Tripod Head Mounting Plate with Hex Stud Review

Tripod Head Mounting Plate with Hex Stud

The Tripod Head Mounting Plate with Hex Stud is an accessory used for attaching a tripod head (or anything with 3/8" diameter receptor threads) to a device with a 5/8" hexagonal female receiver such as a Super Clamp. When paired with a Super Clamp, the Mounting Plate with Hex Stud provides a stable camera platform that can be attached to poles or flat surfaces between roughly 2.16" (54.9mm) down to .5" (12mm).

Want to set out for an urban excursion with camera support but without a tripod? Going where tripods are not permitted or practical? A Super Clamp paired with the Tripod Head Mounting Plate is a solid, easy to pack solution. The large number of hand rails, fences, benches and tables found in urban areas provide an optimal already-in-place mounting surface for your camera. Nighttime urban photographers, with their need for long exposures, will especially love the convenience of the Super Clamp and mounting plate combination for long exposure captures.

This simple and inexpensive part along with the highly useful Super Clamp provides a solid and versatile ball head mounting solution, providing compact camera support in many locations.

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