X-Rite Announces ColorChecker Passport Photo 2 and ColorChecker Camera Calibration Software 2.0 for ICC Profiles

From X-Rite:

Now includes 18% gray target and updated software to create custom ICC Camera Profiles for Capture One Pro users; plus, added support for ColorChecker Digital SG target

New York, NY – April 4, 2019 – X-Rite Incorporated, the world leader in color management and measurement technologies (http://xritephoto.com/) announces ColorChecker Passport Photo 2, an improved solution that helps professional and enthusiast photographers alike to reduce image processing time and maintain color control and consistency from capture to edit. Quickly and easily set white balance and exposure, create custom DNG or ICC camera profiles, and instantly enhance portraits and landscapes.

X-Rite created the industry-standard ColorChecker Passport 10 years ago which included three photographic targets plus DNG camera calibration software. Passport Photo 2 now combines four photographic targets, featuring a new 18% Gray Balance target, plus upgraded ColorChecker Camera Calibration software that adds ICC camera profile creation, especially useful for Capture One users, or anyone working in an ICC compatible workflow.

“Our original ColorChecker Passport quickly became an industry standard for managing color at capture,” says Liz Quinlisk, Global Business Unit Manager, Photo & Video at X-Rite Incorporated. “Now, with the added functionality of a gray balance target and ICC camera profiling, it’s more powerful than ever. Not only have we broadened our ability to serve Capture One and other ICC workflow users, but every photographer will have all the targets they need in a very portable, protective case.”

ColorChecker Passport Photo 2 includes:

NEW Camera Calibration Software v2.0

Now create a custom DNG or ICC camera profile utilizing an X-Rite ColorChecker Classic or Digital SG target. Camera profiling ensures accurate color at capture based on specific lighting, camera and lens combination during any given shoot, saving valuable time in edit. The newly supported ColorChecker Digital SG target offers an extended gamut to create a more accurate ICC profile.

18% Gray Balance Target

NEW Gray Balance Target Often referred to as middle gray, the 18% Gray Balance target is the de facto industry standard reference. Set proper camera exposure or check lighting ratios and light distribution, which is especially important for portrait photography. It can be used with either a reflective hand-held light meter or in-camera meter for determining exposure and can also be used to set neutral balance and remove color casts.

White Balance Target

Create custom in-camera white balance for a consistent white point across a set of images with no need to correct each individual image later. Setting custom, in-camera white balance allows quick switching between shooting stills and video.

Classic Target

For more than forty years, the Classic 24-patch target has been the industry standard color reference used for visual color assessment and for creating custom camera profiles.

Creative Enhancement Target

Neutralize and create a look with single click enhancement patches; check and evaluate shadow details and highlight clipping; control color shifts.

Lightroom® Plug-In

Create custom DNG camera profiles directly in Adobe® Lightroom® Classic and Lightroom® Classic CC.

Portable Protective Case

Adjusts to accommodate multiple positions to easily incorporate into any scene. Also includes a new handy lanyard.

“Since colors fade with age and light exposure, replacing a target that is several years old ensures complete color accuracy when building camera profiles,” adds Liz Quinlisk.

“Now is the perfect time for photographers to upgrade their toolkit with a Passport Photo 2 and take full advantage of the power and versatility that the updated hardware and software deliver together to save valuable time and achieve the ultimate in color accuracy.”

X-Rite recommends replacement of color reference targets every 18-24 months.

ColorChecker Passport Photo 2 is currently available through X-Rite global authorized resellers. ColorChecker Camera Calibration software is available as a free download at xrite.com/getCOLORCHECKER.

With more color science experience than anyone in the industry, X-Rite Color Checker Passport Photo 2 was truly created by Color Perfectionists for Color Perfectionists.

Color Perfectionists Unite.

The X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Photo 2 is in stock at B&H and Adorama.

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