Lowepro SlipLock Pouch 50 AW Review

Lowepro SlipLock Pouch 50 AW

The Lowepro SlipLock Pouch 50 AW is a utility pouch that protects and transports basically anything that fits in it. Anything includes up-to-but-not-including pro-sized camera bodies, binoculars, small cameras, power supplies, lens & sensor cleaning supplies - or 2 Canon Flashes. This is the utility that I first purchased a 50 AW for.

I can take and protect a pair of flashes in a SlipLock-attached pouch wherever I go. I added a small piece of foam to protect the flashes from impact against each other.

The Lowepro SlipLock Pouch 50 AW comes with a drawstring hood and a shoulder strap. A built-in All Weather Cover™ adds protection.

The 50 AW is a very small padded case that offers strong protection for your equipment investment. Water-resistant 600D TXP™ outer fabric provides protection from wear and abrasion.

The 50 AW includes a SlipLock attachment - attach it to your camera bag or Lowepro Light Belt.

The interior size of the Lowepro SlipLock Pouch 50 AW is approximately 5"W x 3.25"D x 6"H (12.5 x 8.5 x 15 cm).

My $.02 on lens cases (and pouches)...

Everyone has their own preference for carrying their lenses and gear around. My personal decision has been to individually protect each lens in Lowepro SlipLock Pouch 50 AWs.

My lenses represent a significant investment to me - I take excellent care of them. Acquiring the appropriate lens case for most of my lenses is the standard of storage protection I follow. The lens case investment is small - the protection is very good.

Lowepro Lens Cases are basically thick, slightly-rigid padded nylon pouches with a protective OverLap Zipper(tm) that goes most of the way around the top of the case.

When traveling by vehicle, I often place filled lens cases in a strong Rubbermaid-type plastic storage box. They are well protected from impact and weather - and not a target for theft.

When I am carrying the lenses for possible use, I will typically SlipLock a Lowepro Lens Case or two to a Lowepro Toploader case (such as the Lowepro Toploader 75 AW) or a Lowepro Light Belt. This makes for a highly customizable setup. You can adjust your cases to take exactly what you need for the shoot.

Lowepro's SlipLock attachment is a series of flexible and semi-rigid nylon and Velcro tabs. The semi-rigid tab on the Lowepro Lens Case slides through a wide nylon web on a larger case or belt and Velcros back onto the Lowepro Lens Cases. An additional flexible nylon strap Velcros onto the back of the semi-rigid tab locking everything in place.

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Lowepro SlipLock Pouch 50 AW
Lowepro SlipLock Pouch 50 AW
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