Wimberley Wedding/Portrait Flash Bracket (Module M-7) Review

Wimberley Wedding/Portrait Flash Bracket

When taking flash pictures, your results will generally be better if the flash is off and above the camera. Shadows are then always cast down - avoiding the harsh shadows to the side of your subject.

The Wimberley Wedding/Portrait Flash Bracket (AKA "Flash Flipper") is one of the nicer solutions available. A quick flip moves the flash from landscape orientation to portrait orientation. Just the right amount of friction holds the flash in position.

Wimberley Wedding/Portrait Flash Bracket

The Flash Flipper is very well made and functions very well. It is quite sturdy as well.

To use the Flash Flipper, the following parts are needed (in addition to an external flash)...

Wimberley Wedding/Portrait Flash Bracket (this item)
Wimberley Telephoto Flash Bracket (the upright piece)
Wimberley Flash Bracket Tilt Arm
Wimberley Flash Bracket Quick Release Arm
Wimberley Flash Bracket Perpendicular Plate
The proper Wimberley Lens Plate
Canon Off Camera Shoe Cord 2

To create a wedding/portrait flash bracket on a collared lens (such as the Canon EF 70-200 f/2.8 L IS Lens), the Wimberley Wedding/Portrait Flash Bracket (Flash Flipper) piece and the Wimberley Flash Bracket Perpendicular Plate are not required. The Wimberley Telephoto Flash Bracket alone can be rotated on the tripod collar to provide the same results.

These setups will work on all Canon DSLRs (at this time at least) including consumer, prosumer and pro models with and without the battery grips.

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