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Spider Holster Launches Black Widow Camera Holster Kits

From Spider Holster:
Ideal for Holiday Gift Giving, the Spider Holster Black Widow Kit Combines the Fast-Access Camera Holster with the Black Widow Belt and a New and Improved Black Widow Pad for Added All-Day Comfort
Ithaca, NY – December 19, 2011 – Spider Holster, (http://www.spiderholster.com) a company specializing in unique holster-style carrying solutions for photographers, today announced it has started shipping its Spider Holster Black Widow Kit which offers a comfortable and secure carrying solution for entry-level DSLRs and other small-body cameras such as point-and-shoot, micro four thirds, and compact system camera models. Packaging the heavy-duty resin and stainless steel Black Widow Holster unit with all the basic accessories, such as the Black Widow Belt and just updated Black Widow Pad, ensures the optimal carrying comfort for consumer and prosumer photographers. The new and improved Black Widow Pad now includes an additional stabilizing feature to snug the camera’s lens to the Pad for added stability.
The Black Widow Camera Holster secures the camera firmly to the photographer’s hip and eliminates the neck, shoulder and back strain caused by cameras dangling from traditional neck straps or shoulder bags, and is perfect for shooters who want to keep their hands free at all times. The Black Widow easily threads onto any standard leather belt or can be worn on the included Black Widow Belt, which complements the holster’s light-weight design to sit comfortably on the hips, and is perfect for use with slightly heavier cameras or when shooting for extended periods of time. Also included in the Kit is the latest evolution of the Black Widow Pad, a comfortable, cushioned extension of the belt that provides a resting place for the camera against the user’s body. This latest version of the Pad also includes an elastic and Velcro lens strap that, when locked in place, prevents the camera from jostling on the hip.
“Our Black Widow is rated for cameras up to 4 pounds, and while with smaller cameras most users are comfortable using just the Holster on their own belt, once they break into the DSLR ranges, those extra pounds can become uncomfortable after long days. With the comfort-adding accessories in this kit, users can easily carry their mid-sized DSLR for an entire day with the kids, at a day-long event or throughout an entire vacation,” said Shai Eynav, President of Spider Holster. “For photography enthusiasts that like to have their favorite camera always at the ready, our Black Widow Camera Holster Kit and the latest evolution of our Black Widow Pad provide them with all of the components they will need to comfortably carry their camera to places they never would have thought possible before.”
The Spider Holster Black Widow Kit will retail at $65.99. The Kit is available for direct purchase and can be found in major retail outlets throughout the world. For current Black Widow users, the latest version of the Spider Holster Pad featuring the added lens strap, is also available for individual purchase for $15.99. To find a local retail outlet or to learn more about how to stock Spider Holster products, please visit the Spider Holster Black Widow website at: http://www.spiderholster.com/blackwidow/.
About Spider Holster
Founded by professional photographer Shai Eynav, Spider Holster designs and builds unique camera carrying solutions for photographers. The company’s namesake SpiderPro holster system has quickly become a trusted tool for photographers looking to protect themselves against the neck, shoulder and back strain which often accompany traditional camera straps and shoulder bags while providing quick-draw access and a secure attachment point for even the heaviest pro-DSLRs. More information about Spider Holster and its latest offerings can be found at: http://www.spiderholster.com.
B&H carries Spider Holster products.
Posted: 12/30/2011 11:33:01 PM CT   Posted By: Bryan
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