Canon EF 28-70mm f/2.8L USM Lens Specifications and Measurements

SpecificationsCanon EF 28-70mm f/2.8L USM Lens
  Canon EF 28-70mm f/2.8L USM Lens
Year Introduced1993
Year Discontinued2002
Mounts OnFull-Frame, APS-C
Lenses / Groups16/11
Aperture Range - Wide / Long f/2.8-22
Number of Aperture Blades 8
Rounded Aperture?
Manufacturer Specification Weight 31.1 oz  (880g)
Actual Weight 29.3 oz  (830g)
Lens Hood Weight 1.6 oz  (45g)
In-Use Weight 30.9 oz  (875g)
Manufacturer Spec Size (DxL) 3.28 x 4.63”  (83.2 x 117.6mm)
Measured Size (DxL) 3.35 x 4.91”  (85 x 124.8mm)
Max Length at Full Extension 5.8”  (147.2mm)
Internal Zoom? / Extends with Zoom? N / Y
Zoom Extension Length 0.88”  (22.4mm)
Internal Focusing? / Extends with Focusing? Y / N
Lens Hood Size (DxL) 4.12 x 3.28”  (104.6 x 83.4mm)
Lens Length with Hood (Min-Max) 7.37 - 15.63”  (187.3 - 396.9mm)
Size of Rings: Focus / Zoom 0.81” / 0.92”  (20.7mm / 23.4mm)
Filter Size 77mm  UV ► CP ►
Front Element (Filter Mount) Rotates N
AF Motor Type Ring USM
Full Time Manual Focus Y
Focus Ring Rotation 150°
Focus Limiter? / Focus Limiter Ranges N
Distance Scale? / Type Y / Window
Close Focus  
Specified Min Focus Distance 19.69”  (500mm)
Tested Min Focus Distance (Wide / Long) 19.06” / 18.39”  (484mm / 467mm)
Maximum Magnification (MM) 0.18x
Magnification Range with 12mm Ext Tube
Magnification Range with 25mm Ext Tube
Zoom Ring Rotation 55°
Tripod Ring Included? / Removable? N
Zoom Ring Lock Switch? N
Lens Hood Included / Model? Y / EW-83BII Buy ►
Weather Sealed? / Filter Required? N
Image Stabilization? / Stops? / Tripod Sensing? N
Extender Compatible? N
Case Included? / Type? Y /
47.25" x 31.5" Subject Framing Distance 28mm = 3.63'
35mm = 4.31'
50mm = 6.09'
70mm = 8.05'
1200mm x 800mm Subject Framing Distance 28mm = 1106mm
35mm = 1315mm
50mm = 1855mm
70mm = 2453mm
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