Nextorage Announces CFexpress 4.0 Type B Memory Cards and Reader

From Nextorage:

Nextorage Announces the release of the NX-B2PRO series, the world's fastest [1] CFexpress™ 4.0 Type B memory card, and the NX-SB1PRO, a 40Gbps card reader that supports CFexpress 4.0

(Nextorage Corporation; President: Katsuyuki Honda; Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan) Nextorage will begin selling the NX-B2PRO series of CFexpress Type B memory cards compatible with CFexpress 4.0 on February 20, 2024. The NX-SB1PRO CFexpress 4.0-compatible card reader is scheduled to be available during March 2024. The memory card and card reader are compliant with CFexpress 4.0, the latest standard set by the CompactFlash Association (CFA), dramatically reducing the transfer time of high-capacity data captured when shooting 8K video and high-resolution still images.

NX-B2PRO Series

  • CFexpress Type B memory card compatible with CFexpress 4.0
  • World's fastest [1] transfer rate in terms of maximum read speed (3,900MB/s [2 ]), maximum write speed (3,600MB/s), and minimum continuous write speed (3,400MB/s [3] )
  • Unique power-saving technology, Dynamic Auto Power Save, reduces the camera's battery consumption during video recording. It also suppresses card temperature rise and maintains stable write speed.
  • CompactFlash 400, a standard defined by the CompactFlash Association's Video Performance Guarantee (VPG), guarantees a minimum write speed of 400 MB/s when used with a host device that also supports VPG400.

The NX-B2PRO series is a next-generation memory card that is expected to be supported by the high-end camera market in the future. (*CFexpress 2.0 standard is used for transfer in devices that do not support CFexpress 4.0.) It is backward compatible with the existing CFexpress 2.0 standard for current cameras, allowing stable, high-quality video recording and high-speed continuous shooting on par with the NX-B1PRO series.

The camera's unique low power consumption technology, Dynamic Auto Power Save, reduces power consumption during movie recording. This reduces the camera's battery consumption. In addition, the card's temperature rises at higher transfer speeds, preventing thermal throttling* from occurring. Another feature of the NX-B2PRO is its ability to maintain stable transfer rates. This fast and stable read/write performance supports 8K video and high-speed continuous shooting in RAW quality.

Since the camera supports VPG400, users can shoot 8K video with confidence when using it with the Canon EOS R3/EOS R5/EOS R5C, which support VPG400. With a broad lineup of capacities ranging from 165 GB, 330 GB, 660 GB, and 1330 GB, users can select the card that best suits their shooting needs, from high-quality still images to high-speed continuous shooting, 8K video, and more. CFexpress Type B memory cards provide stable recording in a variety of shooting scenes and reduce data transfer time after shooting.

Durability [4].

Durable and compliant with CompactFlash Association regulations and backed by a 5-year product warranty.

  • Heat resistance: -12 °C to 72 °C (guaranteed operating temperature)
  • Shock resistance (EIA-364-27A compliant)
  • X-ray resistant (ISO7816-1 compliant)
  • UV resistant (ISO7816-1 compliant)
  • Magnetic resistance (based on Nextorage's own testing)
  • Electrostatic resistance (conforms to IEC 61000-4-2)

Product Compatibility

Nextorage is currently verifying the compatibility of the NX-B2PRO series with CFexpress Type B memory card compatible devices from various companies. Information on devices whose compatibility has been verified is scheduled to be updated on the Nextorage website as needed.


  • CFexpress Type B Card Reader for CFexpress 4.0
  • USB 40Gbps interface (maximum transfer rate: 5,000 MB/s)
  • Extracts the transfer performance of CFexpress 4.0 cards (maximum transfer rate specification value: 4,000 MB/s)
  • Stable high-speed transfer performance due to the unique heat sink structure with high heat dissipation performance

With USB 40Gbps (maximum transfer rate: 5,000 MB/s), this card reader maximizes the high-speed transfer performance of CFexpress Type B memory cards compatible with CFexpress 4.0 (maximum transfer rate standard value: 4,000 MB/s). In the NX-B2PRO330G (maximum read speed: 3,900 MB/s [2] ), which is available today, a data read speed of 3,300 MB/s is achieved. [1]

In addition, a large heat sink with a proprietary structure has been developed to counter the rise in temperature of the card body and card reader that accompanies the increase in transfer speed of various standards, such as CFexpress 4.0 and USB 40Gbps. This suppresses the occurrence of thermal throttling* and realizes stable data transfer at high speeds.

This card reader for CFexpress Type B supports the latest high-speed standards and reduces workflow time after shooting.

Product Compatibility

Nextorage is currently verifying the compatibility of the NX-SB1PRO with CFexpress Type B card reader compatible devices such as PCs from various companies. Information on devices that have been verified for compatibility is scheduled to be updated on the Nextorage website as needed.


Expect to find these Nextorage CFexpress 4.0 products at B&H later this year.

Nextorage at WPPI

Look for Nextorage at WPPI 2024.


[1] As of February 2024, based on Nextorage research and Nextorage internal testing. Actual performance may vary depending on environment.

[2] Figures for NX-B2PRO165G and NX-B2PRO330G.

[3] Excluding NX-B2PRO1330G.

[4] Durability ratings are based on Nextorage test conditions. Product damage or data corruption is not guaranteed under all circumstances.

[5] To connect at USB 40Gbps, the product must be used with USB 40Gbps compatible devices. Depending on the device (PC) used, the performance of the product may not be demonstrated, or the product may not be usable. Please refer to the following for the PC environment used by the customer. User's Guide for USB 40Gbps Compatible Products ??

[6] 1 GB = 1 billion bytes. The actual usable capacity (user space) is smaller than the indicated capacity due to the system area.

*Thermal Throttling: A control function that reduces the transfer rate to prevent thermal runaway.

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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