Canon Japan Issues Press Release Regarding Earthquake Damage

Canon Japan has issued a press release regarding earthquake damage. Unfortunately, I do not read Japanese and am at this point relying on Google's very rough translation of this page (as shared below). If you understand Japanese, I welcome you to email me a better translation for sharing here.
March 13, 2011
Canon Inc.
About us and our group's damage by large earthquakes East
Our Group's major damage due to our massive earthquake and the East, March 13, 2011 (Sun) 3:00 pm today is as follows.
We conducted a survey of verification and restoration potential for damage to continually.
Canon Group companies establishments are offices in several power outages, damaged buildings, and we have reported stopping the production facilities.
Kantou north ¦ (damaged areas) in major damage / production plans, etc.
that is greatly affected by the earthquake, three sites in northern Kantou / 5 group
- Utsunomiya Plant for Fukushima Canon has a large degree of damage
OfficeLocationHuman sufferingOperations on March 14After the scheduled March 15
Institute of Optics optical instruments business establishments Utsunomiya Utsunomiya PlantUtsunomiya, Tochigi PrefectureNoHolidayBut yet, expected to take days to recover
Toride PlantToride, IbarakiNoHolidayUndecided
Ami PlantInashiki District, IbarakiNoHolidayUndecided
GroupLocationHuman sufferingOperations on March 14After the scheduled March 15
Canon PrecisionHirosaki City, Aomori PrefectureNoHolidayUndecided
Canon OptronYuki City, Ibaraki PrefectureNoHolidayUndecided
Iwama Canon Chemicals PlantIwama, Ibaraki Prefecture Tsukuba Plant KasamaNoHolidayUndecided
Fukushima CanonFukushima City, Fukushima PrefectureNoHolidayBut yet, expected to take days to recover
KiyanonmorudoKasama City, Ibaraki PrefectureNoHolidayUndecided

Group companies in the west office Kantou ¦ The impact of the earthquake, but some are in human suffering, but major damage to buildings and equipment, March 14 (Monday) will operate as usual from It is. The effect that will occur at the moment is under investigation.
If the shutdown continues as one ¦ or more months, as the alternative site locations are not affected, we are also planning to continue production.
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