Building a Left-Handed Camera Rig

by Sean Setters

Ever since posting about the Canon EOS 7D L on April Fool's Day back in 2013, we receive the occasional email from site visitors who are truly interested in a camera they can operate with their left hand. More often than not, the user has experienced a trauma or some other condition which has left them partially (or completely) disabled on the right side of their body.

Being able to use both hands with relative equal dexterity is a blessing that I (as well as most of us, I'm sure) take for granted. I can scarcely imagine the obstacles and challenges of completing everyday tasks with one hand. And photography gear, with its overwhelming preference for right-handed design, becomes especially challenging to use if you do not have complete functionality on your right side.

As such, we wanted to provide a solution for those photographers who may not have full use of their right hand. What we came up with appears at the top of this post.

It's a Flip Flash Bracket from Alzo Digital with their Flash Bracket Shutter Release.

Normally speaking, the flash bracket and shutter release are designed to be used in a right-handed fashion. However, if you simply mount the camera backwards and then change the direction of the shutter release (so that it points the other way), the bracket can be held with the left hand and the shutter can be triggered with the left index finger.

One benefit of this solution is that it is camera body agnostic – it can be used with any camera body that has a tripod socket and a remote sync port (Alzo Digital sells several different versions of the shutter release to fit all types of cameras). Also, it's a relatively inexpensive solution at around $100.00.

Is it a perfect solution? Not really. In order to change camera settings, the user will need to set the camera down and go through the rather clunky process of changing settings with the left hand. However, this camera bracket does at least provide a viable solution for holding and triggering the camera for those who may only have the use of their left hand.

Posted: 1/15/2015 8:31:53 AM ET   Posted By: Sean
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