PocketWizard Releases MultiMAX II Beta Firmware v.8.117

From PocketWizard:
MultiMAX II Beta Firmware v.8.117 Notes: Firmware Version 8.117 has been developed primarily for Sony cameras used in remote camera situations. This firmware adds a new set of functions to the Contact Menu under Basic Settings.
The path to the setting is: Menu button press -> B button press -> A button press -> B button press to toggle between the default All Time 1/2 press to Manual 1/2 Press.
All Time 1/2 Press: This function allows you to enable a constant half press on a remote camera. You can engage the half press by selecting the zone set for the receiving MultiMAX II on your transmitting MultiMAX II. Deselecting the zone with also disengage the half press on the receiving radio. Most photographers use this setting so that their remote camera stays in autofocus mode.
This is the default setting.
Manual 1/2 Press: This function allows you an activate half press on the remote camera with radio attached by a remote triggering cable with either a MultiMAX II or Plus III as the receiver when your on-camera radio is also half pressed.
Manual 1/2 Press is recommended for use when using a Sony camera as your remote camera.
IMPORTANT: This firmware upgrade requires the PocketWizard Utility. Upgrade to the latest Utility first, then upgrade your radios’ firmware. When updating firmware, be sure to update all of your radios to the latest version. Your radios will only operate as expected when all units are using the latest firmware.
Note: Previously used settings may not be automatically reloaded after installing new firmware. Make sure to record any important settings before upgrading.
Download: PocketWizard Utility
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Posted: 1/12/2018 5:09:08 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
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