Poll: How many lenses do you currently have?

I will be sharing the results of the recent How many DSLR cameras do you currently have? poll with you soon. That poll will remain open for a short period of time to give you a last chance to share your count. A big thanks to the over 12,000 of you that participated!
I'm sure that you are not surprised that, as with DSLR cameras, I am of the opinion that one cannot have too many lenses. In our next poll, I will be taking a look at the lenses in your kit. More specifically, how many lenses are in that kit.
I will trust your discretion on what the definition of a "lens" is, but you have my permission to count extenders. Filters (I know, they have glass in them) should not be included in your count. Also omit "Close-up Lenses" from your count.

Note: If you are reading this post in a feed reader and the poll is not displaying properly, please click through to the site to answer the question. Thanks!
Posted: 10/9/2013 9:55:07 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
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