Back From Glacier and Waterton Lakes National Parks

I arrived home from 8 intense days of shooting (plus two travel days) in the incredible Glacier and Waterton Lakes National Parks at 3:30 AM yesterday morning. It was an awesome trip - I will eventually get through all of my pics and will post some of my favorites (I still need to post pics from my California trip earlier this year).

At this point, I have most of the news posts caught up and have replied to all emails sent through Thu night. Note that I receive between 300 and 400 emails per day and use 3 layers of spam filtration to eliminate the garbage. I bulk-deleted over 3,300 filtered email messages today as the list was simply to long to thoroughly scan. Occassionally these filters generate a false positive - if I have not responded to your email, please send it again.

My trip had a rough start. I had an early AM flight scheduled from an airport just over an hour away, so I set the alarm on my Droid X for 2:30 AM and went to be early. The phone rang and I pushed my wife to get up. After more than a little pushing, she turned over and said "It's 12:30!?"

Half awake, I realized that the alarm had not gone off - I had an actual phone call - from the airline - notifying me that the first flight (of three legs) had been canceled. By 1:30 AM, after a long phone call, I had a new set of flights scheduled - from an airport 3.5 hours away. I was fortunate to get to the St Mary Lodge by 1:00 AM the next day (there are not many flights into Kalispell, MT - and fewer with seats available).

The weather for the week was mostly excellent (warm for late Sep) with great cloud patterns on some days. The crowds were very light (most services were shutting down for the season) and the leaves were just starting to change. The week+ was a great experience - I highly recommend the trip!

Posted: 9/30/2011 8:17:53 PM CT   Posted By: Bryan
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