Wimberley Arca-Type Quick Release Adapter/Clamp Review

Note: The C-10 Quick Release Clamp specifically referred to in this review has been replaced by the improved Wimberley C-12 Quick Release Clamp.

The Wimberley Arca-Type Quick Release Clamp is an ideal way to mount lens plate equipped lenses and camera body plate equipped camera bodies to a monopod or to a tripod head without a quick-release adapter built in ... Or to anything else you can bolt it to!

Here is Wimberley's description of the C-10 Quick Release Clamp ...

Wimberley Arca-Type Quick Release Clamps use the Arca-Swiss geometry. They accept Arca-Swiss style plates such as those made by Wimberley, Really Right Stuff, Kirk, Leonard Rue Enterprises, Arca-Swiss, and Foba. The Wimberley Arca-Type Quick Release Clamp is constructed of 7075 T6 aluminum (about 1.8 times as strong as 6061) and stainless steel.

The Wimberley Arca-Type Quick Release Clamps have a unique tongue-in-pocket design that protects internal parts from dust and grit. The tongues are nearly twice as long as those on conventional Arca-Swiss style clamps. This added length counteracts the tendency for the moving jaw of the clamp to hinge backwards during clamping, thus, keeping the jaws aligned with the geometry of the plate and eliminating unwanted bending stresses on the stainless steel threaded stud.

There is a stop screw located inside the back cavity of the knob. This screw keeps the knob and internal workings of the C-10 Quick Release Clamp captive.

Two finger shaped channels extend from the sides of the C-10 Quick Release Clamp and stop just short of the central 3/8" tapped hole. These channels allow greater fore-aft adjustment when using the optional safety stops on new Wimberley quick release plates.

The Quick Release Clamp model C-10 is 2.5" long. It has a central 3/8" threaded hole that can be used to fasten it to a tripod head or any piece of equipment requiring a quick release. It also has two 1/4" threaded holes located 1" to each side of the central hole. These can be used to keep the clamp from twisting in applications where it is possible to use more than one fastener (e.g. mounting to a slot, or for custom equipment).

The Quick Release Clamp model C-10 comes with a 3/8" to 1/4" brass reducer bushing that you can use if your particular application requires a 1/4" threaded hole instead of a 3/8" hole.

Typically excellent Wimberley quality is found in the Wimberley Arca-Type Quick Release Clamp.

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