Tripod, Ball Head & Accessory Reviews

One of the most important pieces in your DSLR kit is going to be a tripod and head. Tripoding your camera allows careful locked-in framing of your subject, steadies your shot for a sharper image, allows use of long exposures and allows remote use of the camera. The right tripod head will make a huge difference – making any tripod much easier to use.

Unfortunately, people frequently go cheap for their first tripod. The function-reducing poor quality of that first tripod usually leads to a bad experience. If that experience does not drive them away from tripod use altogether, buying again is the common alternative – which, of course, is not cost-efficient. Skip the cheap starter option and reap the rewards of the quality investment from the start.

I have not received a single email expressing regret for purchasing a quality tripod system.

Tripod, Ball Head & Accessory Reviews (Discontinued)

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