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 Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hampstead, Maryland – October 28, 2014 - OmegaBrandess is proud to announce the acquisition of the assets of the Gigapan hardware division of Gigapan Systems LLC.

Gigapan Systems of Portland, Oregon, manufactures Gigapan EPIC Robotic Mounts. GigaPan EPIC robotic mounts empower cameras to take hundreds, even thousands of photos, which are combined to create one highly detailed image with amazing depth and clarity.

OmegaBrandess is now in the process of transitioning the operation to their facility in Hampstead, MD where they plan to be in full production as soon as possible. OmegaBrandess will announce the product line at the Photo Plus Show this week at the Javits Center in NY.

Bringing Mars Rover Technology to Earth

The Gigapan EPIC series of panoramic photography equipment is based on the same technology employed by the Mars Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, to capture the incredible images of the red planet. Now everyone has the opportunity to use technology developed for Mars to take their own incredible images.

Gigapan was formed in 2008 as a commercial spin-off of successful research collaboration between a team of researchers at NASA and Carnegie Mellon University. The company’s mission has been to bring this powerful, high-resolution imaging capability to a broad audience.

Gigapan EPIC

EPIC robotic camera mounts make it fun and easy to capture incredibly high resolution images with almost any camera! Part of a fully integrated solution, EPIC robotic camera mounts work seamlessly with Gigapan Stitch software.

The Gigapan EPIC and EPIC 100 are compatible with a broad range of point-and-shoot cameras and small DSLRs to capture Gigapans, quickly and accurately. Light and compact, they are easy-to-use, and remarkably efficient. The EPIC Pro is designed to work with DSLR cameras and larger lenses, features advanced technology, and delivers stunning performance and precision. Strong enough to hold a camera and lens combination of up to 10 lbs, the EPIC Pro enables users to capture enormous panoramas with crisp, vivid detail.

How it Works

Simply attach your camera and the EPIC directs you through the steps to capture a gigapixel image. Set the upper left and lower right corners of your panorama and the EPIC automatically organizes the hundreds or even thousands of photos your camera will take into rows or columns. The robotic arm clicks away to capture amazing detail in a short amount of time.

B&H carries Gigapan products.

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Post Date: 10/30/2014 8:23:40 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Thursday, August 22, 2013

From Gigapan:

Portland, OR - August 22, 2013 - Gigapan today announced new subscription-based membership tiers to its online community. This creates new opportunities for photographers and organizations to expand their audience, grow their business, generate revenue and continue to discover remarkable HD imagery.

In addition to the current Basic membership, Gigapan has added Premier, Elite and Enterprise membership tiers. The advanced tiers offer value-added digital products and services, including a for-hire directory, Gigapan Tag and distinct avenues for members to sell their work, with print monetization available to all members at every level. Gigapan is also the only platform to provide all members the unique opportunity to enjoy unlimited uploads without editorialization or choosing the content that can be showcased on

All membership levels can participate in the monetization of their images as part of the marketplace. Basic members receive 25% revenue share after costs, while Premier, Elite and Enterprise members keep 100% revenue share after costs. All membership levels have the freedom to set their own pricing. This allows for a vast range of value and business opportunities for members who wish to sell their work to the massive Gigapan audience.

"The Gigapan community, 50,000 strong, is an incredibly active group and have created some extremely compelling and awe-inspiring images over the years," said Josh Friedman, CEO of Gigapan. "The entire Gigapan team couldn’t be more thrilled to finally roll out these new membership tiers and provide more value to our members, the most exciting of which is to allow all members to make money on their images. These new tiers will give members more ways to promote themselves and share their work."

Gigapan Memberships are a unique offering in the marketplace, giving members opportunities not previously offered on gigapixel and HD imagery websites.

The four membership levels include the following features:

Basic (Free): Foundational access to functionality on, including a customizable profile page, unlimited uploads, galleries and storage, print monetization and no limits to traffic on images.

Premier ($25/month): Includes added features that help users organize their portfolio, generate more revenue and promote themselves as a photographer or business.

Elite ($100/month): Offers even more incentives, including discounts on digital products and hardware, enhanced promotional tools and access to contribute on

Enterprise ($1,000/month): Presents the most comprehensive organizational tools, with customizable account handling and management capabilities for different team roles, special pricing for unlimited digital products, and highly personalized service and support.

To learn additional details and features about membership levels, or to join, please visit Gigapan Membership:

Adorama carries Gigapan products.

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Post Date: 8/22/2013 1:38:05 PM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Friday, July 19, 2013

Companies Offering Advanced Options for Gigapixel Photography

Portland, Ore. - July 17, 2013 - Gigapan and Promote Systems have united to help photographers simplify their workflow process when creating High Dynamic Range (HDR) and focus stacked gigapixel imagery. The Promote Control, an all-in-one, advanced remote control for digital SLR cameras, enhances the Gigapan EPIC Pro robotic camera mount by increasing the flexibility in exposure bracketing needed to create high-quality images.

The EPIC Pro and the Promote Control automatically capture high-resolution panoramas with almost any camera and lens combination. The Promote Control connects to both the camera and the EPIC Pro, allowing the EPIC Pro to manage the exposure time at each image location, while the Promote Control triggers the camera. The EPIC Pro automatically shoots hundreds or thousands of photos, as the Promote Control assists with HDR and focus stacking. The Promote Control also manages the camera’s image capture and lens focal plane adjustment.

A new instructional video demonstrates the EPIC Pro and the Promote Control working together, and a new gallery on has also been added, featuring images shot using both technologies.

With the EPIC Pro and Promote Control, photographers have the ability to:

  • Easily take up to 45 photos at an individual location during the capture process for HDR
  • Control the camera to take up to 120 different focal planes at each location for focus stacking, creating an amazing image that is tack sharp from front to back
  • Capture exposures anywhere from 1/8000 of a second up to several hours
  • Automatically switch to Bulb mode bracketing for images longer than 30 seconds

“Combining the Promote Control with the EPIC Pro takes shooting HDR and focus stacked imagery to a higher level,” said Josh Friedman, CEO of Gigapan. “It makes it immensely easier for photographers to capture stunning and highly technical shots with more control and options when shooting high-resolution panoramic images.”

“In my desire to document the drastic changes the climate continues to have on the Columbia Icefield in the Canadian Rockies, I envisioned panoramic images that not only captured high resolution, but also allowed exposure brackets to shoot in HDR to show depth and clarity,” said Joe Poulton, professional photographer, Columbia Icefield Gigapixel Project. “The combination of Promote Control and the Gigapan EPIC Pro helped create my initial image of the Athabasca Glacier. I will continue to capture aspects of the Columbia Icefield, as weather permits, using this combined system."

“The Gigapan EPIC Pro is a perfect companion for panoramic imaging professionals and amateurs alike,” noted Artyom Kamshilin, inventor and chief designer of the Promote Control.

“When paired with a Promote Control, the combination offers unparalleled flexibility, reliability and ease of use for both HDR and focus stacked panoramas.”

Adorama carries the Gigapan EPIC Pro and Promote Control.

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 Wednesday, June 19, 2013

From GigaPan:

NASA’s First Billion-Pixel Image of the Rover Curiosity Brings the Red Planet to Life

June 19, 2013 - Technology from GigaPan is being used to display images taken by the Mars rover Curiosity, a NASA mission investigating past and present environments within the Gale Crater on Mars. Managed by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California, the rover landed in August 2012 and is the latest mission to explore the red planet. Equipped with a camera capable of capturing gigapixel-quality images of the Martian landscape, the rover sends back stunning images that scientists compile into expansive panoramas, including NASA’s first billion-pixel panorama, released today.

The new 1.3-billion-pixel image was stitched together from nearly 900 individual images to showcase the details of the Mars landscape. The image highlights the site where Curiosity collected its first scoops of sand at a windblown patch called “Rocksnest,” and extends to Mount Sharp on the horizon. The public can explore the image and more panoramas from Curiosity as part of a new NASA JPL Curiosity gallery on the GigaPan website.

NASA is using high-definition panoramas to support Curiosity’s goal of investigating the environmental history within Gale Crater, a location where the project has found that conditions were long ago favorable for microbial life. By capturing the gigapixel-quality images of the planet’s landscape, scientists are able to identify new targets to investigate and new material for ongoing studies of Mars.

By displaying images on the GigaPan website, JPL is able to give viewers the opportunity to explore Mars with the rover and investigate a landscape that cannot be explored by humans. Additionally, the interactive capabilities of GigaPan images allow people to zoom in to the surface of Mars to see details, including individual rocks, grains, dust ripples and other features of the red planet.

“We couldn’t be more excited to work with NASA in sharing unique images of Mars with the public. This gigapixel image of the rover allows viewers to see incredible detail,” said Josh Friedman, CEO of GigaPan. “The NASA JPL gallery on the GigaPan site allows researchers and the general public to zoom in on the intricate features of unique terrain in these Mars images. We hope this level of interactivity will not only support the mission’s overall research goals, but also help increase public interest in the Mars exploration program.”

As the Curiosity rover carries out the rest of its two-year Martian trek, it will continue to send back stunning images of the Martian landscape. There’s no certainty in what the rover will encounter, but with GigaPan, NASA is able to share a view of Mars that will offer significant insight into a place never before explored by humans. To learn more, please visit the JPL press release.

B&H carries GigaPan products.

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 Monday, July 30, 2012

What would you shoot with a Gigapan?

David Bergman chose the Olympics Opening Ceremonies.

"Photographer David Bergman created this Gigapan during the 2012 Olympic Games at Olympic Park in London, UK. He made the composite photo by shooting 425 individual photos in a grid pattern (25 across by 17 down) during a one-hour time period as the athletes entered the stadium. The final high-resolution image is 81,992 X 37,520 -- more than three billion pixels."

(thanks Sean)

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Post Date: 7/30/2012 10:05:46 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
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