Canon EOS 20Da Digital SLR

The Canon EOS 20Da Digital SLR has been introduced in Japan. Unless you can read Japanese, you will need a language translation tool (Google Language Tools for example) to do the translation. Here is the Google-translated link.

Here is some of what I understand the Canon EOS 20Da to be all about ...

The Canon EOS 20Da is a Canon 20D specifically suited for celestial/astro and infrared photography. A is for "A"stro? The same sensor used in the Canon 20D is utilized in the 20Da. The same 1.6x field of view crop factor is present.

High ISO noise noise performance has been improved. Second generation on-chip noise reduction circuitry has been employed to reduce both random and fixed pattern noise. It also sounds like the long exposure noise reduction has been moved to a custom function.

Similar to a point and shoot digital camera, the LCD has a live view mode - which allows focusing on the LCD. I believe this is made possible by a partially transmissive mirror. Older electronical manual focusing lenses (such as the Canon EF 85mm f/1.2 L Lens) are not compatible with the live view mode manual focusing.

The infrared-cutting low-pass filter ("hot mirror") present on most digital cameras has been removed to allow infrared light transmissivity. Red nebula will be photographable without the aid of filters. Astro photographers who have been customizing current model digital SLRs by removing this filter will now have a factory built digital SLR specifically designed for them. Use of a conventional lens on this camera will likely require an IR blocking filter.

It is unknown to me at this time if the Canon 20Da will be available outside of Japan through normal supply channels.

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