Chimera Speed Ring Review

Chimera Speed Ring

The Chimera Speed Ring is used to attach a hotshoe-based flash to a softbox (such as the Chimera Super Pro Plus Softbox).

Basically, the speedring is comprised of a heavy-duty plastic frame with a metal flash bracket attached to it. The threaded flash bracket accepts a threaded hotshoe mount to which the flash is attached. The Canon hotshoe stand included with most Canon flashes will work, but the Stroboframe Flash Mount Adapter works better.

There are four holes of the plastic frame (one in each corner) that are used to mount the softbox to the speedring.

Chimera Speedring for Accessory Flashes

The above picture shows the Chimera Speed Ring with a Canon 550EX mounted to it. In this example, the flash is attached using a Canon Off-Camera Cord 2.

The speedring has threaded mounts for mounting on a light stand such as the Bogen Manfrotto Light Stand 3361 or a flash bracket such as the Wimberley ShapeShifter Macro Flash Bracket.

A rather basic piece of equipment, the Chimera Speed Ring does it's job well. Be sure to read the Chimera Super Pro Plus Softbox review to get the rest of the story.

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Chimera Speed Ring
Chimera Speed Ring
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