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I annually receive a barrage of great photography deals to share between Thanksgiving and Christmas each year, and this year the volume and significance of these deals have been unprecedented since this site went online.
Most of the feedback I'm receiving (thank you for it) is that you are thrilled to have been able to take advantage of these deals, but some (especially some outside of the USA and in a country that B&H does not ship to) would rather not see the deals in the news page/feed. I've made some changes to the site in attempt to make everyone happy - here are the additional features available:
Selective Filters
Using the category navigation on the right side of the site's main news page, news results can be filtered to include only posts tagged with the referenced keywords. Now, an RSS feed is available for the same filters. Simply click on one of the categories listed in the category navigation to see that category's news page. There will be an RSS feed icon beside the title on that page - use this link for your feed reader.
Selective Filter Examples
If you want to see only posts tagged "Canon Announcements", use the:
Canon Announcements News Page
Canon Announcements RSS Feed
If you want to see only posts tagged "Photography Deals", use the:
Photography Deals News Page
Photography Deals RSS Feed
Exclusionary Filter
All filters on the site except one are selective - meaning that only posts tagged with the selected filter will display. The exception is the category "xDeals" (Exclude Photography Deals). Selecting this category will return all news except posts tagged with "Photography Deals". A news feed is available for this exclusionary filter as well.
Exclusionary Filter Example
Most of these deals will evaporate after Christmas, but if you want to see only posts not tagged "Photography Deals", use the:
News Page Excluding Photography Deals
RSS Feed Excluding Photography Deals
This was a rather intrusive update to the site - please let me know if any functionality is not working properly.
Thanks for using the site!
Posted: 12/12/2011 4:00:23 PM CT   Posted By: Bryan
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