Cheap, Budget, Bargain, Best Deal Camera Recommendations for 2022

Cheap Camera Recommendations

What is the Best Cheap/Bargain/Deal Camera?

  1. Canon EOS RP
  2. Canon EOS R10
  3. Canon EOS M6 Mark II
  4. Canon EOS M50 Mark II

As a generalization, the above list is sorted in camera performance, features, and price descending sequence.

You may have noticed that all DSLR camera models have dropped off the top cameras list. Canon is focusing on mirrorless models, they are outstanding performers, and it is time to move to the mirrorless line-up for all new camera purchases, including the low-budget choices.

What are the important camera features for a cheap, bargain, budget, great deal camera?

That question is easy to answer. The primary feature a cheap or budget camera requres is a low price. Of course, a bargain camera provides a lot of value for the cost, making it a great deal.

The reasons for wanting a cheap camera vary:

  • Some can only afford a small amount.
  • Some do not use a camera enough to justify spending a larger amount.
  • Some do not want to be concerned about the camera's safety, including theft, misplacement, use by kids, etc.
  • Even professionals want cheap cameras sometimes, such as when one (or many) are likely to be sacrificed while capturing a high-risk photo.
  • A cheap camera can make a good backup camera option.
  • Higher end camera models have more features, but if you will never make use of those features, even as you grow in your photography skills, those features hold no value and can even complicate use of the camera.
  • Those undecided about their level of interest in photographer may be looking for a cheap starter camera until they decide how important photography is to them and what features they need.

Despite finding yourself interested in a camera in this category, you still want a great image quality. Fortunately, even Canon's lowest-end camera models easily satisfy that requirement.

Before I go over the list of cheap Canon cameras, I'll share a list of tips on getting the best deal on a Canon camera.

  • The best Canon camera deals are the Canon USA refurbished models at the Canon USA Store. These cameras are typically retail returns that have gone through a thorough testing process. They may not come in an original box, but they appear as new and have a same-as-new warranty. Learn more about Canon refurbished gear here. Using this link, sort by price descending, and the cheapest cameras will be at the top. I regularly buy refurbished Canon cameras and lenses and have always been pleased with that decision. For the ultimate camera deals, watch our news page/feed for Canon refurbished sales.
  • If you don't need the latest and greatest features, buying one or two models back within a product line is a good money-saving tactic. The new models are always improved, but we have had great cameras for many years. Camera technology has matured enough that even two-generation-old cameras are still highly capable.
  • Perhaps the easiest cheap camera purchasing tactic is to simply buy the camera with the lowest price. Search for Canon EOS Camera at our favorite retailer, and order the results by low price (select the digital camera category to remove the accessory distractions).
  • Buying used is another way to get a cheap camera. I don't often recommend buying cameras used, primarily because you don't know the camera's history, and mistreatment, including impact, can be hard to detect. Buying used gear through B&H or Adorama is least risky, especially with a warranty period provided.


Recommendations for a Cheap Canon Camera


Canon EOS RP Buy  ► Rent  ►

1. Canon EOS RP

Small But Mighty, Very Affordable, Full-Frame Imaging Sensor

Despite its small size, the compact EOS RP has a great feature set, and the full-frame image quality is excellent. This camera is a great value.


Canon EOS R10 Buy  ► Rent  ►

2. Canon EOS R10

Compact, Lightweight, Affordable, High-Performance AF System, Fast Frame Rate, Great Image Quality

The R10 was the other first APS-C model in the Canon EOS R-series lineup. While it is a highly capable camera, the R10 is compact, lightweight, and affordable.

Despite those characteristics, the R10 features an outstanding AF system, a very fast frame rate, and high resolution, three features typically omitted from lower-priced cameras.


Canon EOS M6 Mark II Buy  ► Rent  ►

3. Canon EOS M6 Mark II

Top-of-the-line APS-C Performance and Image Quality, Feature-Loaded, Compact

With a fast frame rate, excellent AF system, ultra-high resolution, and an extensive feature set, the M6 Mark II is a great choice for a wide variety of uses.


Canon EOS M50 Mark II Buy  ► Rent  ►

4. Canon EOS M50 Mark II

Excellent APS-C Image Quality in a Tiny Package, Affordable

When tiny size and light weight are desired features, the EOS M series mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras become especially attractive. These little cameras are packed with features, and the current models all perform very well. I find the M models with an EVF (electronic viewfinder), including the M50 Mark II, especially great cameras to work with.


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