Useful Photography Apps for Android

By Sean Setters

There are more than a few Android apps designed specifically for photographers. Here are some of the apps that I have found particularly useful:

Depth of Field Calculator (Free)

If you've ever used DOFMaster online, then you will be immediately familiar with what this app can do. Plug in your variables such as camera sensor size, focal length, aperture and subject distance, and the app will tell you how much depth-of-field you can expect when using those variables.

gps4cam ($2.99)

gps4cam allows you to geotag your images using your phone or tablet's GPS. The neat thing about gps4cam is that your phone and your camera's dates and times don't have to be synchronized in order for it to work. The program uses a QR code (the last image captured should be the QR code) to properly synchronize the track log with the times that the images were captured. Download the free gps4cam Desktop Client (click on "Downloads") on the gps4cam website.

The Photographer's Ephemeris ($4.99)

The Photographer's Ephemeris is a fantastic little app that can show you the sun or moon's position in the sky for any date, time and location. I used the app today to find out where the sun would be in the sky during a wedding ceremony I will be photographing next month. It's also incredibly handy for planning landscape photography trips, too.

Easy Release - Model Releases ($9.99)

Easy Release - Model Releases is an app I've used many times. The app generates model or property releases on your phone. You simply fill in the variables (Shoot Name, Location, Date, Subject Info, etc) and a release is automatically generated. Once generated, signatures using the phone's touchscreen are required to complete the process. Once complete, a PDF of the release can be emailed to the Photographer and/or the model/property owner. The releases generated by Easy Release are approved for use by Getty Images, iStockPhoto and Alamy.

If you have any other suggestions for Android apps that photographers might be interested in, let us know on our Facebook page.

Posted: 5/31/2013 1:43:26 PM ET   Posted By: Sean
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