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 Friday, January 31, 2014

From the Flag Kickstarter Page:
Flag is a phone and tablet app that prints your photos and mails them to you, your family or friends, for free.
Ad Supported Photo Printing
You can’t hang an iPad on a wall, you can’t mail an iPhone in a birthday card, and not every friend and relative uses the same social networks you do. That's why we love to print photos.
Unfortunately printing is expensive, often of poor quality, and not as flexible or fun as finishing photos with apps and filters. Flag is an app for iPhone that will change that.
Flag will be beautiful, clean and simple.
Flag’s ‘peekable thumbs’ view addresses the challenge of displaying photos on phones and tablets without compromise or waste. You can see the whole of a portrait or landscape image, without tapping to open it up, by tilting your device. (NB: unlike this animation our test code is buttery smooth).
Flag allows anyone (within the US to start) to print and mail a pack of 20 photos each month for free. You can keep the prints yourself, or send them to the people you love. If you want more than 20 a month you can buy as many as you need.
To make photo printing fun – for the first time by our reckoning – we’ve designed a photo finishing system ready for the 21st century. Museum quality (Giclée) printers, German 220 gram photo paper from sustainable sources, laser cutters, and robots with carbon fiber arms will allow Flag to deliver prints, for free, that are better than any you can pay for today. We want to turn your memories into mementos you can be proud of.
Read more Flag on the project's Kickstarter Page.
Post Date: 1/31/2014 12:46:50 PM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Monday, November 4, 2013

From Spencer Boerup (creator) and the MagMod Kickstarter Page:
MagMod is the simplest, easiest, strongest, and fastest speedlite modifier system for Canon + Nikon hot-shoe flashes, period.
Over the past 8 years of my photographic career I’ve seen my share of bulky, awkward, and cheap flash modifiers. Each has their own unique problems and flaws.

  • Velcro isn’t very strong and, quite frankly, is ugly and annoying.
  • Straps, bands, brackets and knobs can easily get lost and each additional component adds complexity to your system.
  • Flimsy gels are awkward to attach and are practically disposable.
  • Some products are even designed to only fit a specific flash!
  • Modularity and ease of use are almost nonexistent.

None of this is an exaggeration, and if you're a working photographer you're probably nodding your head because you've experienced this too!
Don’t you think it’s time we have something better?
That's why I decided to make the best flash modifier system ever, and this is MagMod.
MagMod is a magical flash modifier system that frees your speedlite flashes from velcro, straps, and adhesives by geniously incorporating the invisible powers of magnetism. Each modifier is a single molded piece of high-quality silicone rubber that is sleek, compact, easy to use, and dead simple.
Get more information on the MagMod Kickstarter Page.

Post Date: 11/4/2013 10:20:25 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
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