Resize, Watermark and Share Images with a Right-Click

Yann Kerangueven, the author of CoolTweak asked if I wanted to try a handy piece of software that our site visitors might be interested in. Once I started reading about CoolTweak, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to try it out.

For the last couple of years I've been using a program called Faststone Photo Resizer to quickly resize photos for posting to social media or emailing. And I've been very happy with it – until now. CoolTweak is my new favorite [quick] resizing tool.

Installing CoolTweak adds the option to resize photos with a simple right-click action. But that's not all – you can also share your images to social media sites or add your watermark with a right-click action. You even have the ability to modify the output options to customize each right-click action to suit your needs.

So far, I've really enjoyed using CoolTweak. There's only one feature I'd like to see added – the option to dynamically change the size and placement of your watermark image based on the size of the image it's being applied to. Right now, you'd have to create different watermark presets based on specific image sizes or do it manually each time. I've contacted the developer and hope it's a feature he can implement in the near future.

Oh, and here's my recommendation for getting high quality images on Facebook – create a custom preset that uploads images that are 1024 (or 2048) pixels on the long side with a quality setting of 98 or higher. That seems to work really well for Facebook uploads.

From CoolTweak:

Everything is just a click away with CoolTweak !

Resizing, adding watermarks and sharing your pictures on social networks has never been so easy with COOLTWEAK.

Completely free, this smart software pops directly from the right-click contextual menu of all your images and process them in an trice.

No more time wasted, process all your files with a single click. All these very handy features make COOLTWEAK an essential tool to have.

Best of all, you can customize and manage all the menus and their actions with a really intuitive menu editor. Change them at will and build the menu you like.

Don't wait any longer to get your life simpler, let COOLTWEAK handle all the tedious tasks for you.

Resizing and sharing your photos from a single click... Sounds good to you ?
We often need to share pictures around us and we usually have to face the painful problem of reducing their weight before we can send them. For most of us, that is the beginning of lots of troubles and wasted hours, resizing one picture at a time with Microsoft Paint.

Fortunately those days are gone ! Let COOLTWEAK handle repetitive processing and watch it do this work for you in seconds. A single right-click on your pictures folder and voila.

Even better, it can publish your pictures on main social networks with the same ease.

Just build the right-click menu that suits you
COOLTWEAK is a mighty tool but keeps it simple.

You have the full control of what will be shown in your right-click menu. It comes out the box with a wide range of actions that you can customize any time you want to fit your needs.

Adding a new menu by choosing what action it will complete is an easy task thanks to COOLTWEAK menu editor. You can create an action (from the simplest to the most sophisticated one) and then make it appear in the right-click menu immediately.

(Everyday) Life saving features
Be able to manage ourselves right-click menu's contents, we honestly wonder why it has never been invented before ! All your shortcuts are anytime just a click away, that is the true strength of COOLTWEAK.

COOLTWEAK is a powerful toolbox that enables you to resize your pictures, protect them with a watermark and share them on main social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Picasa/Google+, Flickr et

You can even combine several operations to create your own « tweaks » (actions).

The time savings are real ! Just give COOLTWEAK a try and you will probably love it (and wish you had installed it way earlier).

Everything comes with a price... It’s 100% free
COOLTWEAK is a personal initiative designed to provide a free but valuable tool for Microsoft Windows users.

The license is entirely free, there is no advertising and no personal data gathering.

CoolTweak for Windows

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