Canon USA Publishes Updated In-Depth Look at Cinema RAW

From Canon USA:
This article was originally published on October 11, 2013 and has been updated to include current product information.

"As digital cinema camera technologies continue to evolve, one pattern has clearly emerged as the new flavor of our time: recording RAW camera sensor data. With the emergence of powerful post-production workstations, it makes theoretical sense that one would want to record all the unprocessed data the camera sensor has to offer and deliver it to post-production to process that data and create the final images we seek. Yet, in reality, the methodologies of implementing these steps seem as varied as the cameras themselves, suggesting that there are other factors at play that influence this seemingly straightforward concept.
In my daily dealings as a director, cinematographer and educator, I am astounded at the amount of confusion I see amongst producers, studio executives, clients and even my advanced graduate students at UCLA Film School when it comes to the topics of RAW, Uncompressed and Log recordings. These terms seem to be used interchangeably and often in the wrong contexts. The goal of this paper is to help demystify some of these terms by specifically analyzing Canon's implementation of Cinema RAW recording in its flagship camera, the EOS C500. By identifying and explaining all of the tenants that make up this novel approach to RAW recording, the hope is to empower creative storytellers to use this new technology to its fullest potential by capturing and delivering images of stunning depth and quality."

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