience, and adapt the workspace controls to their skill level, moving up to more advanced modes as they learn. Luminar works in non -destructive fashion and aims to take “ work” from photo editing “ workflow” for photographers worldwide.
In April, only 5 months after its launch, Luminar for Mac won the prestigious TIPA award for Best Imaging Software 2017. This all-in-one photo editor is a cutting-edge solution for creating fascinating images without extra hassle. Luminar includes over 300 robust tools that make fixing, editing and perfecting a photo as easy as moving a slider.
“We are thrilled to release our first PC product today and give photography enthusiasts around the world the first taste of our best-selling Mac product,” said Kevin La Rue, Vice-President at Macphun. “By test-driving Luminar for Windows, beta testers can help shape our software and make the final release a perfect fit for everyone,” concluded La Rue.
The public beta is free of charge and already matches some of the most important features of Luminar, such as the newest and most advanced tool developed by Macphun’s Research and Development Lab – the Accent AIFilter, powered by artificial intelligence technology. The filter allows anyone to create stunning images with a single slider, substituting for dozens of traditional controls like shadows, highlights, contrast, tone, saturation, exposure, details and many others.
Admittedly, several features from the Mac version of Luminar remain in development for the Windows platform, among them workspaces, plug-in integration, object removal, noise reduction, and more. As these are completed, the public beta will be updated regularly leading to a full cross-platform release late in 2017.
Key features of the Luminar for Windows public beta:
  • Adaptive user interface– Exactly matching the Mac version, the software adapts to the skill level and preferences of the photographer.
  • One-click presets– Over 50 pre-defined styles for every photography style.
  • Photo Editing Filters– Over 40 custom filters, each with built-in visual tips and a unique set of easy-to-use controls for correcting, enhancing and stylizing images.
  • RAW file conversion– Support for the latest RAW file libraries.
  • Non-destructive workflow– Edit without fear.
  • Recommended System Requirements– Windows 10, Core i5 2.2 or better, 8GB RAM, 1GB GPU RAM, SSD with 20+GB free space.
Download: Luminar for Windows
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Post Date: 7/13/2017 5:40:45 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Wednesday, July 12, 2017
From the LensRentals Blog:
We’ve had a number of fun, new lenses to test this summer and one I was pretty eager to get to was the Sigma 14mm f/1.8 Art, for a couple of reasons. First of all, it’s a 14mm lens that has a wider aperture than f/2.8, and that’s certainly interesting. Second, it’s a new Sigma Art prime lens, and those have been spectacular. So I begged and threatened and got the first ten copies for some bench testing before they went in stock.
As always, these are optical bench tests, so take them for what they’re worth. It is not a lens review because I don’t review lenses. That’s what photographers do. I test them, because, well, I’m a tester. Test results should tell you if the lens is worth consideration and further investigation, not that you should run out and buy it. I don’t make any suggestions about what you should run out and buy because I have no idea how you shoot or what’s important to you. But if the resolution is important to you, then read on.
As always, these are the results of 10 tested copies; each tested at four rotations with 84 data points. For those who don’t speak MTF, the easy version is higher is better, and dotted and solid lines of the same color close together are better.
Read the entire article on the LensRentals Blog.
B&H has the Sigma 14mm f/1.8 DG HSM Art Lens available for preorder. The lens is expected to be available July 14.
Post Date: 7/12/2017 5:53:21 AM CT   Posted By: Sean

From the Canon USA YouTube Channel:
Two Minute tips will help to answer frequently asked questions about Pro photography and printing. Each video will cover a different and interesting topic that will aid in the success of a photographer.
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Post Date: 7/12/2017 5:33:42 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
From the Lightroom Journal Blog:
On Lightroom Performance
I would like to address concerns recently voiced by our community of customers around Lightroom performance, as improving performance is our current top priority. We have a history, starting with our first public beta, of working with our customers to address workflow and feature needs, and we’d like to take that same approach regarding your performance concerns. We already understand many of the current pain points around GPU, import performance, certain editing tasks and review workflows and are investing heavily in improving those areas. Over the past year we’ve added numerous enhancements to address your performance concerns but we understand we will have a lot of work to do to meet your expectations. If you have feedback or would like to work with the Lightroom team on your most pressing issues, please fill out this survey.
Tom Hogarty
B&H carries Adobe Photography Plan subscriptions.
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Post Date: 7/12/2017 5:26:57 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Tuesday, July 11, 2017
From Nikon:
MELVILLE, NY – MELVILLE, NY - Today, Nikon announced the new AF-P NIKKOR 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6E ED VR, modernizing this popular zoom lens with a myriad of the latest Nikon technologies. The new lens features enhanced Vibration Reduction (VR) image stabilization capability and integrates a stepping motor for fast and quiet AF performance, making it Nikon’s first full-frame AF-P lens. This new NIKKOR lens is a versatile, compact telephoto option for intermediate FX and DX-format photographers looking to capture sports, wildlife, candids, travel and other subjects at long distances, all with stunning clarity.
“This latest lens reaffirms Nikon’s commitment to giving FX-format shooters of all levels the unparalleled quality of NIKKOR glass, with the benefits of our latest optical technologies,” said Kosuke Kawaura, Director of Marketing and Planning, Nikon Inc.
Updated with the Latest NIKKOR Lens Technologies
Whether capturing a baseball game from the bleachers or the sights of a scenic vacation, the new AF-P NIKKOR 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6E ED VR is a versatile lens that helps users capture sharp images and video, even in challenging light. The new AF-P NIKKOR 70-300mm is lighter than its predecessor, despite packing new technologies that help those shooting photos and video achieve stellar results. Enhancements to the lens include:

  • Improved Vibration Reduction (VR) System: The new AF-P NIKKOR 70-300mm lens provides users with up to 4.5 stops* of VR stabilization, to help create sharp photos and smooth video, even in low light or while handheld. Users can choose from either Normal or Sport VR Modes for added stability when shooting from a non-stationary location.
  • Lightweight with Stepping Motor Technology: This AF-P lens uses a stepping motor for fast and quiet autofocus, which reduces the sound of lens operation while recording HD or 4K UHD video. This new technology also contributes to the lens’ reduced weight, making it easy to carry on all-day excursions.
  • Electronic Diaphragm: This lens takes advantage of the fast burst speed of Nikon DSLR cameras, as the Electronic Diaphragm not only provides smooth exposure transitions during video capture, but also helps maintain consistent exposure during high-speed shooting, such as when photographing sports.
  • Get Close: The AF-P NIKKOR 70-300mm lens features a minimum focus distance of only 3.94 ft. (1.2 meters) and a reproduction ratio of 0.25x, letting users get even closer to capture the most extravagant details, even at 300mm.
  • Lens Construction: The lens features dust and drip resistance, along with a metal lens mount for durability. It features a 9-blade diaphragm for a natural, circular bokeh. The lens also features an ED element to significantly reduce instances of chromatic aberration.
Price and Availability
The Nikon AF-P NIKKOR 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6E ED VR lens will have a suggested retail price (SRP) of $699.95**, and availability will be announced at a later date.
Nikon AF-P NIKKOR 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6E ED VR Lens Preorders: B&H | Adorama
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Post Date: 7/11/2017 8:06:49 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
From Nikon:
Nikon D5 Firmware v.1.20
Changes from “C” Firmware Version 1.10 to 1.20
  • Added two new AF-area modes: group-area AF (HL) and group-area AF (VL). The user selects a row (HL) or column (VL) of focus points; when AF-C is selected for focus mode, the camera will give priority to the point in the selected row or column containing the subject closest to the camera.
  • Updated the photo info display to show the color temperature for photos taken with Auto selected for white balance.
  • Added an Exif tag listing the difference between the local time zone and UTC, part of the Exif 2.31 specification.
  • Added the support for the following features of AF-P lenses:
    • If the standby timer expires after the camera has focused, the focus position will not change when the timer is reactivated.
    • In manual focus mode, the focus indicator in the viewfinder (or in live view, the focus point selected in the monitor) will flash to show that infinity or the minimum focus distance has been reached by rotating the focus ring.
  • Changed the checks performed when Clean image sensor > Clean now is selected in the SETUP MENU. We recommend that you perform image sensor cleaning after updating the firmware.
  • Fixed the following issues:
    • The higher the amount of Active D Lighting selected when optional flash units were used with auto aperture (AA), non-TTL auto (A), or distance-priority manual (GN) flash mode, the more the resulting images would be underexposed.
    • Changes to exposure (including exposure compensation) would not be reflected in the photo live view exposure preview while the display was zoomed in.
    • Photo live view display WB could not be selected in the i-button menu while the exposure preview was displayed in photo live view.
    • Taking long bursts of photos with On selected for Network > Options > Auto send would sometimes drastically slow the recording of data to the memory card.
  • Reduced the amount of time needed to connect to hidden SSIDs when WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK is selected for Authentication.
  • Updated some help text.
Notice: Users of the software listed below will need to update to the following versions to support the changes in this firmware update:
Download: Nikon D5 Firmware v.1.20

Nikon D500 Firmware v.1.13
Changes from “C” Firmware Version 1.12 to 1.13
  • Fixed an issue that interfered with pairing or resulted in unreliable connections when the camera was used with the Android edition of the SnapBridge app.
Download: Nikon D500 Firmware v.1.13
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Post Date: 7/11/2017 6:56:43 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Monday, July 10, 2017
Just posted: Rokinon/Samyang SP 14mm f/2.4 Lens Review.
Learn about this new premium-grade lens from Rokinon/Samyang, the company that has long been the source of great value lenses.
This lens currently has a $200.00 instant savings available. The Rokinon SP 14mm f/2.4 Lens is in stock at B&H | Amazon | Adorama.
Post Date: 7/10/2017 8:59:35 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
 Friday, July 7, 2017
The Canon Digital Learning Center has two new articles for those who are interested in photographing the upcoming solar eclipse.
Multiple Camera Eclipse Coverage
Written by Dave Henry and Ken Sklute
It’s always a good idea to take advantage of technology and labor saving devices and try to multi-task whenever you can.
For example, your automatic lawn sprinklers water your yard, while your dishwasher is washing the dishes, while your robotic vacuum cleans your floors and your DVR records your favorite ball game – all while you are having fun editing your vacation photos on your computer. Add to that a self-driving lawn mower and that would be the ultimate in multi-tasking.
The same multi-tasking possibilities occur in photography.
It is possible to have one camera shooting a time-lapse sequence with an intervalometer automatically clicking the shutter while you’re operating a second camera. You can add to that a video camera documenting your movements and/or that of your friends and family at the same time. It just takes planning, coordination and equipment.

Planning Multiple Exposure Sequences
Written by Dave Henry and Ken Sklute
A photograph is all about visual communication and telling a story.
Combining multiple images into one composite photograph helps to tell a complete story in one view. The process however, takes some forethought.
First you have to visualize the end result. Do you want to produce a sequence of the eclipse at several phases, or a series of images of the entire eclipse crossing the sky with a recognizable foreground? With that decision in mind, you have to put a plan into motion and begin accumulating the hardware you’ll need to make it happen and begin scouting your foreground location.
The illustrations shown below are composites, meaning that each image is composed of numerous individual component photographs. What makes the two composite images different is the concept and the execution.
In this article, we're going to discuss using an image-editing program (such as Adobe Photoshop), to stack numerous individual images of the sun into one finished composite image. It's beyond the scope of this article to go into detail about the software process of layering images, working with layer masks, and so on, but this information is readily available online from numerous sources. We won't be using the in-camera multi-exposure feature found in many Canon EOS and other digital cameras, although that's an alternative users can consider. One benefit of the composite approach — using individual images and creating a final image in software — is the creative flexibility it provides, after the eclipse has occurred.
B&H carries Adobe Photography Plan subscriptions and solar eclipse gear.
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Post Date: 7/7/2017 9:54:45 AM CT   Posted By: Sean

From the Nikon USA YouTube Channel:
On August 21, Americans can experience the first total solar eclipse in the US in nearly 40 years! Nikon Ambassador Lucas Gilman shares important safety tips, a list of suggested gear and his favorite camera settings and tips for creatively capturing the solar eclipse.

B&H carries solar eclipse supplies.
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Post Date: 7/7/2017 9:43:10 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
From Nikon:
Nikon Inc. is asking your cooperation in connection with a voluntary recall of certain lot numbers of its Nikon Model EN-EL15 rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack. The battery pack can experience a short circuit causing it to overheat and possibly causing the outside casing to become deformed, posing a potential hazard to consumers. There have only been seven (7) confirmed reports of incidents of the problem worldwide, and while no injuries have taken place, Nikon Inc. has initiated this recall of the affected lot numbers as a reflection of its commitment to safety and product quality. We are asking that owners of the affected battery pack contact Nikon Inc. to initiate a free product exchange.
The Nikon EN-EL15 battery pack is provided as a supplied accessory with the purchase of Nikon’s digital SLR D800, D800E, D810A, D810, D610, D600, D7200, D7100, D7000, D500 cameras and the Nikon 1 V1 advanced camera with interchangeable lens. However, EN-EL15 batteries supplied with D810A, D810, D610, D600, D500, D7200, D7100 are not included in this voluntary recall. It is also sold separately at retail under Nikon’s model number 27011. The EN-EL15 battery pack involved in this recall was first distributed by Nikon in March 2012 and is still being sold at retail.
No other Nikon battery packs are involved in this recall. Nikon’s digital SLR D800, D800E, D810A, D810, D610, D600, D7200, D7100, D7000, D500 cameras and the Nikon 1 V1 advanced camera with interchangeable lens as well as any other Nikon cameras are also not subject to this recall.
What you should do:
1.) Determine if your EN-EL15 battery pack is affected
This voluntary recall is limited to EN-EL15 battery packs in lots E and F. First, please confirm that “EN-EL15” is printed on the label of your battery pack. Then, please locate the 14-digit lot number beside the recycle symbol, as shown on the photo below.
  • If the 9th character of the lot number is E or F, your battery is among those being recalled.
  • If the 9th character of the lot number is any other letter, your battery is not affected by this recall.
Click here to use our lot number lookup tool.
2.) If your EN-EL15 battery pack is affected
  • Immediately remove the battery from your camera or camera bag, but please do not dispose of it.
  • Complete the Nikon's online EN-EL15 battery exchange form by clicking the button below.
  • Once your request is processed Nikon will send a confirmation email.
  • On the day of your battery exchange, UPS will contact you by phone and email notifying you of the delivery.
  • A UPS courier will then deliver your new battery pack(s) AND collect the recalled battery pack(s).
  • Someone needs to be present for this exchange. If you need to make special arrangements, please contact UPS.
Exchange My EN-EL 15 Battery
3.) If your EN-EL15 battery pack is not affected
No further action is needed. Please continue using your EN-EL15 battery pack as usual.
Nikon is committed to safety and to providing to its customers only the highest quality products. We regret any inconvenience this matter may cause you and appreciate your continued support of Nikon and its products.
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Post Date: 7/7/2017 9:36:26 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
From Reuters:
Canon Inc's stock fell to its lowest levels in more than two months on Friday after EU regulators said they may fine it up to 10 percent of annual revenue for jumping the gun in its acquisition of Toshiba Corp's medical unit.
The EU Commission said it had reached a preliminary view that Canon breached rules by using a so-called "warehousing" two-step transaction structure involving an interim buyer to buy the company prior to obtaining relevant approvals.
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Post Date: 7/7/2017 8:32:00 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Thursday, July 6, 2017
Canon Japan has posted official sample photos and videos for the EOS 6D Mark II. (thanks Paul)
Preorder the Canon EOS 6D Mark II
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Post Date: 7/6/2017 9:45:19 PM CT   Posted By: Sean
Both B&H and Amazon are listing July 27 and the expected availablility date for the Canon EOS 6D Mark II.
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Post Date: 7/6/2017 7:21:51 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
B&H has the DJI Ronin 2 3-Axis Handheld / Aerial Stabilizer available for preorder with free expedited shipping.
Product Highlights
  • For DSLRs / Cinema Cameras
  • 30-Pound Payload Capacity
  • Enhanced SmoothTrack Algorithm and GPS
  • Upright, Underslung, and Briefcase Modes
  • Easy Underslung/Upright Transitions
  • 2-Axis Mode for Use with Steadicam
  • Retractable Feet/Self-Supporting Design
  • Camera Control for Select Cameras
  • 2.4 / 5.8 GHz Switchable Remote
  • Up to 0.6-Mile Control Range
Category: Preorders
Post Date: 7/6/2017 6:35:05 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
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