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Gigapan Launches New Membership Services

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From Gigapan:
Portland, OR - August 22, 2013 - Gigapan today announced new subscription-based membership tiers to its online community. This creates new opportunities for photographers and organizations to expand their audience, grow their business, generate revenue and continue to discover remarkable HD imagery.
In addition to the current Basic membership, Gigapan has added Premier, Elite and Enterprise membership tiers. The advanced tiers offer value-added digital products and services, including a for-hire directory, Gigapan Tag and distinct avenues for members to sell their work, with print monetization available to all members at every level. Gigapan is also the only platform to provide all members the unique opportunity to enjoy unlimited uploads without editorialization or choosing the content that can be showcased on gigapan.com.
All membership levels can participate in the monetization of their images as part of the marketplace. Basic members receive 25% revenue share after costs, while Premier, Elite and Enterprise members keep 100% revenue share after costs. All membership levels have the freedom to set their own pricing. This allows for a vast range of value and business opportunities for members who wish to sell their work to the massive Gigapan audience.
"The Gigapan community, 50,000 strong, is an incredibly active group and have created some extremely compelling and awe-inspiring images over the years," said Josh Friedman, CEO of Gigapan. "The entire Gigapan team couldn’t be more thrilled to finally roll out these new membership tiers and provide more value to our members, the most exciting of which is to allow all members to make money on their images. These new tiers will give members more ways to promote themselves and share their work."
Gigapan Memberships are a unique offering in the marketplace, giving members opportunities not previously offered on gigapixel and HD imagery websites.
The four membership levels include the following features:
Basic (Free): Foundational access to functionality on gigapan.com, including a customizable profile page, unlimited uploads, galleries and storage, print monetization and no limits to traffic on images.
Premier ($25/month): Includes added features that help users organize their portfolio, generate more revenue and promote themselves as a photographer or business.
Elite ($100/month): Offers even more incentives, including discounts on digital products and hardware, enhanced promotional tools and access to contribute on gigapan.com.
Enterprise ($1,000/month): Presents the most comprehensive organizational tools, with customizable account handling and management capabilities for different team roles, special pricing for unlimited digital products, and highly personalized service and support.
To learn additional details and features about membership levels, or to join, please visit Gigapan Membership: http://gigapan.com/signup.
Adorama carries Gigapan products.
Posted: 8/22/2013 1:38:05 PM CT   Posted By: Sean
Category: Gigapan News
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