Oneida Falls, Ricketts Glen State Park

The 13-foot Oneida Falls is easily one of my favorite Ricketts Glen State Park waterfalls. I typically time my RGSP daytrips to coincide with cloudy weather to prevent contrast issues with bright sunlight reaching the forest floor. Add a little rain and it chases the other visitors away (they are sometimes hard to clone stamp out of images). Well, this day I was a little over-optimistic on the "little" part of the rain. A storm came up and dumped perhaps 2 inches of water on me. I was prepared, but could not shoot during the deluge.
When the rain slowed, I shared the entire Falls Trail with practically no one. And, many of the falls had a streak of color in them due to the heavy runoff. I'm always looking for something different, so ... perhaps the rain was not too heavy after all.
A B+W XS-Pro circular polarizer filter was used for this picture.
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