Mirrorless Camera Grip Size Comparison Between the Canon EOS R, Nikon Z 6, Z 7, and Sony a7III, a7R III, a9

When considering the addition of a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera to the kit, one of the concerns is the grip size. When reducing the size of a camera, the grip is an easy target. However, when the grip is made too small, the camera becomes harder to use.

I used calipers to very precisely measure the grip height from the bottom of the camera to the top edge of the useful grip area on the front of each camera, but note that there was a tiny amount of judgment to be made in the latter determination. The depth measurement was made at the thickest part of the grip that included the finger swell area on the front. Use the EOS 5D-series DSLR camera as a baseline to compare against.

Canon EOS 5Ds R2.73"(69.3mm)2.79"(70.9mm)
Canon EOS R2.53"(64.3mm)2.65"(67.3mm)
Nikon Z 6, Nikon Z 72.33"(59.0mm)2.63"(66.7mm)
Sony a7 III, Sony a7R III, Sony a92.08"(52.8mm)2.40"(60.8mm)

My hand size falls between medium and large. The Sony grip design requires that I use a pinky-under strategy. My pinky just fits on the Nikon Z 6 and Z 7 grip and my pinky comfortably fits on the Canon EOS R grip.

If the native grip size is not large enough for you, add the respective battery grip. For the Canon EOS R, that grip is the Canon Battery Grip BG-E22. Though not available as I write this, the MB-N10 Multi-Power Battery Pack has been promised for the Nikon Z 6 and Z 7 cameras. Sony a7 III, a7R III, and a9 cameras are compatible with the Sony VG-C3EM vertical grip. These Sony cameras are also compatible with the Sony GP-X1EM Grip Extension. While the battery grips add size and weight to cameras having light weight and small size as advantages, the grips are easily removable, offering the best of both worlds. I have used the Canon and Sony grips and like them a lot.

I do not have an EOS RP at this time, but if someone sends me the measurements, I'll add them to this comparison chart. The RP's grip is remarkably nice for the tiny size of this camera, but it has a pinky-under grip height with the Canon EG-E1 Extension Grip adding room for that last finger.

If you were considering the purchase of one of these camera models, now is a very good time to do so. Instant rebates ranging up to $1,000 for Sony, $700 for Nikon, and $500 for Canon are currently available. Please remember to use the links on this site to make all of your purchases! Use the links in the comparison table to navigate to the camera model you are interested in.

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