A Look at How Dynamic Range Has Improved — Canon EOS R5 Compared to Canon EOS 5Ds R

As you've likely read, I've been using the Canon EOS 5Ds R as my primary camera since it first became available. While I still love the image quality this camera produces, the 5Ds R is beginning to feel aged. In particular, I wanted to know how the dynamic range of the new Canon EOS R5 compared to that of the 5Ds R. Some additional testing, over and under-exposure captures from the 5Ds R, makes that comparison now available in the site's camera noise comparison tool:

Canon EOS R5 Dynamic Range Comparison with 5Ds R

In that 2-stop-overexposed comparison, the R5's dynamic range is clearly superior (keep in mind that the brightest color value is below RGB 255,255,255 in the base exposure).

As expected, the +3 EV comparison more clearly shows the R5's improved performance.

Learn more about the Canon EOS R5.

Posted: 7/27/2020 9:05:50 AM ET   Posted By: Bryan
Posted to: Canon News    Category: Camera Gear Review News
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