Canon EG-E1 Extension Grip for EOS RP Review

Canon EG-E1 Extension Grip

For those looking for a bit more grip surface for their Canon EOS RP, the Canon EG-E1 Extension Grip may be just what is needed.

Canon EOS RP with EG-E1 Extension Grip

While the EOS RP's grip is very well-designed, the small size means that the right pinky slides under the camera body. For those who want the added support of the pinky aiding in camera control, there is the Canon EG-E1 Extension Grip offered in black, or add a tasteful splash of color with the red or blue options.

Canon EG-E1 Extension Grip Blue

Can't decide which you like best? Buy all three and use the color that fits the event. The built-in thumbscrew makes installing and removing the grip very easy and when installed, the grip is solid and comfortable.

Canon EG-E1 Extension Grip Red

The battery door must be removed (an easy task) to allow the EG-E1 grip to be installed with a door on the grip providing access to the battery. Canon's battery grips usually provide a safe, convenient place to store the door, but I did not notice this feature on the EG-E1.

Canon EG-E1 Extension Grip Cover Open

A threaded tripod insert is provided on the bottom of the camera.

The EG-E1 is not a battery grip and no provision for additional battery capacity is provided for this camera.

Canon EG-E1 Extension Grip Black

I had the EG-E1 installed on my EOS RP for roughly the last third of the time I used the camera. I liked it and would probably take it off only when I wanted the camera to be as small as possible.

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