Canon Australia Presents "The Lab: Mindeframe –Think First, Shoot Later"

From the Canon Australia YouTube Channel:

The most important tool for any photographer is the mind. To prove this we invited 6 photographers to a cemetery to capture “eternal life” in a single image…without a camera.

A big thank you is in order for the photographers who took part: Nancy Liao, Adriana Glackin, Bill Roberts, Murray Bell, Mike Falconer and Jeremy Shaw

Note from Sean: Camera companies don't generally advise you to put your camera down. But in this video, Canon demonstrates that planning and brainstorming without the camera in-hand can be an excellent technique for ultimately capturing the image that conveys an idea or tells a story in a more complete or unique way.

What perspective should we approach the scene with? What elements do we include? What elements should be highlighted and which should be insinuated? Great images more often than not require a vision, and taking a moment to mold that vision without the camera in-hand may prove beneficial.

Posted: 12/24/2015 8:55:56 AM ET   Posted By: Sean
Posted to: Canon News    Category: Photography Education Videos
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