Canon EOS 6D Sample Pictures

Canon EOS 6D
Piano Reflecting Lights Piano Reflecting Lights
The 85mm focal length, f/1.2 aperture and rather short focus distance allow the Canon EOS 6D to capture a thin slice of in-focus piano keyboard along with highly-blurred Christmas lights and reflections of such.
85mm  f/1.2  1/125s  ISO 200
Trees Against Painted Sky Trees Against Painted Sky
It is hard to go wrong with any photo of a brilliant sunset. But, including a silhouette adds interest to such a photo.
You may note that the pixel dimensions of this picture are larger than the native 6D image size. When you have a solid-colored (or nearly so) border, you only need to keep a sample of that color within the entire side of the frame. In this case, the bottom of the original frame was nearly solid black, but I only left a thin border of that black in the frame.
During post processing, I added size to the canvas and used Photoshop's context-aware fill to paint in that convas addition. The result is a higher resolution image with a comfortable amount of black base.
Image stabilization was relied upon for this 1/6 second exposure.
28mm  f/8.0  1/6s  ISO 100
The Joy of Riding Fast The Joy of Riding Fast
Autofocus testing on the kids riding their horses fast is always a good time for all - and the memories captured will last a lifetime. They are priceless.
500mm  f/4.0  1/1600s  ISO 640
Giant Christmas Lights Giant Christmas Lights
On display annually (at least through 2012) not far from Radio City Music Hall in New York City are these huge Christmas tree lights. Even when it is totally dark out, lights (in general) are bright and do not require the settings you might expect to need at this time of the day.
Here, with a wide f/1.4 aperture, I was able to use ISO 100 and still have a 1/200 shutter speed.
On another note, pay attention to how the progressive background blur brings the viewer's eye to the foreground lights. Full frame DSLR cameras and wide aperture lenses are a great combination for creating this effect.
35mm  f/1.4  1/200s  ISO 100
Only the Eyes in Focus Only the Eyes in Focus
A successful picture of people usually requires the eye to be in focus. This is where the viewer's eye will be drawn to. When the picture is of a young artist drawing a horse, try to keep that horse's eye in focus also.
This 85mm Lens' ultra-wide f/1.2 aperture combined with the great low light image quality of the 6D means few lighting conditions are inadequate for good image quality. This photo utilized only mid-day ambient indoor light.
But, this setup provides only a very thin slice of sharp focus to lay across your subjects. Be very aware of what will be sharp and adjust if necessary.
85mm  f/1.2  1/125s  ISO 1250
Five Glass Pumpkins Five Glass Pumpkins
Sometimes, it is OK to let portions of an image become blown (pure white, RGB pixel values of 256,256,256). An image with a straight line near the border of the frame begs for a low distortion lens (or distortion-corrective post processing). Holding the camera level is another key - as is perfectly centering the frame from an also-centered shooting position. The purple wall is optional.
85mm  f/1.2  1/125s  ISO 400
Horse and Bridle Horse and Bridle
The full frame format sensor paired with a 500mm f/4 lens melts the background away from this relatively close horse.
500mm  f/4.0  1/1600s  ISO 1000
West Manhattan Skyline West Manhattan Skyline
Hamilton Park in Weehawken New Jersey is a great location to view and photograph the west Mahanttan skyline from. This image is a crop from an even larger panorama image I created.
I did not need the f/5.6 aperture for depth of field, but this aperture gave me a longer exposure to better-blur the water and reduce vignetting which can be troublesome in the final stitched image.
95mm  f/5.6  3.2s  ISO 100
Radio City Music Hall at Christmas Radio City Music Hall at Christmas
Shooting in the city is great fun, but the various sign and light poles along the wires that connect them are an obstacle for my preferences. Shooting at night make the non-lit poles and the wires less noticeable – and sometimes easier to remove in post processing.
35mm  f/1.4  1/50s  ISO 160

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