PocketWizard Releases MultiMAX Firmware 7.51 Beta

From PocketWizard:
MultiMAX Beta Firmware 7.51 Release Notes
Intro: Beta Firmware Version 7.51 adds two new features introduced since the launch of Firmware Version 7.50: Patterns and Auto Power-Off control.
Please report any problems with this beta version to betalab@pocketwizard.com.
IMPORTANT: This new firmware requires that you use PocketWizard Utility version 1.35 or later. It is available here. Upgrade to the latest Utility first, then upgrade your radios’ firmware.
When updating firmware, be sure to update all of your radios to the latest version. Your radios will only operate as expected when all units are using the latest firmware.
PocketWizard Utility and Factory Reset Note: Always perform a factory reset after updating your firmware. To reset your MultiMAX to factory defaults, hold “C” as you power on the radio.
Custom IDs: If you have Custom IDs installed in your MultiMAX, they will be retained through a firmware upgrade and factory reset. Custom IDs are permanent.
Learn More: Visit the PocketWizard Wiki for more information on using your radios.
Posted: 6/14/2012 1:59:51 PM CT   Posted By: Bryan
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