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 Monday, December 10, 2012
With help from friend-of-the-site Norbert, I have updated the Determining the Age of a Canon Lens page. It now appears possible to determine the age of a Canon lens based on the new 10-digit serial number.
I say "appears" as this chart is somewhat of a work in process. The numbers seem to be holding out well (or are at most 1 month behind) for the lenses we've checked to date. We can use your help in testing the chart - Please send us any certain discrepancies you find.
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Post Date: 12/10/2012 1:31:44 PM CT   Posted By: Bryan
A handful of sample pictures have been added to the following reviews:
Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM Lens Review
Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM Lens Review
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Post Date: 12/10/2012 9:01:48 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
Use promotion code FIREHD89 at Amazon to receive $50.00 off any 8.9" Kindle Fire HD Android tablet.
Post Date: 12/10/2012 8:58:11 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
From Nikon:
Nikon provides aid to the victims of the Typhoon "Bopha" in the Philippines.
December 10, 2012 - Nikon Corporation would like to express its profound sympathy and condolences to the victims of the typhoon "Bopha" in the Philippines.
In response to this tragedy and to extend the immediate support to its victims and affected area, the Nikon group has decided to donate the following assistance:
Cash donation - $20,000 USD
The allocation and timing of the donation are now under consideration.
The Nikon group sincerely hopes for the earliest possible recovery from this disaster.
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Post Date: 12/10/2012 7:26:59 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Saturday, December 8, 2012
From Nikon USA:
Q: How do I clean a camera lens?
A: The best way to clean a lens is to use a piece of lint free lens cleaning tissue and a small amount of Lens Cleaning solution. Do not use anything containing abrasives or solvents, only use Lens Cleaning Solution.
First we recommend taking a small blower brush to blow off or brush away loose dust or debris.
Next, place a drop or two of cleaner on the tissue (never directly onto the lens) and then wipe the lens in a circular motion, beginning in the center and working your way outward, removing any marks or smear.
If the above supplies are not available a clean, dry, soft, lint free cloth can be used to clean the lens. Do not breathe on the lens to fog it for cleaning. There are harmful acids in breath that can damage lens coatings. Just use the blower bulb, then brush, and wipe the lens in a circular spiral from the center outward.
The same method can be used to clean the viewfinder eyepiece of Nikon cameras.
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Post Date: 12/8/2012 11:50:10 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Friday, December 7, 2012
Just Posted: Flashpoint All-Inclusive DSLR/DV Cinema Rig Review
If you are looking for a decent quality video rig for a great price, the Flashpoint system is worth checking out. And right now, it is sale-priced at $100.00 off.
Adorama has the Flashpoint All-Inclusive DSLR/DV Cinema Rig on sale for $499.95 (regularly a good deal at $599.95).
Post Date: 12/7/2012 9:21:15 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
Transcend Industrial Use Memory Cards.jpg
From Transcend:
Transcend Adds High Capacity Industrial Use microSDHC and CompactFlash Memory Cards to Its Lineup
December 6, 2012 - Transcend Information, Inc. (Transcend), a worldwide leader in storage and multimedia products, today announced the addition of Industrial use microSDHC Class 10 and CF170 CompactFlash memory cards to its industrial memory card product line. Ideal for use in small form factor devices with demanding performance and capacity requirements, Transcend’s MLC-based microSDHC Class 10 and CF170 memory cards are the most reliable high speed, high volume compact storage solution.
Manufactured using brand-name MLC NAND Flash chips, Transcend’s Industrial use microSDHC cards guarantee superior performance and long-term stability over their consumer-grade TLC counterparts. Combining advanced Flash technology with the top-of-the-line Class 10 speed rating, these cards provide impressive read/write speeds of up to 20MB/16MB per second, losing nothing in transfer performance despite their tiny dimensions. Thanks to their fast data transfer rates, enhanced reliability, and available capacities of up to 32GB, Transcend’s Industrial use microSDHC Class 10 cards are the perfect OEM/bundle pack accessory for compact non-stop applications, including the latest digital cameras, DV recorders, mobile phones, and portable vehicle navigation systems.
Compliant with the latest CompactFlash 6.0 specification, Transcend’s new industrial CF170 CompactFlash cards boast high-speed transfer rates of up to 90MB/s and up to an extra large 64GB capacity. Offering outstanding compatibility across a wide-range of platforms, such as outdoor vending machines, medical instruments, and road surveillance systems, CF170 CF cards can deliver peak performance under harsh environmental conditions, operating effectively between -25°C and 85°C. To further protect CF card data, built-in Advanced Power Shield technology directly monitors the host power input to prevent data loss in the event of a sudden power outage. Fully satisfying the demanding requirements of industrial applications, Transcend’s MLC-based CF170 CF cards include all the same industrial features as SLC Flash based cards without the high cost.
To ensure the utmost level of quality, all Transcend Industrial products undergo extensive testing in all stages of production. In addition to offering excellent shock and vibration resistance, Transcend’s Industrial memory cards feature built-in Error Correction Code (ECC) that helps detect and correct any errors found during data transfer. Transcend’s Industrial use microSDHC Class 10 cards are offered in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB capacities, while the Industrial CF170 CompactFlash cards are available in 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacities.
B&H and Amazon carry Transcend Memory Cards.
Post Date: 12/7/2012 9:45:42 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
The Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 SP Di VC and Tamron 90mm f/2.8 SP Di MACRO lenses for Canon are currently in stock at the following retailers:
Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 SP Di VC Lens for Canon
B&H | Adorama | Amazon
Tamron 90mm f/2.8 SP Di MACRO Lens for Canon
B&H | Adorama | Amazon
Post Date: 12/7/2012 7:37:09 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Thursday, December 6, 2012
ISO 12233 resolution chart results for the Canon EOS 6D DSLR Camera and Canon EF 200mm f/2L IS USM Lens are now available on the site.
With these results, many comparisons can be made, but the Canon EOS 6D and 5D Mark II comparison is the one I wanted to see the most. While the 5D II holds a small megapixel advantage, the 6D delivers results that are at least as sharp.
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Post Date: 12/6/2012 10:42:21 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
ISO 12233 resolution chart and distortion test results along with lens measurements have been added to the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 DG HSM Lens Review page.
From a lab perspective, this looks like a very nice lens. I really like the new Sigma physical design.
Post Date: 12/6/2012 8:08:42 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
 Wednesday, December 5, 2012
A DSLR camera noise comparison has been added to the Canon EOS 6D Digital SLR Camera Review page.
The results are great, but not surprising to me - I think you will like what you see as the bar continues to be raised on high ISO performance.
The Canon EOS 6D is now in stock at our preferred retailers.
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Post Date: 12/5/2012 10:13:37 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
From Canon USA:
Thank you for using Canon products.
We have identified a phenomenon which prevents movie files shot using Canon EOS 6D Digital SLR Cameras from being played back on YouTube.
Affected Product
EOS 6D Digital SLR Camera
While we continue to investigate this phenomenon, please follow the instructions outlined below to upload Canon EOS 6D movie files to YouTube. After our investigation is complete, we will make an update to this announcement.

  1. Download the movie file(s) from the EOS 6D camera to your computer.
  2. Start ImageBrowser EX, an application bundled with the EOS 6D.
  3. After selecting the movie file(s) to be uploaded, select [Edit Movies] in the [Edit] tab from the menu bar of ImageBrowser EX.
  4. “MovieEdit Task” will start. Save the movie using the [Save] menu on the screen.
  5. Upload the saved movie to YouTube.

This information is for residents of the United States and Puerto Rico only. If you do not reside in the USA or Puerto Rico, please contact the Canon Customer Support Center in your region.
Please register the EOS 6D. By registering, we will be able to notify you via email when service updates are available.
Thank you,
Customer Support Operations
Canon U.S.A., Inc
Contact Information for Inquiries
Canon Customer Support Center
Phone: 1-800-OK-CANON, 1-800-652-2666
TDD: 1-866-251-3752
For additional support options:

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Post Date: 12/5/2012 10:11:40 PM CT   Posted By: Bryan
The new Canon PIXMA PRO-100 and Canon PIXMA PRO-10 printers are in stock at the following retailers:
Canon PIXMA PRO-100 - B&H | Adorama | Amazon
Canon PIXMA PRO-10 - B&H | Adorama | Amazon
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Post Date: 12/5/2012 2:27:04 PM CT   Posted By: Sean
December 5, 2012 - DxO Labs announces the immediate availability of DxO Optics Pro v8.1 for Windows and Mac, the new version of its image processing software of reference for all serious photographers. DxO Optics Pro v8.1 now offers color management and sharpness enhancement when printing, an output option for reducing EXIF data, as well as numerous improvements to its interface for an even more rapid workflow.
This update also allows DxO Optics Pro 8 to support the Sony NEX-6, the Canon Powershot S110 and G15, and the Olympus Pen E-PM2 and E-PL5.
DxO Optics Pro v8.1 also benefits from the continuous addition of DxO Optics Modules. Nearly 150 new camera/lens combinations have been added to the library. The software now provides support for additional Canon, Olympus, and Sigma lenses for Canon, Olympus, and Sony cameras. Among these is the highly-anticipated Sigma 35mm F1.4 DG HSM for Canon, the first very wide-aparture lens in the new Sigma Art line designed for landscape, portrait, still life, macro, and reportage.
Based on a unique approach of prior calibration in the laboratories of DxO Labs, DxO Optics Pro v8.1 includes numerous powerful and automatic RAW and JPEG image-processing tools. DxO Optics Pro v8.1 offers the best tool for automatically adjusting contrast and light, the most advanced optical corrections on the market, and precise color management. Its unrivaled performance and its intuitive interface provides a smooth and fast workflow.
Management of print color and sharpness
DxO Optics Pro v8.1 now allows photographers to adjust the color rendering and the sharpness of the images they print.
The new options in DxO Optics Pro v8.1's print module allow the user to choose an ICC color profile for directly managing the print rendering.
Further, a dedicated slider lets the user enhance the sharpness of the image so as to adapt the print quality to the size of the print desired.
New output options and improved interface
DxO Optics Pro v8.1 offers a new output option that allows users to remove all of the EXIF metadata contained in a JPEG or TIFF image file - very useful for restricting this kind of information as well as for reducing its size when sharing such files online.
Among other improvements found in DxO Optics Pro v8.1, the preferences window now displays the size of the disk space that the preview and thumbnail cache occupy.
In addition, the DxO Optics Modules management window has been enhanced to display all the available camera/lens combinations available, whether or not they have been installed on the user's computer.
Finally, the Windows version now includes certain improvements that were previously introduced in the Mac version. For example, information layer about corrections that cannot be previewed because of the zoom level has now been removed: this information is now directly indicated in the relevant palettes for greater user comfort.
More flexible OpenCL management
The thumbnail display as well as image processing in DxO Optics Pro 8 benefits from OpenCL acceleration (Windows version only). DxO Optics Pro v8.1 removes certain restrictions present in earlier versions and now allows users to activate this option at any time as soon as the graphics card on their computer supports this feature.
B&H carries DxO products.
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Post Date: 12/5/2012 2:16:08 PM CT   Posted By: Sean
B&H has the new Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 SP Di VC and Tamron 90mm f/2.8 SP Di MACRO lenses for Canon in stock.
The new Tamron lenses also qualify for B&H's 2% rewards program.
Post Date: 12/5/2012 12:59:00 PM CT   Posted By: Sean
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