For My Nikon Friends

I frequently get asked questions about Nikon gear - and have friends who use Nikon. So, to help me answer those questions and to give my friends help in making their lens selections, Nikon lens information is now available on the site. With few exceptions, all of the Nikon lenses have been added to the standardized comparison tools. Full text reviews are going to take a lot of time to complete, but I intend to finish them.

My priority remains with Canon gear and reviews.

Even though I have all of the Nikon lenses and a pair of D3x bodies (all purchased retail - no assistance from Nikon - same as Canon) at my disposal, my personal preference remains Canon, and I will continue to make reviews of new Canon gear my top priority.

But, if I was forced to change brands, Nikon would be an easy next choice for me. With a wide range of top-quality gear, a choice for Nikon can certainly be justified. The ISO 12233 Resolution Chart Help page has been updated with the need-to-know information about the Nikon results from this test. I recommend that you read this page.

Please tell your Nikon friends about the addition to the site. Thanks!

Posted: 6/28/2010 10:43:09 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
Posted to: Canon News, Sony News    Category: Lens Comparison Tools
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