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 Wednesday, April 24, 2013
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Post Date: 4/24/2013 9:05:53 AM CT   Posted By: Sean

Nikon recently published a video promoting its D7100 DSLR camera. Filmed exclusively with the D7100 and Nikkor lenses, "Life in the Waves" follows photograher Chris Burkard as he shoots in his hometown of Pismo Beach, California.
B&H carries the Nikon D7100 DSLR camera.
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Post Date: 4/24/2013 7:46:19 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
Canon has released Q1 2013 Financial results. The presentation material PDF provides a graphical summary.
From Reuters:
Canon raises profit outlook as weak yen swells earnings
Canon Inc raised its full-year operating profit forecast by $300 million as a weakening yen triggered by Japan's latest deflation-fighting policies inflates its overseas earnings, despite smartphones sapping compact camera sales.
Canon sees lower compact camera sales in 2013, expects weaker yen
Japan's Canon Inc said on Wednesday it expected to sell 14.5 million compact cameras in the current business year that ends in December, down from its previous forecast of 17 million units, but it expected a weaker yen versus the dollar.
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Post Date: 4/24/2013 6:43:23 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Tuesday, April 23, 2013
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Post Date: 4/23/2013 2:10:43 PM CT   Posted By: Sean
From Nikon:
Modifications enabled with this firmware upgrade

  • Display accuracy for the virtual horizon has been increased according to the direction in which the camera is pointed.
  • The interval between shots with uninterrupted shooting when Auto bracketing is set to Exposure bracketing has been reduced.
  • An issue that prevented shutter speeds slower than one second for the second and subsequent shots when shooting with Auto bracketing set to Exposure bracketing has been resolved.

Download the COOLPIX P7700 Firmware 1.1 Update: Windows | Macintosh
Installation instructions (PDF): Windows | Macintosh
B&H carries the Nikon COOLPIX P7700 Digital Camera.

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Post Date: 4/23/2013 11:04:30 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
From Canon USA:
Canon U.S.A. has launched the Cinema EOS C500 4K Digital Cinema Camera Menu Simulator. Developed by the Canon Digital Learning Center (CDLC), the EOS C500 Menu Simulator is a fully interactive platform that allows users to familiarize themselves with the camera’s Main Menu and Custom Picture Menu.
With this innovative training tool, prospective users of the EOS C500 can navigate the simulated menu system with a mouse, keyboard arrow keys or their fingers (when using a touch screen device). Ideal for cinematographers, camera operators, camera assistants, producers, and directors, the Menu Simulator provides a platform to research camera behavior and features.
For added convenience, the EOS C500 Menu Simulator has been optimized for use on personal computers and tablet devices so it can be used at home, on set, or on-the-go.
To access this simulator feature please visit:
B&H carries the Canon EOS C500 Cinema Camcorder.
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Post Date: 4/23/2013 8:45:30 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Monday, April 22, 2013
If you are a Google Reader user, you are likely aware that Google is shutting down this service in the near future. This shut down leaves many of us concerned about the longevity of the rest of Google's free (or paid) services, but the more immediate need is to find a replacement for Reader.
After a modestly intense search, Feedly has become my replacement web-based RSS feed reader. I have been using the Firefox version of Feedly for weeks now and am pleased with its functionality. Especially nice for those following a large number of feeds is that Feedly will auto-import your Google feeds. Select the List View for each of your feeds to most-closely mimic Google Reader's default view, but also check out the other available options.
Visit: Feedly
Post Date: 4/22/2013 8:47:03 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan

From YouTube:
Throughout his ISS mission, CSA Astronaut Chris Hadfield has been taking some of the most incredible photos of Earth ever seen. In this video, the Station Commander takes us to the best seat in the house to gaze at the visual splendour of the Earth.
He shares his techniques and his passion for capturing the fleeting glimpses of our changing world that has galvanized a vast and diverse audience of space-lovers. Credit: Canadian Space Agency/NASA
To see more of Hadfield's images of Earth, visit him on Twitter @Cmdr_Hadfield or through his Facebook,
Post Date: 4/22/2013 4:05:51 PM CT   Posted By: Sean
From Canon:
OKYO, April 22, 2013—Canon Inc. today announced that the company's interchangeable-lens digital cameras (digital SLR and compact-system cameras) have consistently maintained the No. 1 share worldwide in terms of volume within the interchangeable-lens digital camera market for the 10-year period from 2003 to 2012.*1
In addition to the interchangeable lenses, Canon also develops its own key components—the CMOS image sensors and image processors—employed in the company's interchangeable-lens cameras, incorporating the most advanced of these technologies in its flagship EOS-1D series. By applying these technologies to other models as well, Canon has successfully created a powerful product lineup that effectively responds to the needs of a wide range of users, from professionals to entry-level users, which has enabled the company to maintain the top global share.
In 2003, the dawn of digital SLR cameras, Canon introduced its breakthrough EOS Kiss Digital (EOS Digital Rebel or EOS 300D Digital in other regions), a compact and lightweight user-friendly camera that set the stage for growth in the digital SLR market while, at the same time, captured the top share of the global market. Since that time, Canon, in the company's ongoing pursuit of high image quality, has launched a number of models targeting advanced-amateur users that offer among the highest levels of performance for their class, including the EOS 5D series, which paved the way for digital SLR video recording.
In 2012, Canon celebrated the 25th anniversary of the introduction of the EOS system and marked its 10th consecutive year as the market's world leader. During the year, Canon launched the compact-system EOS M, aimed at expanding the company's entry-level user base, along with the EOS 6D, the world's smallest and lightest*2 digital SLR camera equipped with a 35 mm full-frame CMOS sensor, which contributed to the growth of the advanced-amateur user segment.
This year, Canon introduced the EOS Kiss X7 (EOS Rebel SL1 or EOS 100D in other regions), the world's smallest and lightest*2 digital SLR camera equipped with an APS-C-size sensor, bolstering its product lineup with a model befitting the industry's top brand while targeting its 11th straight year as the world's market leader.
With a history of producing cameras that dates back to the company's founding in 1937, Canon will continue refining its diverse imaging technologies based on its core optical technologies, striving to produce exceptional and reliable lenses and cameras that cater to the varying needs of photographers—from first-time users to advanced amateurs and professionals—while contributing to expanding the photographic and video imaging culture.
*1 Based on a survey by Canon.
*2 As of March 1, 2013, based on a Canon survey.

B&H carries Canon DSLR cameras & lenses.
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Post Date: 4/22/2013 6:44:39 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Sunday, April 21, 2013

This is's Weekend Recap for the week ending April 20th, 2013.
In the news...
On Monday, Adobe announced the availability of Photoshop Lightroom 5 Beta. New features include an advanced healing brush, the ability to straighten images with a single click, radial gradient tool, video slideshow editing, and improved photo book creation.
On Tuesday, Nikon published several firmware updates all addressing the same battery charging issue. In all, fifteen COOLPIX cameras were affected and require the firmware update to correct the issue.
On Thursday, Sigma dropped a bombshell when it announced its 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM lens – the newest addition to its “Art” lineup. Designed for APS-C sensor digital cameras, the lens features 17 elements in 12 groups, 9 rounded aperture blades, and a constant f/1.8 maximum aperture throughout its zoom range – a unique feature that grabbed a lot of attention this week. Unfortunately, a release date and price has yet to be determined.
In site news and reviews...
Also on Thursday, Bryan introduced a new, more useful homepage for the site. The new homepage was designed to make it easier to access the site’s reviews, tools, tips, and recommendations. Check out the new homepage at and let us know what you think on Facebook, Google +, or Twitter!
And, for our deal of the week…
On Monday, we posted an eBay deal where you could get the Canon EOS M Mirrorless camera with the 18-55mm IS STM lens for $399.99 with free shipping. That’s nearly a 30% savings off the normal retail price. Note: Price on auction has changed since publication of post.
This has been the’s Weekend Recap. Thanks for listening, and as always, happy shooting!

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Post Date: 4/21/2013 12:37:05 PM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Friday, April 19, 2013
B&H has the long awaited Canon 77mm Mark II Center-Pinch Lens Cap in stock. (thanks Scott)
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Post Date: 4/19/2013 4:33:22 PM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Thursday, April 18, 2013
This change was long overdue. I've been tired of the home page design for a long time and finally carved out the time necessary to do something about it. Check out the new, much more useful home page.
The new layout is designed to be your hub to the most-used pages on the site. Take a moment to explore the options now available on the home page. If you like what you see, please use the social buttons at the top of the page to "Like", "Tweet", "+1" or otherwise share the updated page!
This site is all about you, so help us serve you better by sending us your suggestions. Tell us how to tweak the graphic design. Tell us what additional content should be available (or should be removed). Hit the "Contact Us" link at the top of the page or go over to Facebook or Google+ to share these ideas and suggestions with us.
Note that I plan to make similar changes to some of the other category pages on the site. These changes will not be as big - I'll likely not announce these.
Post Date: 4/18/2013 10:20:14 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
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Post Date: 4/18/2013 1:16:58 PM CT   Posted By: Sean
A new Canon firmware update for Canon EOS 5D Mark III is scheduled to be available April 30 according to the Canon USA product page.

"A firmware update for EOS 5D Mark III is scheduled to be available on April 30, 2013. Please click here to learn more."

The firmware update will allow autofocusing at f/8 and uncompressed HDMI output support.
B&H carries the Canon 5D Mark III DSLR camera.

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Post Date: 4/18/2013 8:45:10 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
From Sigma:
Sigma Corporation announces world's first F1.8 constant aperture zoom lens
New 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM features Global Vision Art lens design
RONKONKOMA, NY — Sigma Corporation of America (, a leading researcher, developer, manufacturer and service provider for some of the world's most impressive lines of lenses, cameras and flashes, today announced the Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM Art lens, the market’s first zoom lens to achieve a maximum aperture F1.8 throughout the entire zoom range.
This revolutionary, wide aperture, standard zoom lens is created for DSLR cameras with APS-C size sensors, which translates to a focal range of 27-52.5mm on a 35mm camera. With a minimum focusing distance of 11 inches, and a maximum magnification ratio of 1:4.3, the 18-35mm is ideal for landscapes, portraits, still-life, studio, close-up and casual photography.
“Exceptionally fast apertures were previously unavailable in zoom lenses, so photographers turned to several prime lenses in a session to get bright images at various focal lengths. We’re incredibly excited to be the first manufacturer to bring the F1.8 standard zoom to the market and to provide photographers with a new level of creativity and convenience, with the outstanding image quality at the core of the new Sigma Global Vision,” said Mark Amir-Hamzeh, president of Sigma Corporation of America.
Amir-Hamzeh added that because developing a large aperture wide angle zoom lens can prove to be technologically and optically challenging, often resulting in various distortions, aberrations and field curvature, Sigma has tapped into its long history as a lens pioneer to overcome those issues in this new generation lens.
“Our experience with the wide angle designs of our 12-24mm F4.5-5.6 II DG HSM and our 8-16mm F4.5-5.6 DC HSM, and our research and development in our Aizu factory have prepared us for this technological advancement,” he said. “Our wide, glass-molded aspherical lens and the incorporation of Special Low Dispersion (SLD) glass have optimized power distribution of the optical elements and compensated for various aberrations, as well as curvature of field at the widest angle. We’re extremely proud of this achievement.”
The 18-35mm is the latest addition to the company’s Art line of lenses, designed under the new Global Vision. The Global Vision lenses have a sleek new design with the manufacturing year stamped on the barrel, and are categorized by use into one of three groups: Art, Contemporary and Sports. The Art category delivers high-level artistic expression through sophisticated and abundant expressive power.
The new 18-35mm lens incorporates Sigma’s improved AF/MF switch and the use of Thermally Stable Composite (TSC) compound material, which has a high affinity to metal parts, consistently performs well at extreme temperatures, and reduces the size and weight of the lens. It is also compatible with Sigma’s new USB Dock, which will be available in coming months, enabling photographers to update lens firmware and adjust focus parameters from their computers.
Convenient handling is achieved with internal focusing and zooming, which prevents changes to the size of the lens. Additionally, the front part of the lens does not rotate, so special filters like circular polarizers can be used.
The 18-35mm lens’ Super Multi-Layer Coating reduces flare and ghosting and provides sharp and high contrast images, even in backlit conditions. The petal-type hood that is supplied with the lens will provide extra protection from flare and ghosting. Sigma’s Hyper Sonic Motor (HSM) ensures a silent, high-speed AF function and the optimized auto focus algorithm results in smooth focusing and full-time manual focusing capability. Lastly, the nine-blade, rounded diaphragm creates an attractive, round bokeh at large-aperture settings.

Lens Construction:17 elements in 12 groups
Minimum aperturef/16
Filter size:72mm
Angle of view (SD1):76.5°-44.2°
Minimum focusing distance11in
Dimensions (Diameter x Length):3.1 inches x 4.8 inches
Number of diaphragm blades:9 (rounded diaphragm)
Maximum magnification ratio:1:4.3
Weight:28.6 oz

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Post Date: 4/18/2013 6:51:29 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
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