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DeluxGear Lens Guards Kickstarter Project

From Tom Nickell & DeluxGear:
Protect Your Investment in DSLR Lenses
Help Develop Lens Guards for Large Primes and Zooms
Lexington, KY, Tuesday, January 31, 2012 — DeluxGear announces the development of 3 new Lens Guards for large lenses. It’s teaming with Kickstarter to fund Lens Guards to fit lenses from 3.6 inches (8.6 cm) in diameter all the way to 6.6 inches (15.8 cm).
The new XL, XX-L, and Jumbo Lens Guards will protect 200mm through 800mm prime lenses from Canon, Nikon, Sigma and others. They will also cover popular zoom lenses, like the Nikon 14-24mm, 80-400mm and 200-400mm, the Sigma 80-400mm, 100-300mm, 50-500mm, and 300-800 mm, and the Tamron 200-500mm.
“These lenses cost thousands of dollars, and yet there have been no solutions to protect them while on your camera....until now,” states Tom Nickell, the CEO of DeluxGear. “Anyone who has one of these larger lenses, including outdoor and sports photographers, will find Lens Guards to be an inexpensive form of insurance.”
The larger size Lens Guards offer the same quality and protection as DeluxGear’s current Lens Guard line. Each is a padded cover that fits snuggly over the end of the lens to protect lenses and filters and help avoid costly trips to the repair shop. The cushiony, shock-resistant inner core is made of 0.25” (6mm) thick closed-cell neoprene and is encased in a tough 0.08” (2mm) Santoprene outer cover. This powerful combination absorbs impact and prevents scrapes, scratches, and dents to lenses. According to Lens Guard inventor, Michael Dowell, “It is like the bumper of a car, providing more protection than lens caps, filters, or hoods.“
Kickstarter is the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects. Anyone can become a “Backer”, pledging any amount for projects they support. Backers of this DeluxGear Kickstarter project can choose from several reward levels, and can receive limited edition Lens Guards at a price less than they will be sold for after the product launch. The funding goal of $8,000 must be reached by March 5th.
“Customers regularly ask for larger size Lens Guards,” according to Nickell. “Our designs are nearly complete. With Kickstarter, we can prepare for production. This project is engaging the photo community to get these Lens Guards into the market so photographers can begin using them!”
Pledges raised through Kickstarter will go towards molds, dies, raw materials, and completing the first production run. The Lens Guards will be Made in the USA.
For more information on the campaign, or to make a pledge, go to Kickstarter at: http://kck.st/w7Cze3
About DeluxGear
DeluxGear is a Lexington, Kentucky-based manufacturer and marketer of innovative camera accessories. DeluxGear was founded in May of 2007 by Michael and Sandra Dowell. Michael is a professional photographer and inventor of the patented Lens Cradle TM, Lens Guard TM, and PinPoint TM. DeluxGear sells to professional and amateur photographers all over the world.
B&H carries DeluxGear products including the currently-available Lens Guards.
Posted: 2/8/2012 2:25:16 PM CT   Posted By: Bryan
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